Chapter 131


The deputy dean thought about it for a while before he could come up with a lame excuse, “Admiral Ah Heng, I am afraid that you can’t adopt this mermaid today, as there’ve been some issues with his body lately.”


The excuse was so lame that when the deputy dean said it, his voice was shaking a little.


Ah Heng obviously didn’t accept this bullshit and he said coldly, “if I remember it correctly, deputy dean seems to have said that there’d be another person adopting this mermaid if I hadn’t come, right? So, do you think I’ll believe you?”


“This…this is also a sudden situation. That mermaid just had a physical condition now.” The deputy dean wiped away the sweat on his forehead and he even started muttering, “I thought that it’s not good to announce this and that’s why I didn’t tell you. If it’s not really necessary, I would never say it out loud. Do you understand?”


How dare he think of such a stupid excuse? It’s obvious that the institute really didn’t want Ah Heng to have the mermaid. However, the more they resisted, the more Ah Heng wanted Lyle to stay.


“I don’t understand, and I don’t want to understand. I only know that if I can’t successfully adopt the mermaid within ten minutes, the Mermaid Research Institute will have to undergo a full review by the military.” Ah Heng was no longer willing to discuss further with the deputy dean and he threatened the dean directly, “regarding the reason of accepting the investigation…I remember that the dean is still in the hospital, right?”


From Ah Heng’s tone, he’s clearly not joking. No matter how unwilling the deputy dean was, he had to accept it first, “well…admiral, please wait a bit. I am going to check out the mermaid now, perhaps he already recovered…”


After the deputy dean retreated, Ah Heng immediately got an unknown message.


“Do you think the people at the Mermaid Research Institute are very annoying? I think so too, so I really want to turn them all into mermaids. ╮(╯▽╰)╭”


Ah Heng thought for a while before replying, “well, take your time. ^ω^”

“…” Su Yu read the information sent from Ball and he didn’t know how to react, “he knows how to sell cuteness too?”


Ball answered happily, “no wonder you’re the Admiral, you learn really fast.”


Su Yu thought for a while and asked Ball to help him reply, “I’m waiting for you to pick me up, okay?!~(≧▽≦)/~”


In less than five minutes, the deputy dean appeared in front of Ah Heng again, “Admiral Ah Heng, I’m pleased to let you know that the mermaid’s physical condition has completely stabilized. You can complete the adoption process now.”


Ah Heng nodded, raised his foot and walked to the adoption room. He seemed to be in a hurry. The deputy dean thought that he’s not in a good mood, but it’s just that Ah Heng was desperate to see his little mermaid.


When he arrived in the adoption room, Ah Heng just needed for less than two minutes, and he saw two staff members walking in, pushing a huge glass cabinet. In the glass cabinet, it was the mermaid that he’d been thinking about day and night. .


In the previous few days, although he hadn’t come to see Su Yu, he’d been asking his staff to monitor his situation. For someone like Ah Heng who cared about nothing else besides his business, this was just like a miracle.

Su Yu also saw Ah Heng at this time, and he waved at Ah Heng through the glass cabinet with a wide smile, “finally you’re here to pick me up!”


Ah Heng looked at Su Yu with deep eyes and he answered calmly and subtly, “I’m here to pick you up.”


This reply also proved that Ah Heng did have the idea of adopting this mermaid and it made the deputy dean feel even more shameful.


At the same time, the deputy dean started checking out Su Yu more carefully. This mermaid indeed looked livelier than the other ones, even the dean told him to be more attentive to this mermaid. Right now, the admiral wanted so much to adopt him, could there really be anything extraordinary about him?


While still in deep thoughts about it, the deputy dean started the adoption procedure.


Comparing to human beings, mermaids never had any freedom or self-esteem, but human beings insisted on twisting the facts and presented the control imposed on mermaids as protection and care.

For the same reason, the fact that these human beings were adopting mermaids was a very disrespectful act, but it’s presented as a very professional matter. Not only the human’s strength had to be assessed, but he still needed to read the rules of adoption out loud and the rules of taking care of them. The one adopting a mermaid would only be serious in obeying the rules after accepting them, and they couldn’t leave with the mermaid if they didn’t comply.


