Chapter 85 – My Brother


(Michael’s PoV)

My brother made the young lady cry. I wanted to punch him for that, but I understood that he regretted it, so I just tied him to the chair, then went out to search for the young lady.

However, even after searching for a while, she was nowhere to be found. Did she end up going home?

While I thought of that, I ended up walking to the courtyard… And then, I saw an angel descend from the skies.

No, it’s Grandma. A beautiful lady with green feathers emanating from her back… She looked like a goddess.

“Grandma!” I called out to her and waved.

“Little Ma.” She said that as she landed on the ground. Her feathers instantly disappeared once she did.

“Is everything alright?” I asked her. Right now, she looked even more beautiful than usual due to the high heels and the dress that she was wearing, but she seemed to be having a hard time balancing herself on those shoes.

“I’m okay, though does little Ma know if anything happened? Mama suddenly called me for a cup of tea, so I came flying.” She explained.

“Oh, it’s because of Rud and… Ah, could the young lady be together with lady Liren?” I suddenly wondered. I didn’t try searching near lady Liren’s vicinity after all.

“Wait, why did you suddenly bring the young lady up? Did something happen to her?” Grandma asked.

“Rud made her cry.” As soon as I said that, Grandma’s beautiful grass-colored eyes turned golden… That was surprising. I never saw her eyes change color before.

“The young lady was crying…? What was the horrible thing that he did to her?” Grandma was leaking some murderous intent as she asked that. It was quite intimidating, even to me that am quite used to her… I guess that’s the power that a dragon can emanate.

But at that moment… “Michael! Lady Vanette!” the young lady called out to us. Grandma’s intimidating aura instantly disappeared as soon as we heard the young lady’s voice.

“Young lady, I heard you cried!” Grandma exclaimed.

“Ah, that… Yes… Though it’s my fault.” The young lady said.

“Huh!? How could it possibly be your fault!?” I asked.

“His highness was quite busy, yet I act spoiled and got angry at the words he said in jest… He seemed to be in so much pain, yet I ran away from him like that…” The young lady said.

Even though Rud was the one who said something horrible out of jealousy, the young lady already forgave him just from seeing his regretful face…? What’s up with this lovey-dovey couple fight!? They’ve basically made up already!

“Well, Rud was going to run after you, but I tied him up in order to not let him disturb you… Sorry about that.” I decided to tell her what happened after she left, since I figured she might have wondered why he didn’t chase her.

At that moment, the young lady made a wonderfully cheerful smile and giggled… She should show that cute face to Rud, not to me.

“That’s a relief. I was worried that he might have not chased after me due to disgust…” The young lady commented.

“No way, he regretted his words so much that he basically wished that he was dead.” I told her.

“I’d be in trouble if he died though…” She looked a bit saddened at my words.

“Then make up quickly! Ask him why he said what he did, and punch him if the reason is stupid!” I exclaimed.

After all, both of them are very important to me. I want them to get along well.

“Thank you, Michael.” She said that, then hurriedly left the courtyard.

“Will the young lady really be alright?” Grandma asked worriedly.

“It’s okay. Those two love each other way more than they realize, so I’m sure things will turn out alright.” I told her.

“Is that so, little Ma?” Grandma then gently stroke my head, “Is it painful?” She asked.

“It’s not, but thank you.” Even though I told her that, she still hugged me and kept on comforting me.

Still, it’s true that it’s not painful. For I realized that my liking towards the young lady is actually very similar to my liking towards Rud… It’s different from how I feel towards Grandma.

Only grandma takes care of me this nicely. Only her spoils me this much… I hugged her back. Even if grandma hurriedly tried to get away from my hug, I kept on hugging her.

She had a very cute bright red face right now… And then, she pinched my cheeks and said, “Let go.”

But to me, having my cheeks pinched is a reward… My face too went red at this point.

“How can you make this kind of expression!?” Grandma exclaimed.

She was really cute… Each different expression that she makes is extremely cute.

Yet she doesn’t seem to be aware of it herself. Not just of her own cuteness, but also of my feelings for her… Of my very special kind of love for her.

I always thought of her as cute, even her old wrinkled face was cute, but now she’s even cuter… But I thought she was an old grandma, while I was a young man… I thought there was no way things would work out with her, so I decided I’d take care of her until she died.

But she’s a dragon, and I’m someone with banshee blood… Age is not really a problem anymore, is it? It’s okay if I’m young, isn’t it? I don’t want to let any other men notice grandma’s cuteness…

“Little Ma, get away!” She exclaimed.

“Grandma’s face is red, are you okay?” I asked her.

“I’m alright, so let me go!” She exclaimed once more.

I really want her just for me… I want her to become aware of my love. I want this person who always cares for me to see me in romantic light.

It’ll be alright. I just need to be patient and to let her slowly understand how I actually feel.

“I love you, Grandma!” I exclaimed while hugging her tighter. I’m sure she just thought of that as a youngster’s love for an old person that he cares for, but… With time, I want her to listen to these words in a different way.

And well, she went even redder at those words and pushed my face away with the palm of her hand. My nose hurt from that, but I’m happy anyways, “Don’t mess with me!” She exclaimed.

This kind of attack too is incredibly cute… Be prepared, Grandma, for I’ll definitely make you understand… I’ll get you to look at me, while enjoying every second of our time together.

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