Chapter 238

Xu Ziyan caressed his chest, sat up from the bed and stuttered, “I…I didn’t hide it from you on purpose. I just didn’t want you to worry.”

“You didn’t want me to worry?” Xu Zirong looked even gloomier, “brother, didn’t you know that it’d worry me even more if you hide things from me?”

Xu Ziyan was speechless for a while. When Xu Zirong was staring at him with his clear, dark eyes, he also noticed that what he’d been doing wasn’t appropriate at all (although he was forced to make the decision).

He knew that Xu Zirong cared about him very much. He also understood how clingy Xu Zirong was and he might act on his evil side after being emotionally hurt. He didn’t want Fang Tianrui or Jiang Ying to get hurt because of it.

He scratched his face in embarrassment, and said with his eyes looking elsewhere, “actually…I just didn’t want you to look for troubles from Tianrui, as he’s not the one causing my injury.”

After hearing this, Xu Zirong’s expression stiffened slightly.

Although Xu Ziyan turned his face away, he still noticed how Xu Zirong’s face stiffened.

Xu Ziyan narrowed his eyes slightly and he looked at Xu Zirong a bit cautiously, “um…were you actually going to look for troubles from Fang Tianrui?”

Xu Zirong, who really had this idea, “…”

Xu Ziyan lowered his face and he now looked at Xu Zirong with rage.

Xu Zirong, who had been aggressive just now, seemed to have swapped positions with his brother, and he dared not look at his brother in the eyes.

Xu Ziyan did not say anything and Xu Zirong dared not say a word either. They were just staring at each other and it was getting so intense. In the end, before the explosion point, Xu Zirong silently lowered his head and whispered, “well, I might as well stop myself from doing so.” (And I’ll look for troubles from Jiang Ying instead!)

Xu Ziyan withdrew his threatening gaze and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Come here!” Xu Ziyan waved at him.

Xu Zirong bit his lip, looking reluctant.

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows, stretched out his hand to cover his chest, and shouted loudly, “oh, my chest hurts!” Afterwards, he winked at where Xu Zirong was.

Xu Zirong’s face darkened, “brother, is it really not a problem with your unprofessional acting skills? It’s with zero credibility!”

No matter how bad his brother’s acting was, Xu Zirong still walked over, carefully tested his pulse and held him in the arms tightly.

“Okay, it’s really brother’s fault this time. I’d apologize to you, okay?” Xu Ziyan said lightly in Xu Zirong’s ears.

Xu Zirong nodded silently, reluctantly accepted the apology and made a series of demands for compensation.

Xu Ziyan: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ my brother’s nature will never change and his mentality is just so different from the others! Shouldn’t he be thinking about how to take revenge? How come it’s all you’re thinking about all day?

Xu Zirong looked indifferent, “why should we even spend time thinking about those small roles? If he could beat Fang Tianrui, it means that he’s ranked the first fifteen in the True Dragon city. We’ll definitely see him again in the second round, and it won’t cost us a lot of energy to kill him when we do.”

Xu Ziyan thought about it and agreed with what Xu Zirong had said. Then, he stopped thinking about how to take revenge. After all, there’d be the second round after another month and he would have an opportunity to kill him.

He’s actually worried that this brat would just disappear. Looking for him to take revenge in the whole Xuan Yu realm was like finding needle in a haystack.

As long as he didn’t run away, they could take revenge sooner or later!

Xu Ziyan pursed his lips and there was a murderous intent in his eyes. Since the other party dared to provoke him, he also could take revenge without mercy!

That night, Xu Ziyan sent a message to Yu Hao, and someone already put the news of that young guy on his desk the next day.

Unlike the mysterious Lan Mo’er, this Gao Yi was quite high profile in the True Dragon city.

He was born in the Fengyan Palace of Linchuan City, and he was the direct disciple of Gu Anfu, the third elder of Fengyan Palace. Because of his spiritual roots in the wind system, he had quite an important status in the Fengyan Palace. He was even regarded as the first disciple of the generation.

Although Gu Anfu was only the third elder of Fengyan Palace, he was the younger brother of the master of the sect, Gu Anping. He had such a superior status. Otherwise, Gao Yi wouldn’t have become his disciple.

Since Gao Yi was so talented, Gu Anfu had regarded him very highly. He had wanted to look for an opportunity so that his disciple could shine on the arena, and the whole-realm competition became a rare chance.

In the past month, the name of Gao Yi became one of the most popular ones in the True Dragon city. Otherwise, Yu Hao wouldn’t be able to send his news so quickly.

