Chapter 162


Su Yu’s eyes widened in an instant, and he couldn’t believe what he had seen. Could he be already hallucinating after losing too much blood?


If it was really an illusion, then what’s going to happen would be more horrifying – after kissing his neck, Cang Qiong even started licking his wound.


My goodness!


Isn’t this progress too fast?!


Just when Su Yu was stunned, Cang Qiong’s thin lips with coolness had already moved away. He looked at Su Yu with deep eyes and said solemnly, “only my saliva can heal the wound caused by the ice sword.”


Su Yu woke up instantly, but at that moment, he wanted Cang Qiong to keep licking his wound.

However, Su Yu naturally wouldn’t say something so unscrupulous. He just looked at Cang Qiong and thanked him, “thank you for healing me, but my health bar has still not increased and I’m still dizzy. Can you hug me for a while?”


“It’s me who hurt you.” As Cang Qiong said, he had already reached out and hugged Su Yu directly.


However, the way he carried Su Yu wasn’t like carrying a princess, but he directly wrapped Su Yu’s shoulders with one hand and Su Yu’s buttocks with the other, looking like an adult holding a child’s buttocks with his arms.


Su Yu didn’t mind either. After twisting his butt and finding a comfortable position, he naturally wrapped one hand around Cang Qiong’s neck and the other on the back of his hand.


Cang Qiong obviously didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with this posture, but his arm, which was previously senseless, suddenly became a bit hot and he found it strange.


After going down the mountain, the two naturally first came to the ice and snow town. The setting of the ice and snow town was a small western town. Whether it was the building or the setting of the NPC, it was completely in western style. And Cang Qiong, who’s the ultimate boss, looked really unmatching there.

“Who are these people?” Cang Qiong asked, frowning.


“They…” Su Yu couldn’t directly say that these are NPCs without thinking. Strictly speaking, Cang Qiong himself was is an NPC. “They are residents living in this small town. There are many similar places, but the style of each place is different, and most of them are in eastern style. Towns like these are quite rare.”


Since this whole continent was called the East Illusionary Continent, the main style was obviously oriental. At least so far, everyone thought so. Therefore, no one had thought about why there would be a western-styled town in the easternmost part of the East Illusionary Continent.


If it weren’t for Ball’s intelligent system that was far superior to this game and could view all its data, perhaps Su Yu would not have thought of this issue.


In the easternmost part of the East Fantasy Continent, there was a pure western-style town, and behind the pair of towns, there was a snow-capped mountain that had been frozen for a long time. On the other side of the snow-capped mountain, it was a completely different world.


That place was called the Western Fantasy Continent.

So the question is, why is the West Illusionary Continent in the eastern part of the East Illusionary Continent?


Since the continents were named after their locations, it was thus obvious that the East Illusionary Continent should be located in the east, and the West Illusionary Continent should be located in the west, but in this game, it was completely reversed.


The answer is very simple, but it is also very unexpected – it turns out that the Eastern Continent and the Western Illusory Continent were projected from a huge mirror, and the left and right were reversed.


To the east of the East Crown Continent, there was the West Illusory Continent, but there was actually another world hidden outside the two continents. One false and one real, one true and one false, and that’s what constitutes the true face of this game.


One has to admit that this kind of design is very unique and shocking, but according to the development of the original plot, in the following decades, no player has discovered the existence of the Western Fantasy Continent, let alone unlocking the secret of the huge size of the two continents.


Under these circumstances, did he really want to mention this thing to satisfy the taste of the evil?

After thinking about it, Su Yu chose to just ignore it. Since the key to separating the East Illusion Continent and the West Illusion Continent was the snow mountain they just descended from, and the Cang Qiong was exactly the key to that snow mountain.


According to the real setting of this game, Cang Qiong was the only real existence in this entire fantasy world, and there were many huge secrets hidden in him. If he really chose to mention all these things, there wasn’t any possibility for them to be in a normal relationship.


At this time, the two had already reached the exit of the Ice and Snow Town. Seeing Su Yu’s distracted look, Cang Qiong couldn’t help asking, “what are you thinking?”


Su Yu immediately realized what’d happened and replied with a very natural smile, “I’m thinking of you.”


Cang Qiong suddenly didn’t know how to answer this sentence, so he had to look away, but the fire in his heart suddenly burned more vigorously.


Although Cang Qiong had been staying on the top of the snow mountain, he was not completely ignorant of everything in the outside world. He also had his own way of understanding things, but as time went by, he had been disdainful to understand everything in the outside world through the usual ways.


