Chapter 160


【Private chat】


[Splendid piece of paper]: Brother Extravagance, are you busy? Grievance.jpg


[One Song of Extravagance]: No, what’s wrong?


[Splendid Piece of Paper]: I just want to chat with you. If I bother you, then simply ignore me. Obedience.jpg


[One Song of Extravagance]: Where are you now? I’ll come and look for you.


[Splendid Piece of Paper]: No, no, I’m really fine, Brother Extravagance, please don’t worry about me. Happiness.jpg


[One Song of Extravagance]: Your coordinates.


[Splendid Piece of Paper]: …well, then I will…


A minute later, [One Song of Extravagance] rode a tall snow wolf and appeared in front of the petite and lovely [Splendid Piece of Paper] in red.


The tall figure of [One Song of Extravagance] was facing Liu Jinjin, and he asked with concern in a slightly cold voice, “what’s the matter? Did you encounter any trouble?”

Liu Jinjin lowered her head slightly and replied that it’s nothing, yet she was full of sadness and grievances.


This made One Song of Extravagance frown. He grabbed Liu Jinjin’s arm and said with even more concern, “what is it? Do you want to hide it from me?”


“It’s really nothing,” Liu Jinjin still shook her head, but when she the bright eyes of One Song of Extravagance, she immediately burst into tears, biting her lower lip and said in a low voice, “Liu Shan suddenly changed his nickname and even blocked me.”


As soon as he heard the name, One Song of Extravagance raised his brows. He knew that Jinjin had always regarded A Stream of Water as a friend, but One Song of Extravagance despised him very much. It’s just a piece of crap who didn’t know about anything.


Of course, there was another very important reason why One Song of Extravagance hated A Stream of Water so much.


Although their games looked similar in the game, the two never talked that much. They only learned about each other through the description of Liu Jinjin.


So how did Liu Jinjin do it in reality?

On one hand, she told A Stream of Water about how talented One Song of Extravagance was, and she told him about how much she admired One Song of Extravagance, reaching the purpose of making him hate One Song of Extravagance.


On the other hand, Liu Jinjin deliberately said in front of One Song of Extravagance that A Stream of Water couldn’t play games, and he always bought stuff for her, like equipment, clothes and props, etc. Even if she refused several times, it didn’t work, and she felt a bit annoyed about this.


The purpose of Liu Jinjin was obvious. Although her purpose of hooking up with Liu Feng was just to use to frame him, her current behavior was equal to flirting with two guys at the same time.


It’s very easy to fail in these kind of things, especially if Liu Jinjin was looking for benefits from both sides. That’s why she thought of this method.


Liu Jinjin caused them to have a deep disgust for each other, so that they would never become friends even when they came across each other. She would also be safe as things wouldn’t have her involved.


According to the development of the original plot, this was indeed the case. From the beginning to the end, the original owner and One Song of Extravagance never came across each other. The few encounters that were very accidental and they ended badly. Liu Jinjin even managed to make them hate each other in the end.

As far as the current situation was concerned, although One Song of Extravagance had not dealt with the original owner, he already developed a deep disgust for him. Now that guy even dares to block Jinjin directly, that’s absolutely hateful.


The face of One Song of Extravagance turned black. He didn’t say a word and directly used the speaker to swipe the pop-up screen in the entire game world, which was the kind that every player could only be forced to receive.


[A Stream of Water, report your coordinates if you’ve got guts!】

[A Stream of Water, report your coordinates if you’ve got guts!】


[A Stream of Water, report your coordinates if you’ve got guts!】



This pop-up screen was swiped dozens of times, which once again triggered a heated discussion on the World Channel. This was the second time that Su Yu had become a topical character in the game.


Seeing that the tall and handsome man in front of him was furious, and he sent so many forced pop-ups, Liu Jinjin felt that her vanity was greatly satisfied, yet she was a little worried about whether her secrets would be exposed. After thinking that it was really not her fault this time, she put that worry aside again.

At this time, Su Yu, who was trying to climb the snowy mountain, also received a pop-up screen. At first, he didn’t respond, “One Song of Extravagance? Who’s this?”


Ball carefully reminded from the side, “he is Shao Hua, the local tyrant who got together with Liu Jinjin in the original plot.”


