Chapter 158


Su Yu slowly opened his eyes, blinked and rolled his eyes again, and the sour feeling in his eyes gradually subsided.


Even if he hadn’t obtained the original owner’s memory, he could clearly determine that this person should have cried a lot before, otherwise his eyes wouldn’t be so dry and uncomfortable.


Su Yu looked at the layout of the room again and judged that he should be in the reality of the mission world, not in the game.


Su Yu sat up from the bed and whispered, “Ball.”


“Here!” Ball floated out immediately and said with a positive attitude, “master host, how are you feeling now? Do you feel any discomfort?”


“I’m okay. Perhaps you can give me the memory of the original owner directly.” Su Yu rubbed his brows and his voice was hoarse, which further proved his previous speculation.


Ball immediately responded, slowly opening the original owner’s memory, Su Yu also closed his eyes and began to absorb the memory.


The original owner’s name was Liu Feng, a nineteen-year-old secondary school kid. He usually liked playing games and had no other hobbies.

Holographic games were very popular in this era, one could buy a good quality holographic helmet for one or two thousand dollars, and they could spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a holographic nutrition warehouse that could guarantee the nutrients the user needed for three days.


Since games and real currency could be stably circulated, games became a very popular profession for young people, and many people enjoyed it. After all, they could play games and make money at the same time.


Liu Feng didn’t see games as a tool for making money. He just liked to play games. Others made money from games in reality, while he was throwing money into games from reality.


This kind of situation was also normal in this era, and with Liu Feng’s family background, this amount of money was nothing.


However, the problem was that in the game, he encountered a fate that almost ruined his life.


Online dating had always existed, and it was the same in this era. If one only met people in a game, and if the two interacted on the premise of not violating morals and laws, it would definitely not be a bad relationship.


At the beginning, Liu Feng thought that this relationship was a good match. However, he had been calculated by the other party and this online relationship eventually caused Liu Feng to fail everything and he was brutally kicked out by his father.

The fundamental reason for all this was that the girl who had an online relationship with Liu Feng was actually his half-sister, an illegitimate daughter born to Liu Feng’s father’s affair.


It was indeed another bloody conspiracy, and Liu Feng turned out to be the most innocent existence in this drama, yet he had the most tragic ending.


In order to help her aggrieved mother get “out of anger”, and in order to allow herself to live under “sunshine”, she deliberately seduced his half-brother in the game. She also set up a plan of making his half-brother bear the guilt of raping his sister. Eventually, her half-brother was kicked out of the house.


Su Yu almost laughed when he learnt how calculating this girl was.


The most terrifying thing was that when this incident broke out, everyone was desperately accusing him, and the original owner’s father didn’t even give him a chance to explain before kicking him out.


In addition, Liu Feng’s half-sister, Liu Jinjin, also did a lot of other disgusting things.

For example, while making the original owner buy equipment, clothes, and props for her, she also hooked up with another local tyrant in the game, and she even asked this local tyrant to help her teach the original owner a lesson secretly.


Also, she knew that there was a girl in the game who admired the original owner, so she deliberately found troubles with this girl and convinced the original owner to scold her.


Su Yu suddenly felt that in this mission world, it was the original owner who ought to have more IQ. How could a person to be this stupid?


Su Yu lowered his forehead and smiled, startling Ball, “master host, are you okay?”


Su Yu stopped after laughing a few times, but there was still an arc on the corner of his mouth, “I’m fine, I just think that what’s going to happen will be quite interesting.”


It’s really interesting to teach the bad guy a lesson again.


“Hmmm.” Ball still agreed although it didn’t get what’s so funny about it.


“How is the male lead now?” Su Yu asked again.


Ball didn’t know what to answer, since this mission world was completely selected according to the requirements of its master host, so there was naturally no male protagonist.

But since its master host asked such a question, Ball couldn’t help but shake and say, “It should be good, no one can conquer that kind of existence.”


Su Yu smiled slightly, no one could conquer it now, but he would be the exception in the future.


Having obtained the memory of the original owner and understood what time he was in now, Su Yu quickly got up from the bed, cleaned himself and had breakfast, then laid back on the bed and put on the holographic helmet.


It was dark at first, and the next moment, Su Yu was in a very noisy street market. There were a lot of people setting up stalls around, selling equipment, clothes, materials and props.


