Of Course, I Will Charge You The Consolation Fees!

Chapter 4

73 The Person I Love



The person I fell in love with was the prince of this kingdom.

His Royal Highness Rudnick Reyno Palacio was my fiancé’s name.

I, Yulius Nogger, was confused by my first love.

Until now, I had only been interested in making money.

However, his Highness had always been by my side to support me.

Nowadays, I felt that he had become even dearer to me. He helped me in writing new product reports and preparing necessary documents for diplomacy. To put it bluntly, his affection never ran thin for me, his selfish fiancée.

Undoubtfully popular, a lot of wonderful women gathered around him.

Because of that, a feeling of insecurity had emerged from within me.

I came to understand how much I loved him when I realized the insecurity sprang from jealousy.

His Highness promised me that he would not cheat when I told him about my predicament.

Those words alone were somehow uplifting.

I knew for the first time that I was such a simple-minded person.

A lot had happened since then – the National Foundation Day and his Highness’ restraining order that was bestowed by my brother. However, I managed to get back to my normal daily life somehow.


When I was having lunch at the school cafeteria, talking about new products with everyone from the commoner’s division as usual, his Highness naturally sat down next to me.

Everyone was grinning while staring at us.

I still could not get used to being warmly stared at.


“Your Highness, you don’t have to eat next to me, because it’s too distracting.”

“Just pretend I’m not here.”


That would be impossible.


“But ….”

“Yulius, you’re not understanding something.”

“What am I not understanding?”


I tilted my head in curiosity. With a mischievous smile, he replied,


“I have a heart that wants to stay with the woman I love even for a second longer.”


Though I was the one who wanted to scream the most, the people around us were squealing.

My face was burning.

His Highness made an indulgent expression when seeing me blush.

I did not want him to make that kind of happy expression in public.

Forcefully, I slapped his cheeks with both of my hands.

I did not care even if he shrieked like a crushed toad!


“Don’t look because it’s embarrassing.”


He grabbed my wrists.


“It really hurts.”

“I-I’m sorry.”


I removed my hands from his cheeks to see if they were all right.

When he was gazing at me and indulging in his own delusion, the corner of a lunch tray hit the back of his head.

The culprit was my brother.

His Highness held the back of his head while miming a scream.

I was wondering if it was a good idea to attack his Highness as such without any restraint.



“Oops, I’m focusing on holding this tray with both hands … and failed to pay attention to where I’m going.”


He absolutely did it on purpose!

I held his Highness’ head and gave it a gentle caress.


“What would you do if he gets a lump?!”

“His Highness isn’t that fragile.”

“Even if he’s not, don’t assault the prince! What if you were being demanded for compensation?”



Just when I managed to make my brother shut up, Miger appeared from behind him.


“Rud, it’s not fair that you’re burying your face in her chest! Miss, do it to me, too!”


Miger’s comment surprised both of us that we promptly kept our distance.


“Miger, don’t get me wrong! It was an unavoidable occurrence!”


Miger pouted when his Highness approached him.


“Unavoidable occurrence, eh?!”


His Highness desperately tried to explain it to Miger, who obviously did not believe a word he said.


“Your Highness, Miger, I’ll kill both of you!”


I wanted my brother to realize already that it was moot to be furious.

I ignored the three of them arguing with each other. I turned toward the people I was having a conversation with at the beginning.


“I’m so sorry for causing so much trouble for all of you.”


When I apologized, everyone was grinning from ear to ear while shaking their heads.

Renair, whom I was particularly close with, was gazing at me with sparkles in her eyes.


“Miss Nogger, I’m so happy to see your cute expression.”


Grintia, whom I was close with, sighed as well.


“I’m so lucky to see his Highness and Miss Nogger flirting.”



I did not mean to flirt, but we certainly looked like we were.

I felt a burning sensation on my face from embarrassment.


“Miss Nogger, you’re so cute!”


It never occurred to me that the day they made fun of me would come.


“Yulius, make these guys go away somehow!”


His Highness asked for my help, but that was out of the question right then.


“Yulius? What’s wrong? Your face is red!”


I wanted him to stop approaching me at that moment.

Realizing that everyone from the commoner’s division grinning from ear to ear, my face became even hotter.


“Are you really okay Yulius? Do you want to go to the doctor’s office?”

“P-please don’t get any closer than this.”


His Highness leaned in closer to me upon hearing my remark.


“Y-you’re interfering with my business.”

“I’m worried about you. I don’t mean to interfere.”


I wanted to run away and ignore his sullen expression.


“If you come any closer, I’ll charge you a consolation fee!”

“Charge me anything you like! I’m taking you to the doctor’s office!”


It went without saying that his Highness princess carry me to the doctor’s office because he was worried.

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