Chapter 146


It was not only the Zhao brothers who felt that they were dreaming, the eight people, who also started to build houses not far away, also felt as if they were dreaming, but the content of their dreams was completely opposite.


It seemed to be a very simple thing for these four people, how come it’s a hundred times more difficult when it’s them doing it?


It took them nearly a day to chop the wood, and they didn’t get a decent log, but the other side had already completed the entire house at this time.


At night, the eight people who had an obvious advantage in numbers could only barely keep warm around the fire, but Su Yu and the others had already moved into the new house successfully.


The houses that Su Yu and the others built were actually very simple. There were no compartments in the house at all. It was just a large space. There was a fire in the middle and four thick blankets spread on the four sides of the fire. There was a thick base made of dried leaves below the blankets.


At this time, the four people were sitting around the fire, holding the food that Su Yu just took out.

Zhao Shun took a bite of the fresh sandwich with eggs, bacon, pork belly, and lettuce in his hands. Suddenly, he accidentally bit his tongue and completely realized that he’d been daydreaming.


He first looked around the seemingly empty house which was much warmer than the outside. Then, he gazed at the thick blankets behind him, then at the blazing fire and finally at the delicious food in his hand.


Is he…really on a cold and deserted island?


Why does he even feel a little warm here?


Zhao Li, who was sitting beside him, also had the same dreamy feeling at this time. Judging from their current situation, they were more like camping outside and experiencing a different lifestyle than being trapped on a deserted island.


It was such a sophisticated feeling. While Zhao Li was enjoying his sandwich, he looked at Su Yu. He realized that Su Yu was the reason why they had such a relaxing life on the island.


It’s like he has an all-purpose pocket hanging around him and there’s everything in it.

Like the delicious fresh food they’d been eating for the past two days, the pots and pans they used in the morning and noon, and the soft, warm blanket that’s now lying behind them, it’s all amazing.


Su Yu didn’t have any special feelings. At this time, he was thinking about the plot. Although so many things looked so eerie in this world, he had to develop the plot as he’s in a mission world, right?


Now that this group of people was trapped on the island, he assumed that it had something to do with the plot as well. However, after walking around on the whole island, he didn’t find anything special, so where’s the plot actually?


“What are you thinking?” He suddenly heard a deep voice. Su Yu looked up and saw Ling Tian staring at him without blinking.


Su Yu was stunned for a moment, then he grinned at Ling Tian and smiled, “it’s nothing. I’m just thinking what I should eat tomorrow.”


In the past, Su Yu hated boredom very much, that’s why he deliberately led himself and Chu Shengyan to come together.


But now, he actually felt that even if there was no bizarre plot, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for him and his lover to spend their lives on this deserted island.

Ling Tian didn’t know what Su Yu was thinking at the moment, but he actually thought seriously about this issue before answering, “I’m going to eat anything you prepare.”


Su Yu couldn’t help laughing even more happily, “okay, then I’m going to prepare some buns and soya sauce tomorrow. Oh, why not some congee and vegetables as well?”


“…” Zhao Shun and Zhao Li looked at each other strangely. How could Su Yu get them buns and soya sauce? Wouldn’t that be too magical?


The next morning, when they woke up, they really got to eat steaming dumplings, ghee pancakes, as well as sweet and delicious soy milk and rice porridge.


Well, they were very sure that Su Yu definitely had an all-purpose pocket on his body.


And when Su Yu and the others were leisurely eating some not breakfast, the eight people to them were waking up from an icy nightmare and smelling the rich fragrance floating in the air.

It’s simply too torturing!


However, the combined strength of the eight of them couldn’t compare to that of the other side, so even if they were extremely jealous, they could only hold back.


After two days on the deserted island, these people were no longer the same as before. They all got much thinner and darker, and they even had no clothes to change.


The eight people each held a few pieces of fruit in their hands, but no matter how much they starved and how weak they were, they really didn’t want to eat those fruit. Also, they couldn’t make them full either.


Lina looked at the blue sea in front of her eyes, but she was really in no mood to appreciate such beautiful scenery. She didn’t know what to think and her eyes suddenly flashed again, “wait! I seem to know how I can find food!”


“New method?” Brooke looked at Lina with his dull eyes and he sounded very weak and helpless, “we can’t compete with those four people. There’s no way we can get their food.”


Although they didn’t want to admit it, they really couldn’t compete with those four.

Lina pointed to the sea with bright eyes, “I mean there! We were so busy in finding food on the island and we forgot about the sea!”


They now all looked at the shimmering waves of the sea. Right, there must be lots of fish there, how come they never realized it before?


However, some people asked with hesitation, “is there any danger in the sea in this kind of place? When we were playing in the sea before, there were safe zones but there aren’t any here.”


York said fiercely, “it’s still better than starving and dying here!”


Others were speechless after they heard so. Although they still had some wild fruit, they were seriously starving and it’s a really bitter feeling. They would really be starving to death if it went on.

The eight people quickly made up their mind. Even if it’s just about trying their luck, they shouldn’t give up on the opportunity.


However, when they discussed about who would check the situation, the eight people had big disputes. They all knew that there was unknown danger in the sea and no one was willing to take the risk.


After some quarrel, it was finally agreed that York and Brooke would check it first.


These two people were better in water and they were appointed even though they didn’t want to.


They didn’t have any usable equipment now, so they could only take off their shirts and get into the sea with their pants. The others all waited on the shore.


They watched the two of them float up and down in the sea. Unexpectedly, after about ten minutes, the two of them actually caught a fish, which really amazed those waiting for them.


In the next hour, the two caught three fish of average size, a few crabs and some shells. They had gained quite a lot.

When it was noon, these people finally didn’t have to continue to eat the fruits with the same taste. They set up the fire and roasted a few fish, while they roasted the crabs and shells by the fire as well.


The eight people almost burst into tears while staring at the fish, it was their first real meal after getting to the island.


However, soon they quarreled again over the distribution of food. There were only four fish in total but eight of them. Everyone wanted a share of nice and fresh fish, not hard crab or meatless shells.


That’s why the warm atmosphere was instantly jeopardized.


Su Yu didn’t care what these people were doing. He enjoyed it as long as there’s food to eat and a lover by his side. There’s no need to compare with the others.


He was still thinking about the plot. It’d been a few days after getting to the island, yet there were no signs of the plot starting at all. Could it be that these eight people were the main plot? But there’s nothing special about them.

For the next two days, Su Yu had been troubled by this matter. In his spare time, he would spend time with his lover, but there’s actually nothing else to do.


Until the sunset of the fourth day, he was dragging Ling Tian to walk slowly on the beach that had cooled down. Suddenly, he felt a tremor under his feet, as if an earthquake was about to occur.


Ling Tian immediately grabbed Su Yu’s hand and pulled him into his arms. Su Yu was a little unsure but felt touched at the same time. Although his lover was in a state of amnesia, he’s still very protective and caring.


At this time, he even put his arms around Su Yu, patted his back lightly and comforted him in a deep voice, “don’t be scared, I’m here.”


Su Yu felt less scared, but he still leaned on Ling Tian obediently and raised the corner of his mouth.


After about a few minutes, the shaking under their feet finally stopped. Su Yu and Ling Tian immediately walked back, and they saw the six people standing on the beach and looking anxiously into the sea.


Su Yu’s eyes flashed slightly and a thought appeared in his mind, “has the plot finally started?”

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