Scattering IQ_Chapter 128


Ah Heng did not speak, he just stared at Su Yu, and Su Yu did not feel embarrassed at all. He just continued to swing his tail casually, “dear Admiral, I’ve changed my mind for you, I’ve decided to just be a mermaid.”


“Then, should I feel honored?” Ah Heng burst into laughter and his deep profile became much gentle.


“Of course, there are very few people whom I like.” Su Yu lifted up his delicate chin slightly, a bit arrogant.


Ah Heng’s smile faded a little after hearing these words. He seemed to ask unconsciously, “apart from me, who do you like?”


Su Yu blinked innocently, “there is no one else but you.”


Ah Heng’s eyes flickered, “what’s your name?”


“Dear Admiral, my name is Lyle. You can also call me sweetheart or baby.” Su Yu narrowed his eyes slightly.


“Lyle, do you think I should believe those words that you just said?” Ah Heng’s heart moved but he pretended to not have heard anything.

Ah Heng leaned in front of the glass cabinet. Although he looked casual, there’s a strong sense of determination in his movement. Clearly, he didn’t completely believe in Su Yu’s words.


Su Yu was not affected at all. Instead, he flung his tail at Ah Heng a little frivolously and said a bit pitifully, “Admiral, what I’ve said is true, whether it is about my identity or my mission. It’s also true about how you should call me. If you don’t believe me, then there’s nothing I can do.”


Ah Heng’s gaze scanned through Su Yu’s body and finally fixed on the tip of his tail that was gently swinging from side to side. When he saw Su Yu’s wagging tail, Ah Heng felt a bit strange in his heart.


“I know that the freedom that the Admiral wants to give mermaids is real freedom enjoyed by human beings. This kind of freedom and equality will not make them more superior after mermaids become humans, nor will they become targets of control because humans become mermaids.” Su Yu leaned against Su Yu’s ears and said softly in an almost seductive voice, “Admiral must understand very well how difficult it would be to reach this extent of freedom and equality, but I’ll help you achieve this goal nonetheless.”


Across a glass wall, the two gazes faced each other, Su Yu’s eyes were clear and Ah Heng’s eyes were as deep as the sea.

After a long while, Ah Heng finally said, “if you want to help me with my wish, do you have any workable plan now?”


“Of course, we must first give enough lessons to those disgusting humans. After all, they must have experienced the same thing before they can deeply realize how sinful their actions have been.” Su Yu curled his lips and complained.

“What about afterwards?” Ah Heng continued asking.


“After this, we have to reverse the mermaid’s way of thinking, so that they understand that they are not born to be in a low position, they aren’t meant to reproduce for humans.” For Su Yu, this is the part that’s harder to achieve. After all, he could directly use potion to turn humans into mermaids, but it was difficult to reverse the mermaids’ severely twisted thoughts.


In particular, he wanted to build a sort of worldview in which humans and mermaids are equal, instead of just making them suppress human beings.


For Su Yu, the former was indeed much more difficult to achieve than the latter.


Ah Heng nodded, supported his chin and said, “it makes sense, but it seems that you haven’t mentioned the main point.”

“I know what’s the most critical issue – that’s how to make the mermaids create their own social value. After all, this is the only way to really make them have a stable status in the society.” Su Yu raised his eyebrows, bending his slender fish tail slowly, “but In fact, it’s easy to solve this problem. As long as the mermaids can put away their tails and go out, they can live a normal life like the humans.”


This understatement made Ah Heng narrow his eyes, he looked at Su Yu straightly and said very seriously, “can you really turn mermaids’ tails into a pair of human legs?”


“Of course, since I can turn human legs into fish tails, naturally there is a way to do the other way round.” Su Yu raised his chin proudly and there were flashes in his dark eyes.


“It turned out to be you.” Ah Heng narrowed his eyes slightly, and a little chill flashed in his narrow eyes.


