100 Part 2

With his head lowered, Su Yu pulled Song Yiming into the room after him, stroking his lover’s palm with his fingers to comfort him and ask him to play along. Song Yiming stroked back like he was flirting, the ticklish feeling almost enough to make Su Yu’s expression change.


With eight people clustered in such a small living room, it seemed like even the lighting was dimmed. As the head of the family, Jiang Kai asked the questions first. “Shuo, why are you with group leader Zhang? Weren’t you at home beforehand?”


Pressing his lips together, Su Yu said, “Let’s not talk about that for now. You don’t have to ask after me, let’s talk business.”


“Yes, I’ve already told you the requirements for joining S City. As long as you can reach those standards, you can enter the base and earn protection.” Finally waking up from the odd turn of events, Zhang Te finally spoke up again.


Earlier before Su Yu arrived and created a flurry of movement, Jiang Kai and the rest of the family were prepared to respond positively to the demands. But now his thoughts had clearly changed due to Su Yu’s arrival. “Shuo, did you already join S City?”


After a pause, Su Yu responded with an affirmative sound.


“I heard from your mother that you didn’t awaken a special ability. Did you accomplish all the requirements for entering the base?” he asked again.


These words sounded concerned, but there was a deeper meaning behind them.


Hearing this, Su Yu didn’t say anything more, just glancing at Zhang Te subtly. In that moment, Zhang Te recalled that Su Yu had asked him for help creating a certain type of atmosphere. So that’s what he meant. But does that mean he already knew all this was going to happen?


Thinking about it a little more carefully, Zhang Te had goosebumps from how eerie the whole affair felt. Thankfully he still responded quickly, “Mr. Jiang is our base’s lead doctor who healed our leader’s legs. His situation is different from most on our base.”


“Lead doctor?” Staring at Su Yu, Jiang Tian snorted with laughter. “Mr. Zhang, are you joking with us? Jiang Shuo’s always been a coward with no specialty. How did I never know he knew medicine?”


“Tian, how could you talk to your brother like that?” Jiang Kai glared at his daughter, who clearly had no conception of time or place. “Apologize to your brother!”


Jiang Tian wasn’t afraid of her mother, but she was more afraid of her father who was more strict and with whom she’d spent less time with. Although she didn’t apologize or anything, it was enough to shut her up.


“Shuo, your sister is young, don’t take it to heart.” Although Jiang Kai didn’t believe it either, he saw the level of respect Zhang Te had for Jiang Shuo. It was enough for him to understand how well his son was doing in S City.


He glanced at his wife meaningfully. When she picked up on his intent, she forced a concerned and sad face. “Shuo, I’m so happy to see you again. We’re just happy to know that you’re safe.”


According to what they thought, Jiang Shuo either would take them directly to S City after they said that or at least respond with similar emotions. But when he heard what they said, he was only silent and lowered his head even further.


Jiang Tian, with her spirited personality, was the first to erupt. “What kind of attitude is that? Mom is talking to you! How can you ignore her? You think just because you’re a part of S City you can ignore your parents?”


“Tian, don’t talk to your brother like that. He didn’t do it on purpose.” Even while scolding Jiang Tian, Zhao Guiqin was still playing the part of a victim who had been hurt by Su Yu’s silence.


“How can you say that he didn’t do it on purpose? Do you see what he’s doing? Now he’s clearly climbed to a good spot on the social ladder and he wants to abandon us!” Without Jiang Kai stopping her, Jiang Tian was far more relentless. “You heard it too. He’s the lead doctor! If he really wanted to, we’d be there already. But he didn’t mention it at all. He just wants to leave us behind, what a faithless traitor!”


With a concerned and nervous expression, Zhao Guiqin said, “No, Shuo isn’t someone like that. He would never leave us behind.”


“I think that’s exactly what he’s thinking. If not he can open his mouth and prove me wrong!” Jiang Tian said proudly.


Opening her mouth, Zhao Guiqin realized she didn’t know what to say any longer, so she could only gaze at Su Yu expectantly. Seeing the timing was right, Jiang Kai spoke up too. “All of you stop talking, let’s hear what he has to say.”


In the moment, everyone looked at Su Yu. He finally raised his head, saying without expression. “What I have to say? I have nothing to say. I just think all of you look quite funny. Like three clowns jumping around.”


“You!” The whole family was about to burst into anger. Pulling out his pen, Su Yu played a certain audio that silenced them all.


His weak voice was the first to ring out.


“I haven’t eaten in days, so I’m a little slower. Please don’t blame me, mom.”


“Shuo, it’s messy outside and unsafe for us to stay here. So Tian and I are preparing to go to B City to look for your father. What do you think?”



“Tian, should we leave some food for your brother?”


“He’s useless now, it’s nothing but a waste if we leave it.”


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