104 Part 1



Chapter 104


When they returned to school, Su Yu comforted Yu Feng before letting him go back to class.


Although he had many hypotheses already, he didn’t really understand this virtual world very well. His current mode of thought was: since Cycle One and Cycle Two already happened, if he didn’t do anything and let this fictional world keep going according to its original setting then would there be Cycle Three, Cycle Four, and so on?


If the end of a cycle meant Yu Feng’s death or suicide, Su Yu couldn’t accept that. But no matter how many doubts or guesses he harbored now, he could only wait.


Right now the only thing he knew was when the second or third cycle would start, when and where Yu Feng’s sister would get into an accident, and when Yu Feng would commit suicide.


The first of those times had already passed. The next was Yu Feng’s sister getting into an accident.


Although Yu Feng was very nervous and fearful, under Su Yu’s accompaniment a week passed quickly. During the self-study of April 6, his mental state was tensed, his face frighteningly pale.


Perhaps because of how nervous he was, he couldn’t resist running over to Su Yu’s classroom during breaks.


After being notified by the ball, Su Yu stood up and walked out. “Yu Feng, is anything going on?”


He had the ball monitoring Yu Feng and his sister’s status, so there should be nothing wrong.


Yu Feng realized then that his actions might have disturbed Su Yu, so he shook his head. “Nothing, I’ll go back now.”


Only then did Su Yu see Yu Feng’s face. He immediately understood, “You’re worried about your sister?”


Lowering his head, Yu Feng basically confirmed his guess.


“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” Without knowing where things would go, Su Yu still needed to comfort him.


Yu Feng balled his fists up, looking at Su Yu. “Really? Will she really be fine?”


“Of course. Just don’t let your sister leave the day after tomorrow and she’ll be okay.” Su Yu patted Yu Feng’s shoulder.


Although it did make Yu Feng feel better, very soon the concern surfaced in his mind again, leaving him in a state of panic.


Su Yu couldn’t do much more. He sighed and suggested, “If you’re so worried I can go home with you? Tomorrow I’ll spend the day with you so you won’t be alone the day afterwards. If something really goes wrong, we can think of a solution together.”


April 8th wasn’t until the day after tomorrow, but tomorrow was Saturday. If he let Yu Feng stay at home alone, he’d scare himself to death. Plus, this was good for Su Yu. He needed to come up with any way possible to prevent the accident, so understanding the situation on-site was good either way.


After a few days together, Yu Feng already trusted Su Yu completely and had no doubts when he heard this. Instead he said, equal parts moved and nervous, “Are you really willing to come to my home? My living space is kind of simple.”


“No problem. Every household isn’t much different,” Su Yu smiled warmly, “But you’ll need to come home with me first. I need to talk to my mother about it or she’ll get worried.”


“All right, thanks for going to the trouble.” Finally Yu Feng smiled. He came up with another question soon enough though, “Does your mother know about this?”


Clearly Yu Feng was talking about the cycles they were going through. Understanding his intent, Su Yu responded, “She doesn’t know, you’re the only one who knows about this ordeal.”


He was only describing the truth here. Hearing it, Yu Feng couldn’t help but feel a little bit happy. Each time he freaked out there was no way to comfort himself, but with this person by his side to speak words of comfort or pat him on the shoulder, he immediately felt a lot better.


After school, Yu Feng followed Su Yu back to his home, and then Su Yu followed Yu Feng to his place. When they got there, his sister was waiting for him on the couch. Seeing Su Yu behind him, she stood up.


“Sis, this is my classmate. I’m inviting him over to hang out,” Yu Feng explained.


Su Yu nodded with a smile. “Hi there, I’m Liu Yang.”


“Oh, you’re his classmate, please come in.” Yu Ting invited the two in with equal parts curiosity and relief. Her brother had been in an odd mood over the past few days and was unwilling to explain. Now that he was willing to invite someone his age back to spend time together at least he’d have companionship.


Su Yu chatted with her for a moment before heading back to Yu Feng’s room with him. The house was simple after all, with only one real bedroom belonging to Yu Feng. His sister set up a barrier in the living room to serve as her bedroom.


The setup in Yu Feng’s room was simple too. A bed, a desk, a dresser, nothing else.


Su Yu glanced over the room, smiling. “You have a nice place.”


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