Chapter 89 – Business and love don’t mingle


The recently released sexy shoes were selling quite well. I was unsure if it was because we had no sexy products on the store before or if it was because of how much of a good model lady Vanette was, but the sales were going great anyways!

Michael got kinda bothered whenever he saw a new poster, but his annoyance quickly faded once I gave him a copy of the same poster… Lady Vanette was angry at the fact he was getting those posters as gifts, but it was the best way to get her lover to cooperate, so she was somewhat understanding in the end.

However… Maybe those sexy products don’t suit me very well? I thought it would be a good idea to use a sexy dress in a party in order to advertise the product, but his highness stopped me at the front door.

“Why are you so against me advertising my product at this party?” I asked him.

“The design is way too attractive! Sure, it will draw the attention of women, but it will also draw the attention of men! Rejected!” His highness replied.

But it might get some extra sales from men that want to give it as a gift to their loved ones…

His highness sighed when seeing my reaction, “Can’t you think about my feelings for a bit?”

“What are you feeling, your highness?” I asked him.

“I’m worried that you might get kidnapped! A nasty man might try doing something when seeing you like that!” His highness exclaimed.

“So are you saying that only nasty men can have eyes for me?” I asked him.

Who in turn, hugged me and whispered in my ear, “I wouldn’t say I’m nasty for staring at my most precious person when she is looking this sexy…”

I blushed a bit at that… “I guess I can change my clothes, then.” I ended up giving in.

When I said that, he let go of the hug and said, “Please do, or I’ll go crazy with jealousy.” He told me.

Well, I’m happy that he can get jealous over this, but… “I guess this dress is no good then?” I asked.

“I-I mean… It does look good on you, just… It’s better to wear it when we’re alone?” His highness replied… So he didn’t dislike the design then?

In that case the problem was the occasion? “A dress to wear only when alone… Maybe it’s a good idea to apply the concept to nightgowns then.” I started thinking of new products on the sexy line, “Or perhaps to underwear even…”

I want to draw the designs that are coming to my head.

“Ah… Are you planning on wearing one…?” His highness shily said… I wish he wouldn’t interrupt me when I’m thinking of new products though.

I ended up clicking my tongue at him, then said, “Please wait while I change my clothes.”

Though in hindsight, I shouldn’t have been this cold to him when he was flirting with me… Also, I didn’t even change my clothes in the end. I just went back to the store and started designing new clothes while still wearing that same dress… And I kept on doing that all night, so I didn’t even attend the party.

My brother even scolded his highness harshly because of that, but it’s not like it was really his highness’ fault…

That couldn’t be helped though, so I kept on working on my new products for this brand. It was pretty fun to develop things and use lady Vanette as a model after all.

In one of the days that I was working on a new design though, Michael came to the back of the store and asked, “Young lady, can you please stop monopolizing Grandma?”

“I’m not monopolizing her though?” I replied.

“Yes you are! Each time I ask her out on a date, she keeps on refusing because she already has already scheduled to do something with you first!” Michael replied.

Isn’t she just wary of spending time alone with him though?

Well, I did schedule a lot of modeling sessions, so maybe not…

“I mean, it’s no good to be impatient, isn’t it? You two just became lovers, so it’s fine to take things slowly and start just by holding hands together or something, isn’t it?” I told him.

“No way! We’ve finally become lovers, so I want to be by her side the whole day and flirt non-stop!” He certainly is true to his desires… “I’m sure Rud is the same, actually.”

“Is he now? I think we’re both pretty happy just by holding hands.” Michael seemed to be in disbelief at my words.

“No way! He surely wants to hug you the whole day!” Michael replied.

“I don’t think we’d be able to work properly like that.” I told him.

At that moment though, instead of replying to my comment, Michael seemed to notice the design I was drawing, and started fuming, “You aren’t seriously going to ask Grandma to model for that, are you!? She’s my girlfriend!”

“I mean… It’s just underwear, you know…” I avoided his gaze as I said that.

“That’s not it! I don’t want anyone other than me seeing Grandma wearing this kind of clothes!” Michael exclaimed.

But lady Vanette didn’t seem to mind wearing clothes that exposed her body… She also agreed to do the sexy underwear modeling already.

“Do you still hate the idea even when considering that you’ll get a poster of lady Vanette in her underwear?” I asked him.

He froze for a small while after this question, but eventually he said, “I do want a poster, but I don’t want her to model for it!”

So troublesome… He’s way too selfish.

At that moment, we heard a knock on the door, and his highness came inside… And Michael immediately started clinging to his highness while exclaiming, “What should I do!?”

“Dunno?” His highness replied, “What’s even happening here?”

After we properly explained the story to him, his highness started looking about as troubled as Michael was.

“Is it that troubling?” I asked them.

“You really don’t understand men’s hearts, young lady.” Was Michael’s reply.

“To put it simply, we don’t want our girlfriends to be modeling in their underwear.” His highness said.

“That’s a problem…” I muttered.

The room went silent for a while, but eventually Michael asked, “Young lady, what you meant just now, is that you’d be in trouble if you had no model to advertise your product, right?”

“Well, yes? Both me and lady Vanette were planning on modeling for it, after all. So if both of us were out, I’d be in trouble.” I replied.

His highness seemed extremely bothered by this reply.

And Michael pointed towards the half-finished drawing I was working at and exclaimed, “Were you planning on wearing that, young lady!?”

“Well, lady Vanette’s would be in black and red. Mine would be in white and blue.” I showed him the differently-colored drawing as I said that, which made him fall to his knees… Is he okay?

“Yulias, that’s no good. I can’t allow it at all.” His highness stated.

To that, I pointed towards the design and exclaimed, “It’s not just for modeling, okay!? I was also thinking of a design I’d like wearing!”

… His highness went beet red to this statement.

“… Terrifying.” His highness said.

“It doesn’t look good?” I asked him.

“I-it does! B-but that’s not it!” His highness stated… But what is it then? “This advertisement would be seen by a lot of people and…” His highness voice got lower and lower with each word he said, so it was getting hard to hear him.

“I want a poster of the young lady.” Michael suddenly stated.

“You have no more use to me alive.” His highness started hitting Michael’s head against the wall.

“Michael, lady Vanette might have allowed you to get a copy of her posters, but I’m not giving you one of mine.” I told him.

“Okay.” He said as his head kept on being hit… It looked like it hurt, but I felt like it was better to not do anything in this situation.

“Anyways, modeling for underwear is no good, Yulias!” His highness exclaimed… I suppose it can’t be helped, since my fiance dislikes it this much.

Though designing it in itself isn’t banned, so I suppose I just need to find a different way of selling it.

After the head hitting stopped, his highness sat down and muttered, “I too want to monopolize my fiancee…”

He seemed to be a bit grumpy, so I decided to approach him and whisper in his ear, “Then, maybe I should show that underwear to you later? You can make a report about it for me.”

His spirits were suddenly lifted up at those words, “I… Don’t think I’d be able to make a report on that.” He was beet red by now.

“Is that so…?”  I asked him.

“I mean… It’s like you’re asking me to look at you directly while you wear it…” His highness muttered.

“That would be a bit embarrassing.” I replied.

“On that we agree.” He said.

I really do love the bashful look in his highness face as he simply imagines this future possibility.

“Stop flirting in front of me! I also wanna flirt with Grandma!” Michael exclaimed.

His highness punched Michael’s head due to the interruption.

… And that was the end of that. Though when I told lady Vanette that we couldn’t model for the underwear anymore, she made two human-like wooden mannequins with her draconic powers to serve as substitutes, which solved the whole problem.

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