Then, when the deputy dean started reading the rules of taking care of the mermaid, Su Yu hit on the glass wall impatiently, “no more bullshit, let him take me now!”


The deputy dean looked angry after being interrupted by a mermaid and he said unhappily, “Lyle, what I’m doing now is to give you guarantee. Please don’t mess things up.”


“Ah, you make it sound pretty well, but are you really defending my rights?” Su Yu nonchalantly touched his ears and refuted relentlessly, “do you think that the adopter will really do as what it says on the rules? And even if they don’t, what will you do to punish them? I suppose there are no sub-organizations to make sure that the rights of mermaids are being protected, right? So, if the mermaids suffer at home, then who will help them? What’s the use of these rules anyway? They’re still there for the sake of sounding good.”

The deputy dean was made dumbfounded by the series of questions from Su Yu. It’s really quite impolite of him to say so, and the deputy dean found it difficult to argue against, as they were really impossible tasks for the institute!


In fact, the so-called adoption procedure was just a way for human beings to look righteous. Before that, no human beings or mermaids had ever suspected about it or revealed its ugly truth.


Su Yu’s remarks really offended the few staff members there. In contrast, Ah Heng, as the adopter, looked at Su Yu deeply and there’s even a faint smile on his face.


After Su Yu finished speaking, he looked at Ah Heng and tilted his head, “am I not saying it correctly, Admiral?”


“You’re absolutely right.” Ah Heng approached Su Yu step by step and stopped in front of the glass cabinet, “so, let’s forget about the adoption procedure. I’ll just take you home directly.”


After Ah Heng said so, he directly pressed one of his hands on a switch of the glass cabinet. After a soft sound, the glass wall slowly descended and water from it started flowing out slowly. The glass wall just descended to the height where Su Yu’s tail was.

Su Yu blinked, shook his tail, and stretched out his arms towards Ah Heng with a big smile, “Admiral, hold me back please.”


Ah Heng immediately stretched his hand and touched Su Yu’s fingertips. It was a cold and smooth feeling, making him feel amazed.


Then, in the next second, Ah Heng took his hand back and Su Yu frowned, “Admiral, are you already despising me before taking me home?”


Ah Heng didn’t hurry to answer. He just unbuttoned his vest and gently put it on Su Yu’s body. He answered slowly, “of course not, I just don’t want you to catch a cold.”


Afterwards, Ah Heng stretched out his hand again and held Su Yu out from the glass cabinet. He wrapped around Su Yu and supported his waist.


It was a meeting point between the fish tail and the skin. The cold and slippery scales were connected to his delicate and soft skin. After being touched, Ah Heng felt a current travelling through his fingertips, making his look even deeper.


Su Yu didn’t know what Ah Heng was thinking, but he just stretched out his arm and hugged around Ah Heng’s neck out of habit and put his head on Ah Heng’s shoulders, just like before.


The deputy dean, while watching these two showing public affection, showed an extremely complex expression. His facial color also changed from red to pale, then to green…


He really wanted to just let himself get as furious as possible or directly kicked them out, but he understood that there’s nothing he could do.


Ah Heng steadily held Su Yu and got in front of the deputy dean, and his facial expression immediately became more determined, “I’ve already signed the adoption agreement and I’m now taking him home.”


Ah Heng didn’t care what reaction the deputy dean had and he walked outside while holding Su Yu in his arms.


Su Yu poked his head out and made a grimace towards the deputy dean, “bye, pathetic guy.”


The deputy dean had to take a deep breath a few times while he’s about to faint. He tried to concentrate so hard…this couldn’t go on anymore and he’s going to claim it as a work accident!


After spotting Su Yu’s movement, Ah Heng smiled and poked on Su Yu’s waist, “naughty boy.”


Su Yu twisted his waist, and he laid the whole of his mermaid body on Ah Heng, as if it’s without bones. He put his head on Ah Heng’s shoulders and whispered in his ears, “who said so? I’m so obedient.”

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