Su Yu immediately raised his eyebrows, “ah, it turned out to be him.”


After that, Su Yu continued to climb the snow mountain calmly.


“…” Wait, my master host’s reaction didn’t seem to be quite right. Shouldn’t my host rise up and scold him after being forced to swipe the screen? How could his reaction be so plain?


Then, Ball understood what it meant by a storm hidden in calmness.


“Ball, is your Black Ball okay now?” Su Yu asked as he climbed the mountain.


Ball thought that his host was still angry and said carefully, “It is still locked in a small dark room. I plan to punish it again. After all, it had done too many bad things before.”

“You don’t need to keep locking it in the small dark room, let it do some stuff for me,” Su Yu waved his hand generously. In fact, he was already thinking of an evil idea, “Isn’t that One Song of Extravagance arrogant? I will make Black Ball teach him a lesson.”


Ball shook its body, “we are a high-level intelligent system. Even if we modify the data in the game casually, we will not be noticed as long as we are careful, but will it be bad? If someone investigates us, this might bring a negative impact to the game.”


Su Yu glanced at Ball and said, “I didn’t plan to let Black Ball do it directly. Isn’t it said that the NPCs in this game are very intelligent? Go and ask Black Ball to find a few NPCs with high attack power and beat him. And we’ll just find another excuse that looks reasonable?”


After hearing this, Ball didn’t know what to react. Its master host could even come up with such a bad idea, which was really a brilliant one!


Although Ball was still very pure in nature, after being with this wicked host for so long, it also became a little wicked. It immediately said enthusiastically, “Okay! I’ll go and ask Black Ball to do it!”

After handing over this matter to Black Ball, Ball couldn’t help but exclaim, “master host, you are really amazing. You’re so witty to come up with this method to deal with high-profile players!”

Although the original owner loved to play games, his level was not that high. He could only keep throwing money into the game to barely keep up with the upper-middle level. Su Yu was obviously not as good as the original owner in this aspect. Not only did he not know how to play games, but he didn’t like playing them at all. If he really dedicated himself in this world, the whole world would be super annoyed.


Moreover, Su Yu had never been the kind of person who would honestly rely on his strength, and there were more convenient and advantageous methods to choose from. Su Yu wouldn’t care whether it would be cheating or not.


“Thank you, but it’s actually you who are the most powerful,” Su Yu calmly Ball’s compliment and praised it back, “After all, you are my cheating weapon, if it weren’t for you, I would’ve failed a long time ago.”


The silly and innocent Ball laughed and felt quite proud.

Regardless of how One Song of Extravagance was beaten by a few powerful NPCs for some strange reason, Su Yu continued climbing the snowy mountain hard and he was forced to go offline.


The original owner used a holographic helmet. Although the holographic capsule could provide him with a lot of human nutrients, there were still a lot of limits. For example, when using a holographic helmet, one must choose a suitable posture by himself. Otherwise, he’d feel very uncomfortable after exiting the game.


For another example, the holographic helmet could be used for more than four hours each time, or the player would be forced to be kicked out of the game. It’s a consideration of the player’s physical condition but it’s not too friendly.


After being kicked out of the game, Su Yu simply prepared some food, took a rest, then re-entered the game and continued to climb the snowy mountains in a harsh environment.


It took him two full days. When Su Yu finally climbed to the top of the snow mountain and he almost collapsed. Whatever he experienced in the game was really in line with the reality. If he felt tired, hungry or injured in the game, he’d feel the same in reality for at least 90%.

However, Su Yu couldn’t take a rest at all, so he asked Ball directly, “where is my family now?”


Ball answered truthfully, “since it is the ultimate boss of this game, the data is only hidden. I can only find out that he is nearby now, but I do not know the exact location.”


Su Yu didn’t feel too disappointed by this answer. He was still very patient in finding his lover. Anyway, he had already climbed to the top of the snowy mountain, and there wasn’t much remaining distance left.


Su Yu first took out some food from the game, replenished his physical strength, then wandered around the top of the snowy mountain.


Suddenly, there was an inexplicable gust of wind around. Su Yu subconsciously raised his hand and covered his eyes. When the gust of wind fell, he opened his eyes and saw a man in white clothes with dark and long hair, standing in front of him.

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