Chapter 161


Such good looks…

Su Yu was fascinated by the indifferent-looking man in front of him, who looked so handsome even in plain white clothes. It’s as if he hadn’t noticed the thin and cold sword on his neck.


“Mr, what’s your name? And are you married?” Su Yu held his chest with both hands, begging for a relationship.


The man frowned slightly, handed the sword forward, and drew a bloodstain on Su Yu’s fragile neck.


As soon as the bright red color left his skin, it was frozen by the freezing environment around it, and it condensed into small blood beads hanging there. Such a scene made the man frown even more tightly.


Although he didn’t know what that person was and why he was there, he didn’t want to hurt him nor see him bleed.


It was a very strange feeling, almost like a piece of ice of ten thousand years. Suddenly, a small flame ignited from the coldest and hardest place, and even if it was surrounded by eternal ice, it could not extinguish this small clusters of flames.

And this cluster of small flames was brought to him by the man in front of him, and this cluster of flames was ignited already before.


The name Cang Qiong had become a taboo here since it was first given to him. No one was qualified to highlight these two words in any form, and there had never been an exception before that day.


But just a few days ago, he broke such a taboo.


He actually allowed a person to use these words in his own name. What’s even weirder is that instead of being angry, he felt a kind of hidden satisfaction spontaneously.


It felt as if he was fused with another person’s flesh and blood, causing his long-frozen heart to suddenly tremble uncontrollably, making it difficult to suppress.


It was such a strange feeling, but he expectedly didn’t find it annoying at all. He even had the urge to make it a reality.

He might just be feeling a little impulsive but not something that he’d actually do, as he understood very clearly that none of the things in that world were related to him.


However, it was at this time that this person found him.


Cang Qiong’s gaze fell on Su Yu’s slender neck, and he found the bright red spot particularly dazzling. He subconsciously took the sword farther away, and his eyes also moved to Su Yu’s face. He spat out three words coldly, “who are you?”


Su Yu didn’t care about the scars on his neck at all, and since the scars appeared, he began to bleed non-stop. He said with a smile, “my name is Liu Feng and I’m nineteen years old today. I’ve never had a girlfriend before and I don’t plan to look for one. It’s all because all I’m looking for is a boyfriend.”


Ball didn’t want to look at his master host directly. The current actions of his host really did not match his personality, but it somehow agreed that it’s the right way to conquer an iceberg.

Cang Qiong looked at Su Yu with a pair of narrowed eyes. And after a while, he said, “you’re not Liu Feng. I know what your name is.”


Su Yu’s heart jumped slightly, looking at Cang Qiong with inexplicable anticipation, “then what’s my name?”


Cang Qiong answered seriously, “your name is Fried Cang Qiong.”


“…” Su Yu reached out and wiped his face, feeling that he was such a fool to have anticipated something to happen, “you’re right, but it’s only my nickname in the game. My name in reality is Liu Feng.”


The cold Boss frowned again, “in reality? Where is that?”


“Well, that’s the reality. It’s where you should stay after leaving the game.” Su Yu deliberately said vaguely, “usually, we would have another independent identity there, and there are all walks of life there. In reality, everyone is doing what they are supposed to do, It’s almost like being here.”

Although Cang Qiong was only an ultimate boss in this game now, Su Yu would always find a way to let him enter the reality. Now, he was just planning to infuse a bit of thoughts into his mind so that he’d find it easier to accept the new world.


Cang Qiong didn’t understand the so-called real world, but he subconsciously felt that this person should not deceive him. This perception was like the throbbing in his heart before, which came inexplicably but wasn’t annoying.


Seeing that Cang Qiong did not refute or ask any questions, Su Yu did not continue the topic. He just smiled and said, “master Boss, have you always been staying on this snowy mountain?”


“Yeah.” Cang Qiong responded and took the sword back. The ice sword, which was as thin as a cicada’s wings, instantly turned into a white light and disappeared without a trace.


“Then, wouldn’t you feel lonely staying here alone? No one will come to find you or accompany you, right?” It is said that the ultimate boss in this game was a cold-faced, cold-hearted and completely ruthless person, but Su Yu felt that it wouldn’t be true since it’s someone he loved.

Cang Qiong frowned and thought for a while, then asked, “what does it mean by loneliness?”


Gosh, he didn’t even know what it meant. Could it be that he’d completely lost the ability of love? Su Yu blinked and said, “it means that whenever you’re alone, you’d think of other people or other things. You’d want someone there to be with you. Just like me.”


