Chapter 92 – My dreams


(Mathilda’s PoV)

Due to my banshee blood, I can sometimes dream of the future… With this power, I was able to learn that I’d become the queen’s maid, giving birth to a child and being the nanny of the prince all before it happened.

At first, I was excited about those prospects, but… Eventually, I gave it all away for my son’s sake, and instead became a novelist that worked for the young lady.

I thought things were going to be okay. My son was in good terms with the prince and would surely become his attendant… But then I dreamed of my son being harassed by other people who were candidates to the position of attendant for the prince.

In the dreams, it was not me who helped him, but instead, the young lady was the one who supported him… Even if I knew he’d have her aid, I just couldn’t deal with the thought of my son being harassed by others, so I decided to give up on the palatial life and instead become a novelist for the young lady.

I still think this was the correct choice. And it was definitely not because I wanted to get away from my annoying husband.

Also, the novel sold really well, so I was pretty happy working with the young lady… And I was also very happy with the prospects of helping the young lady break her engagement.

After all, Lamore didn’t deserve her. Both me and Michael wanted him gone, but… The young lady didn’t seem to have any intentions of breaking her engagement, so we had kind of given up for a while…

But then, the other man that is basically a son to me, the prince, appeared on the young lady’s life. As the young lady did her best to protect the prince, I decided to push them together a bit by writing a happy ending for both within my novel… For I had dreamed of it. I dreamt of how much the king and the queen would love the young lady, and about how they’d recognize and respect her efforts. I wanted her to fall in love with the prince and have a happy family life with those wonderful people.

And sure enough, both the prince and the young lady fell for one another and eventually got engaged… I was a bit worried for Michael, but I understood from his gaze that he was really happy for them… My son was not in love with the young lady.

I wished he could find someone he’d love from the bottom of his heart soon though.

… But I definitely did not expect him to fall in love with the old lady that sold medicine and gave him sweets. The dream that showed me that was unbelievable.

But still, that old lady was actually a dragon and could change her appearance to that of a beautiful lady, so I thought she might actually be a good fit for him… Though I was worried too, for Michael would probably get jealous as he saw other people staring at his loved one.

And yes, Michael did get jealous… Just like his father did back in the day. Causing all sorts of trouble and trying to get married as soon as possible just to make sure their loved ones wouldn’t look at anyone else… Truly two peas in a pod.

But well, I do have experience dealing with Michael’s father, so I felt like it was my duty to help lady Vanette, to make sure she wouldn’t make the same mistakes that I did.

And well, I did love my husband and still left him, so… I’d rather not have lady Vanette’s relationship crumble over the troubles caused by being together with a particularly obsessive person.

The key is to flirt. Lady Vanette should flirt a lot with my son, as that will keep him out of trouble.

Though the prince should probably avoid getting too involved…

Or so I thought, until I dreamed of the prince getting particularly jealous one day, and being scolded by the young lady who looked at him with pity… I think I don’t have to worry about Michael being jealous over him.

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