101 Part 2

The ball looked at its owner, shocked at the gentle treatment. Although it did harbor a lot of resentment, it smartly decided not to show anything. “No, I didn’t feel that way.”


“Since you’ve been helping me so much, it’s normal for you to occasionally mess up.” Su Yu withdrew his hand, turning around to walk off the bridge. The ball was about to express its emotions at this when it heard Su Yu continue, “Of course, all of this is secondary. More importantly, things are getting interesting now. You know I love something interesting.”


“…” Ball: So why was I so tripped up with guilt and uncertainty in the first place?


When Su Yu finished saying that, he issued his first order to the ball in this world. “Go into the school’s files and search for information on Liu Yang from Grade 10 Class 3. I need to get home to eat dinner.”


“Yes!” Although still a little dissatisfied with its owner’s sense of humor, the ball did indeed get its spirit back


With the ball’s help, Su Yu successfully managed to find the original protagonist’s home, albeit quite a lot later. The moment he walked in, he saw his mother eating dinner at the coffee table. “Yang, you’re home late today. Sit down and start eating, you have to go back and self-study later.”


“Okay, there was just something going on at school.” Unable to determine what the original protagonist’s personality might be, Su Yu tried to act as normal as possible. He didn’t glance too much at the decor, instead heading toward the bathroom to wash his hands and sit down and eat.


What he didn’t expect was the reaction he got to a line that simple. His mother glared at him. “Don’t mess around at school anymore, last time you were called out specifically in the parent teacher conference and the teacher kept me behind to talk about you even longer. What a worry! If you get into more fights I’ll break your legs.”


Su Yu’s lips twitched. So the protagonist was a bad boy. He mumbled some affirmation while pushing rice into his mouth.


“I’m being serious now. Don’t just ignore me.” His mother reached out to twist his ear, leaving him truly speechless.


When he finished dinner, he wasn’t allowed to help with the dishes. Instead he was pushed out the door to self-study.


On the way, Su Yu gave the ball its second task, “Monitor nearby residents, especially classmates of mine from the same class.”


Although he couldn’t yet determine the identity of his lover, Su Yu had a feeling that his lover wasn’t far away. He could be the key tying this fictional world together.


The ball, still savoring the fact that its master had his ear twisted, reacted a little slower than usual. “Understood! I’ll get to it right away.”


Other than having the ball perform surveillance, Su Yu was also on the lookout for suspicious characters. There were 32 students in the class, roughly split along gender lines with 16 boys.


16 observational targets shouldn’t be hard for him to narrow down. After a few days of observation, however, he discovered that his lover might not be among them.


Because it was attempting to monitor too many people at once, the ball could only observe superficial things like appearance, dialogue and other external factors. That and the fact that it lacked the same emotional connection hampered its progress.


So where in the world could his lover be?


A week passed quickly. Su Yu was disappointed but didn’t panic. As long as his lover was in this virtual world, he would be able to find him.


On Sunday, Su Yu was dragged out by his mother to carry her bags when she shopped. The street was bustling with crowds. He wasn’t walking quickly, but he was almost knocked over by a silhouette flying at him. By the time he recovered, the other person was gone.


“What a rude person. Why run so quickly on a busy street?” The ball complained.


Su Yu lost his focus. The person who bumped into him was wearing his school uniform. He asked casually, “Is the person we just bumped into also within your supervision?”


The ball scanned its data and swayed proudly. “Of course, I’m very capable. I watch everyone in the same school. That person’s name is Yu Feng. You’re in the same grade, but he’s in Class 2.”


The ball had just finished speaking when his mother called out again. “Yang, come here and check out this dress. Doesn’t it look just right for me?”


With a sigh, Su Yu could only walk over obediently, leaving the ball to chortle.


That night, Su Yu took a shower after the day’s worth of labor and clambered into bed. It should’ve been a normal night like any other, yet he found himself jolted awake at midnight suddenly.


As his heart pounded, a flat digital voice rang in his head. “Cycle One has collapsed. About to begin Cycle Two.”

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