Cang Qiong never really thought about having someone to accompany him before, and he didn’t think there was anything wrong with staying there alone. After all, he was completely different from those people at the foot of the mountain. However, when Su Yu said the last words, he thought that if it’s someone like him to be there, then it might not be so hard to accept after all.”


However, Cang Qiong was a reserved person. He wouldn’t say things like that so directly, “perhaps.”


It’s just too subtle, and Su Yu didn’t grasp the idea at all. He could only change his way of expression, “then, do you still want to stay here alone? I actually come from the bottom of the mountain. If you’re interested, I can take you with me and show you what’s there. We can have so much fun there too.”


Although they had just met for a short while and they only exchanged a few words, Cang Qion’’s possessiveness had already been called upon, “if there are many people at the bottom of the mountain, will you be watching them?”

Su Yu was stunned for a moment before reacting and laughing, “of course not, they’re not as important as you. You’re different.”


Cang Qiong’s face tightened afterwards, “what’s the difference?”


He knew very well that he was different, and he knew that those people who approached him were all unfriendly, yet he didn’t want Su Yu to be the same.


Su Yu tilted his head, thought for a while, and replied seriously, “you’re more good-looking and you have more capabilities. Also, I just want to be with you.”


These words ignoted the small flames in the bottom of Cang Qiong’s heart. Although his surface was still wrapped in endless ice, that moment of warmth seemed even more precious.

Cang Qiong had never been afraid of the outside world. Although he knew that all those people at the foot of the mountain were his enemies and that they all wanted to kill him, he wasn’t afraid of them and they weren’t the reason why he didn’t go to the foot of the mountain. He merely thought that there would be no difference whether he went or not.

But now, the situation was obviously subtly different. The person in front of him had no bad intentions at all, and he even wanted to take him to the foot of the mountain. So, should he say yes or not?


“Okay.” Cang Qiong only thought for a second before giving the answer.


He had been there for too long, and it might be a nice idea to check out the bottom of the mountain. Of course, he wouldn’t admit that Su Yu’s appearance made the decision look even more attractive.


After getting this answer, Su Yu immediately grinned, “then when are we setting off? It took me days to climb up here, I guess it’ll take me the same amount of time going down.”


“It’s not hard, I can take you down the mountain.” Cang Qiong said coldly and thoughtfully.


“Are you going to fly me down?” Su Yu said half-jokingly.


Cang Qiong nodded seriously, “yes, we’re flying down.”


After that, he summoned the ice sword again, and after circling his index and middle fingers together, the ice sword instantly became much larger and floated in front of them.

Su Yu stared, and before he had time to react, Cang Qiong wrapped his waist and brought him to the flying sword. The ice sword quickly flew down to the bottom of the mountain under his master’s control.


Cang Qiong unfolded his sleeves to protect Su Yu’s body, so that he would not be hurt by the boundless ice and snow. The scenario looked inexplicably harmonious when they were together.


For a moment, Su Yu even had the illusion that he had returned to the world he was with Ling Tian before. At the same time, he started feeling that although the lover in this world seemed very cold and difficult to approach, their relationship was growing fast.


While immersing in his thoughts, Su Yu suddenly found something weird with his body, but he found nothing abnormal after checking everywhere. Suddenly, Ball reminded him with a weak voice, “master host, you’ve been losing blood just now and you’ve almost lost all of it.”


“…” At this moment, Su Yu finally remembered to check his health bar and was shocked to find that only 1/5 of it was left. No wonder he was feeling a bit dizzy.

It was only a small wound, but he started bleeding continuously. He had to admit that the sword of his lover was such a nice one, but it’d even be better if he hadn’t hurt himself.


With such an incidence, Su Yu had a brand-new experience in the game. He pulled Cang Qiong’s sleeve and said weakly, “master Boss, it seems that my neck is still bleeding. Do you know what I can do?”


It’s not a big deal to die in the game, but it’s really unpleasant.


After hearing this, Cang Qiong stopped immediately, raised his cool fingertips and touched the tiny wound on Su Yu’s neck, then frowned and said, “it’s my fault.”


Su Yu waved his hand indifferently, “I don’t blame you.”


Cang Qiong didn’t speak any more, but under Su Yu’s dizzy gaze, he slowly lowered his head and kissed him.

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