Chapter 159


【Private chat】


[Splendid piece of paper]: Are you there?


[Su Bombing the Heaven]: Yes.


In the game, although the two met and were guided by Liu Jinjin, since the original owner had feelings towards Liu Jinjin, it had always been him who took the initiative to contact Liu Jinjin, and Liu Jinjin’s attitude then became detached and slightly cold.


Speaking of which, this should be the first time in the past two months that Liu Jinjin actively contacted himself in the game, which was really ironic when one thought about it.


[Splendid piece of paper]: Liu Shan, I just saw that you seem to have changed your name?


[Su Bombing the Heaven]: Now that you know that I have changed my name, don’t call me Liu Shan anymore. I’m not used to it.


When the original owner first started playing the game, his nickname was not “A Stream of Water”, but he later changed his game nickname to a similar structure since he fell in love with Liu Jinjin.


[Splendid piece of paper]: But I’m used to calling you Liu Shan, that name sounds nice, and…why did you suddenly change your name?

There was still a sense of clinginess and grievances in Lin Jinjin’s voice. She’s obviously dissatisfied with Su Yu’s unauthorized modification of the nickname, but Su Yu was no longer the original owner. Not only did he not feel distressed himself, but he found it very disgusting.


In order to achieve her filthy goals, she could even plan and hook up with her half-brother. Could this still be called a human being?


[Su Bombing the Heaven]: I changed it just because I felt like it. What’s the big deal?


[Splendid piece of paper]: I… I just think it’s too sudden. After all, I haven’t heard you mention it before. I also think your nickname before is very nice, and…it’s very similar to mine.


Su Yu wouldn’t believe it if someone told him that Liu Jinjin wasn’t seducing him.


[Su Bombing the Heaven]: Haha.


[Splendid piece of paper]: ? ? ?


[Splendid piece of paper]: Are you in a bad mood today? Why do you seem a little strange?


[Su Bombing the Heaven]: I’m really in a bad mood today, so I’ll stop talking, bye.


Afterwards, Su Yu first backed up the private chat records with Liu Jinjin, then mercilessly deleted Liu Jinjin from his list and blacklisted her.

If Su Yu didn’t have to worry about what Liu Jinjin would do in advance, he actually wanted to expose her evil plans and scold her furiously.


After doing this, Su Yu didn’t think about the reaction of Liu Jinjin at all. He directly asked Ball to help him with precise positioning and went straight to the east.


In the easternmost part of the East Fantasy Continent, there was a frozen snow-capped mountain, which was the only restricted area in the entire game. It is said that the most powerful top boss of the game was hidden there.


But in fact, no one had ever seen him.


It’s not that no one was interested in this. In fact, after this rumor came out, countless players already formed a group to explore the mystery, hoping to become the first lucky player to witness the top boss and overthrow him, but no one had been able to enter that snowy mountain, they were all frozen to death before reaching there…


They didn’t encounter monsters they couldn’t compete with, nor were they strangled by NPCs, they were simply frozen to death alive.

Su Yu walked a distance to the east and made sure that there were no other players nearby, so he asked Ball to get the giant mount brought from the previous world.


Soon, a giant blue-eyed python with a length of several hundred meters and a thickness of more than ten meters appeared in mid-air, shaking its heavy tail in a daze.


Su Yu was very satisfied with the new mount in his game. He jumped onto the python’s back with a jumping motion, and pointed to the east with some high spirits, “let’s go!”


Then, one second passed, two seconds passed…Ten seconds passed, and the python was still shaking its tail slowly indifferently.


“…” Su Yu couldn’t hold back the expression on his face, he could only turn his head and call Ball over, who was admiring his masterpiece, “why isn’t it moving?”


Ball then replied, “although this giant python already has a body in the game world, it still hasn’t got any data to think, so it is now a dead snake and it cannot even move.”


Su Yu withdrew his hand and coughed dryly, “then enter the data now.”


“Then, do you have any requirements for this giant python, my master host?” Ball was also very excited. After all, it was the one creating the data and copying it.

Su Yu thought for a while, then snapped his fingers and said, “it’s absolute obedience, absolute wisdom, absolute speed, absolute insight, and absolute attack and defense capabilities.”


“Okay!” After getting the answer, Ball immediately transmitted a series of thinking data into the python’s brain, “It’s done! By the way, do you want to give it a name, master host?”


Su Yu paused and replied, “Black Flood Dragon.”


The body of this giant python was covered with smooth and dark scales, and only a pair of huge fleshy wings were white.


As soon as Su Yu replied, the black flood dragon made a sound similar to a beast’s neighing, but it sounded a little soothing, and it obviously accepted the new name.