“So you want to be under the spotlight, huh?” Xu Ziyan crushed the communicative talisman and smiled coldly, “in your dream!”

The days after that had been very peaceful. Jiang Ying had been busy healing Fang Tianrui all day, and he’d completely given up on his competition.

Xu Ziyan and the others were originally there to cheer for Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui, but now, one of them had given up and the other was seriously injured, so they simply stayed at the station of Liu Guang sect and concentrated on their training.

Time passed by quickly, and soon it was another month.

The first fifteen places for the second-round competition were revealed.

There were a lot of hidden talents in this competition. Apart from Gao Yi, who was hidden for more than ten years in the Fengyan Palace and suddenly got famous, Lan Mo’er also ranked the first fifteen thanks to her “Biyun”.

The most interesting thing was that Xu Ziyan accidentally met an “acquaintance” in the competition. Unfortunately, it was not a good timing. Xu Ziyan happened to see Mo Ziyuan kissing a tall man after pressing him against the wall, then being punched by that guy.

He’d better leave in such an embarrassing scenario…→. →

After the competition in the True Dragon city ended, it was the second round of the whole-realm competition.

Before the second round, the content of the competition was kept confidential. Everyone, including Xu Ziyan, did not know how the second round would be held.

Because of this, when the content of the competition was announced, the entire Xuan Yu realm was shocked.

“What? The Wei family actually opened the True Dragon maze?”

“My God, there is also the ‘Return to Nothingness’ of demon cultivation!”

“I can’t believe it! Isn’t it a bit too much?”

“Um, read the rules carefully. You’re only counted as passed if you come out alive.”

“No way. If that’s the case, why don’t the righteous and demon cultivators just fight inside?”

“Who knows, there might be a good solution.”

There was such a heated discussion, while the players who would compete in the second round of competition were all studying the rules carefully.

Both the True Dragon maze and Return to Nothingness were extremely dangerous secret realms.

And in comparison, the True Dragon maze was even more dangerous than Return to Nothingness. It’s because it’d been occupied exclusively by the Wei family and no one else had ever entered.

It also means that it’s a whole new secret realm for all the contestants, which wasn’t good news…

Xu Ziyan frowned and looked extremely stern.

He didn’t expect that the second round of competition would be held in a secret realm, where the level of danger was much higher than that of an open competition.

In open competitions, contestants still had to look after their image, yet anything could happen in the closed secret realms.

Xu Ziyan never had too much hope for human nature. He firmly believed that everyone was selfish, including himself.

This is nature, an irresistible kind of human nature.

It’s just that Xu Ziyan had his own bottom line, so he wouldn’t do things such as killing others to get treasures.

However, it didn’t mean that others wouldn’t do the same. He always preferred being more vigilant, as he’d want to avoid someone to stab behind his back.

“This is troublesome enough.” Xu Ziyan muttered to himself.

At this time, he was standing in the largest square inside the True Dragon City Palace.

In front of the square, there was a high platform made of white jade.

There were five cultivators in different clothes sitting on the high platform. Two of them were acquaintances of Xu Ziyan, while the other three were probably representatives of the Ghost sect, Xuanyin Sect and Deadwood Ridge sect.

Seeing the rules of the competition engraved on the huge bluestone slab in the center of the square, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but start pondering.

These two secret realms had never been mentioned in the novel, and his original body had experienced them either. He had no idea at all how they were like.

But as someone having transmigrated, Xu Ziyan felt a little excited having encountered this situation.

After all, although he could easily obtain treasures with a guide, it would be much less fun. This time, Xu Ziyan could truly fight for his quota with his own strength.

There were more than 150 customs clearance tokens hidden in each of the two secret realms. These tokens were scattered everywhere in the secret realms. Only by obtaining the tokens can one be considered qualified to pass the secret realm.

The opening time of each secret realm was one month. Within this month, cultivators could choose any secret realm to start. After one month, they would be considered as qualified if they held two tokens of secret realms.

This clearance token had no mark, but it could be found through a guidance plate issued by the organizer.

It was also to prevent those tokens from being hidden too secretly for various reasons. Therefore, as long as they got close to a certain range, the cultivators could find out the location of the tokens.

——Of course, the tokens hidden on the cultivators could also be felt, which also provoked further fighting between cultivators.

After reading such regulations, many cultivators who relied on luck to enter the top 200 places suddenly wanted to back off. Such plundering naturally brought great danger to their lives. These people actually did not have the strength corresponding to the places. They would definitely become the first batch to sacrifice after entering the secret realm.


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