Su Yu was not in a hurry to do anything else. He opened his game information first.


Player ID: 666666 (It was the unique identification of the authenticated player and couldn’t be changed. This information could only be seen by the player.)


Nickname of the player: A Stream of Water


Occupation of the player: Hunter

Level of the player: Level 66


Relationship status of the player: none


Wealth value: 6666666 gold coins


Su Yu touched his chin. He was satisfied with the ID, level and wealth value, yet there was still a name missing in the marriage, and he had to fill it in as soon as possible.


He glanced at the game data again, and he instantly clicked the option to modify the nickname, from [A Stream of Water] to [Su Bombing the Heaven], and sent a few messages.


[Player A Stream of Water has changed its name to Su Bombing the Heaven!!! 】


[Player A Stream of Water has changed its name to Su Bombing the Heaven!!! 】



Several rows of bold red letters embarrassed Ball a bit. Don’t your hosts really feel ashamed for this nickname?

However, it was this kind of information that caused the World Channel to explode.


I love local tyrants and local tyrants love me: shit! I was shocked to see the local tyrants sending so many messages, but why do I feel that something is not right?


Bragging bragging: It’s really not right! Isn’t this game strictly forbidding players with the word ** in their nicknames? Why do some people have ** in their nicknames!?


Hehehehe, let me show you: I personally verified it. Not only in nicknames, but you can’t have those words in the chatbox either.


I am a little lady Jade: Sister, do you think this is a bug? Can we report it?


I am a big elegant lady: little sister, I think that this is indeed a bug. Let’s go report it together.


A little goldfish: Don’t go! Let me do it, I want the reward!


Because of this matter, the world channel was quiet for a few seconds before getting noisier than ever.

A little goldfish: Damn it! It even said that it is not a bug and that there is no problem with the game, why is this happening? *Why does God treat me like this?!


I’m a bug: I have the same result, so amazing, ****, I’ll try if I can type this word now.


I am a little lady Jade: The result is cruel. Also, I tried to report it just now, and the result is the same, it is really hell.


I am a little lady Jade: Sister, do you think this is evidence that the GM is covering up the player? Shall we report it?


I am a big elegant lady: little sister, I think it should be done, let’s go together.


Handsome and gentle guy: the two lady boys upstairs, please shut up, it’s disgusting! But this behavior is really bad. Why can someone use those two words as a nickname, but we can’t even use them when chatting?


Hehehehe, I’ll show you: maybe it’s not a bug. After all, we have a lot of people reporting all of a sudden. It’s impossible that all have the same GM, right? But our results are the same.

I have a little secret: wait…why do I suddenly remember that legend? Have you all heard it too? In the East Fantasy Continent, there is a snow-capped mountain that has been frozen for a long time. No player has ever been there, but it is said that the biggest boss in the game lives there. His name is…**!


Don’t know what to call it: poof! The front looks quite emotional and imposing, but at the end, I’m almost dying from too much laughing, hahahaha….


I love local tyrants and local tyrants love me: I’m almost dying from laughing as well…how is it possible that we can’t pronounce the boss’ name…hahaha…


I am a little lady Jade: **.


I am a little lady Jade: big sister, I can’t type these two words, can you type them?


I am a big elegant lady:**.


I am a big elegant lady: Sister, I can’t type those two words either.


Handsome and gentle guy: Can the two shemales get out of here? I’m so annoyed to see you! **.

Bragging bragging: the stupid idiot upstairs, let’s go back to the topic – has anyone contacted the Great God now? Did anyone know him before? What the hell is going on here?


I love local tyrants and local tyrants love me: I chatted privately and added him as a friend, but the Great God did not respond.


Hehehehe, let me show you: I chatted privately and added friends, but the Great God didn’t respond.


I’m a bug: I chatted privately and added him as a friend, but the Great God did not respond.


How to solve the worry: I also added him as a friend, but the Great God did not respond.



I am a little lady Jade: Sister, I also chatted with the Great God privately, but he did not reply to me.

I am a big elegant lady: little sister, I am the same.


Handsome and gentle guy: The two shemales upstairs are really unbearable, and you’ve destroyed our team, it’s really annoying! By the way, I also added and chatted with him privately, but no response either _(:з”∠)_



At this time, Su Yu did not read the chat on the World Channel, nor did he read the private messages or friend requests from those people, since he received a private chat message from Liu Jinjin.

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