Everything was ready, Su Yu raised his hand again and pointed to the east, “Let’s go!”


Blood Flood Dragon roared again, its stout body moved fast, and it rushed out like a sharp sword, but Su Yu, who was sitting on the back of the Blood Flood Dragon, not only felt very fast, but he did not feel any discomfort at all.

Beneath the forbidden snow-capped mountain, there was a beautiful town called Ice and Snow Town. There were almost no players, and there were only some NPCs in the town.


With the speed of the Blood Flood Dragon, Su Yu only spent less than ten minutes to reach the town.


“What is written in the strategy?” While walking on the street covered with thick white snow, Su Yu asked Ball.


Ball said truthfully, “we’ll first go to the tavern in town to find NPC Jack first, and complete the small task he arranged, he will ask you to go to the dance troupe to look for NPC Nana, and after learning the dancing task she arranged, you’ll then go to town again…”


Since there were too many steps, Su Yu instantly interrupted Ball and asked bluntly, “where is the last place to get the item [Warm Love], and which NPC do I need to look for?”


After pausing for a while, Ball answered honestly, “it’s an NPC named Xiao Ming, he is a boy who looks five or six years old, and he has an ancestral necklace on his hand. It can withstand the cold on the snow-capped mountain and it’s called the ‘Warming Love’.”

“Then we will go there directly.” Su Yu made a final decision.


Ten minutes later, under the guidance of Ball’s superb navigation, Su Yu finally found a little boy hiding in a secluded corner of the town, hiding in an alley.


This little boy was a mobile NPC. His location was constantly changing, and he could also sense the presence of players. Once he detected a player nearby, he would deliberately avoid the player. This time, if Ball didn’t cheat and lead the way, there was no way for Su Yu to find him.


After stopping the little boy, Su Yu smiled directly at him and said, “little boy, can you give me the necklace around your neck?”


Xiao Ming timidly looked at the strange man who wanted to take away his necklace and shook his head firmly, “No! You are a bad person. I can’t give it to you!”


Su Yu frowned, yet his smile became even softer, “I’m really not a bad person, but if you don’t give me the necklace, I will turn you into a cake and eat you piece by piece.”

Xiao Ming was so frightened that he trembled all over, and his big eyes were filled with tears. He looked so pitiful, “no…please don’t…”


“If you don’t like cakes, then I won’t turn you into cakes. Hm, what do you think about making you into ice cream and me eating it slowly?” Su Yu continued to smile softly and said in a soft tone, “the temperature is just right. I just need to bury you in the snow and you will turn into ice cream in no time. What kind of ice cream do you want yourself to be? Mango? Strawberry? Chocolate?”


Before Su Yu finished speaking, he heard Xiao Ming cry out. He looked so pitiful, yet Su Yu didn’t say a single comforting word. He was just looking at Xiao Ming with a smile.


Ball felt softened it heard so and it quickly turned its face away. It didn’t want to look at Xiao Ming being tortured by its master host.


Xiao Ming cried for a long time before barely stopping. Unexpectedly, Su Yu started threatening him again soon after he stopped, which made him cry even more. In the end, Xiao Ming couldn’t bear with it anymore and he immediately took his necklace off and gave it to Su Yu.


Su Yu took the props and looked at it, then gently reached out and rubbed Xiao Ming’s head, which made Xiao Ming cry even more loudly.

After getting the props, Su Yu started heading to the snowy mountain without stopping. With this [Warming Love], Su Yu would not be frozen to death by the cold wind on the snowy mountain like other players. Although it would feel horrible to be tortured by the cold wind and snow, it’d still be worth it since he’d see his lover soon.


The snow and wind up the mountain were too heavy. Su Yu took three steps and had to take one step back. He was incredibly slow. After looking up, he couldn’t see the top of the snow mountain at all. He wondered how long it’d take to climb to the top.


Su Yu sighed, and when he wanted to summon the Black Flood Dragon, he was so surprised to see it falling asleep!


It took a moment for Su Yu to realize that the Black Flood Dragon was a snake after all. It was normal for it to hibernate on such a cold day.


“Can I get rid of its ability to hibernate?” Su Yu asked Ball while continuing to climb the mountain.


Ball nodded, but Su Yu was happy too soon. Ball said helpelessly, “but I can only change its attributes after it wakes up.”


Su Yu was discouraged, as he’d have to rely on himself to climb to the top. However, as the old saying goes, no pain no gain. He understood that he had to go through some hardship to see his lover.


At this moment, Su Yu had no idea that Liu Jinjin was complaining hard to a great god.

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