After all, those people were not worth his effort.

And since what he learned was all about the player’s dynamics, he really didn’t understand the situation of these NPCs without self-awareness.


After leaving the ice and snow town, the two got on the ice sword again and rushed to the main city.


Su Yu took Cang Qiong straight to the main city, it’s because it was the liveliest and the most suitable place for him to fully understand the world in the game.


From the outside, the main city looked like a piece of blue bricks and white tiles. The four city gates were all open during the day. There were NPCs guarding the city gates strictly guarding the city gate tower. One could only enter with the entry certificate.


The original owner’s package contained a lot of entry certificates. Su Yu just took out two and was about to bring Cang Qiong into the city. Then, he saw that the guards who were standing upright just now suddenly knelt down, without saying a word and looking respectful.


Su Yu was stunned for a while, but then he reacted, seeing that his lover was really powerful in this game’s Eastern Fantasy Continent, surpassing ten million people.

Seeing the actions of these people, Cang Qiong didn’t feel surprised at all, or he simply didn’t notice the actions of these people at all, so he simply held Su Yu’s hand and walked into the main city together.


By the way, they had been holding hands ever since they left the ice and snow town.


Su Yu obviously did it on purpose, but Cang Qiong didn’t realize that there was anything wrong with it, and he felt perfectly comfortable holding the other’s hand, so he just continued this state cooperatively.


After entering the main city, Su Yu first flaunted him and dragged him to the mansion he bought with a lot of money. Originally, this place was bought by the original owner to please Liu Jinjin, but now it belonged to Su Yu.


It was surrounded by mountains and rivers with beautiful scenery, and there was an undefeated peach forest around the house, which was absolutely pleasing to the eye.


The house was also a suitable environment – it was full of rockeries, pavilions, canals, flowers blooming in the garden, and the interior decoration was gorgeous and comfortable but not cumbersome.

Since it’s a good place, it shouldn’t be wasted. Su Yu simply asked Ball to rearrange the house according to his own preferences. He was ready to move in and live with Cang Qiong.


Cang Qiong had been staying at the top of the snow-capped mountains before, and he did not need to eat or sleep. He naturally did not need a house either. Therefore, after seeing this house, he did not notice whether it was good or bad. He only thought that it’d be great if he could stay with this person in the future.


So, after Cang Qiong nodded, he added instinctively, “there’s only you and me, no one else.”


Cang Qiong started to become really possessive, which made Su Yu even more excited. He smiled and accepted, “sure. Just the two of us, no one else.”


After speaking, Su Yu pulled Cang Qiong around the house again. They saw a pop-up when they were ready to go out.


[Silly X is in a rush, since you’re here, come out and die! 】


[Silly X is in a rush, since you’re here, come out and die! 】

[Silly X is in a rush, since you’re here, come out and die! 】


It wasn’t the Flashy Song that released the pop-up screen, but the gang leader Ruthless Water, but it still had something to do with the Flashy Song.


Obviously, someone saw Su Yu first and spread the matter. Su Yu initially didn’t want to talk to these people, but he changed his mind after looking at Cang Qiong.


Although there were many advantages with staying alone, wouldn’t it be a waste if he didn’t show off his gorgeous boyfriend?


Su Yu sneakily asked, “master Boss, do you want to watch the fun?”


Cang Qiong suddenly felt his heart softened, “am I going to do it with you?”

“Yes, of course you’ll be with me.” Su Yu nodded.


Cang Qiong’s big hand rubbed Su Yu’s head and nodded, “good.”


So, Su Yu planned to take Cang Qiong to watch the fun together. He opened the world channel out of the blue and made a speech in the lively channel.


【World Channel】


Fried Cang Qiong: Hehe.


After the entire World Channel was silent for two seconds, people began speaking up.


I have a little secret: Damn it! The Great God is finally here!


I’m a bug: A real bug has appeared, and his nickname actually has ** in it, which is incredible!

Why do you worry: Mama, I don’t know why I’m kneeling and playing games at the same time!


Little Elegant Girl: Sister, I actually saw the Great God, and I’m a little excited now.


Big Elegant Girl: Sister, I am also very excited now.


I love local tyrants and local tyrants love me: Great God, look at me, look at me, look at me! Do I look like your future boyfriend?!


Hehehehe, let me show you: shameless upstairs, and then…Great God, do you still lack leg pendants? The kind that can beat the boss!



And in this mess, Su Yu suddenly said something.


Fried Cang Qiong: Coordinates XX, YY, come here if you are not afraid of dying.

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