Su Yu was not frightened by his momentum at all. Instead, he said while pressing against the glass wall, “right, I did. And only I can turn their tails into legs again, but I don’t intend to do so.”


Ah Heng stared at Su Yu like an investigator and the atmosphere in the selection room became very heavy. After a long while, Ah Heng stuttered, “you…did it…right.”

Upon hearing this reply, Su Yu was taken aback for a while. He then narrowed his eyes and smiled, “of course, I’m very smart.”


“Then you will continue to stay here next?” Ah Heng slowly adjusted his tone and it became lighter.


Although Ah Heng did not directly express his attitude, his changes were pretty obvious. And although he still had doubts about what Su Yu was saying, at least he chose to believe now.


Su Yu reluctantly waved his tail and sighed lightly, “yes, or what else can they do?”


There was no emotion on Ah Heng’s face, but he was actually a bit unhappy. Very rarely, he wanted to take a mermaid home, and he felt extremely frustrated that he couldn’t.


Su Yu seemed to have noticed what Ah Heng was thinking and he laughed, “Admiral, I assume that you miss me a bit? Don’t worry, this problem will be solved soon, and you’ll be taking me home soon.”


“I’m just worried that you will be suspected by other people. After all, the Mermaid Research Institute is not a transparent, fair and friendly place.” Ah Heng wasn’t honest when he said this, but it’s not entirely a lie either. Although this little mermaid seemed to know a lot, he still worried Su Yu a bit.

Su Yu grinned, showing his white teeth, “Admiral, don’t worry. These are all small problems for me and there’s no need to worry at all. Usually, I bully the others and it’s impossible the others bully me.”


“What about me?” Ah Heng asked in an evil manner after being influenced by Su Yu’s playful tone.


Su Yu was taken aback for a moment before reacting. There were suddenly some dirty scenes in his head and his pale face started to blush. He stared at Ah Heng helplessly, “Admiral, do you mean that it’s okay to bully me?”


Ah Heng touched his nose and said nothing, but at this moment, the door of the selection room was getting bigger.


Ah Heng immediately put away the expression on his face, put his hands in the pockets of his army pants and walked to the side. The staff of the Mermaid Research Institute soon showed up and they said Ah Heng wandering aimlessly among the glass cabinets.


Before the staff started speaking, he heard Ah Heng vent first, “didn’t I already warn you not to disturb me when I’m selecting mermaids?!”

The staff slowly said, “I didn’t mean to disturb you, but Admiral, the selection room is of utmost importance to the institute, and it can’t be in the state of isolation and monitoring for a long time.”


Ah Heng glanced at the staff blankly, which scared him a lot. When the staff was about to give up, Ah Heng suddenly walked outside.


Just before leaving the door, Ah Heng gave Su Yu a look, seemingly indicating that he’s going to pick him up later.


Su Yu smiled at him slightly.


Not long after Ah Heng left, several staff members walked into the selection room and went straight to the glass cabinet where Su Yu was.


They turned around in front of the glass cabinet and were about to push out Su Yu’s glass cabinet. Su Yu, who had been quiet just now, suddenly flung his tail and put his hands on the glass cabinet.


At the same time, a weird smile slowly appeared on his face and he lowered his voice, “have you heard?”

The staff members were a little confused after this smile and they didn’t know how to react. Su Yu continued, “Major General Ivan and the dean becoming mermaids, have you heard of that?”


Not only did the staff become more confused, they also began to feel cold from behind.


Su Yu blinked. It was obviously a naughty action, but it’s extremely horrifying under their eyes, “you…what do you want to say?”


“I just want to tell you that it’s me who turned them into mermaids.” Su Yu smiled.


The staff members suddenly widened their eyes and looked at Su Yu with a panic and disbelief. They slightly opened their mouth, as if they’d forgotten how to make a sound.


“Hahaha…” Su Yu laughed when he saw himself being able to scare people like that. His clear voice spread through the whole selection room, “it’s so easy to deceive you…how come you’d believe that…hahaha…”

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