72 Part 2



In short, my brother, who was coming home from work in exhaustion, would be greeted by the cute and adorable Miss Manika! I bet he would feel refreshed! That was the plan.

After I explained the plan in detail, though Miss Manika felt doubtful it would work, she nodded in agreement.

So the plan commenced.




To take full advantage of this favorable condition, I went to get permission from Miss Manika’s parents to have her for a week sleepover.


My brother finally made it home two hours after the promised time.


“Welcome back, Roland.”


My brother was staring for a moment after opening the door.


“I must be really tired. I can see Manika’s hallucination,”

he muttered.


“Um, Roland, I’m not a hallucination. I’m real.”


Manika grabbed my brother’s hand and placed it on her cheek.

What a cute gesture!

I shall add it to the upcoming “Complete Works of Beauty Magic For Every Woman”!

My brother gently hugged Manika, and then looked at me.


“May I take her to my room?”

“Of course not, Brother!”

“… No?”


Despite my brother’s extremely disappointed look, Manika seemed to be elated.


“Brother, Miss Manika will be staying here for a week starting today.”


“You can have a taste of what newlyweds would feel like. But you can’t bring her to your room, okay?”


I reminded him of the condition for the sleepover. Nevertheless, my brother was still hugging Manika so happily and stroking her hair.




The following week was amazing.

Thanks to Miss Manika, he came home on time from work.

And even though he never had a problem waking up in the morning, he wouldn’t wake up until Miss Manika came to wake him up.

Day by day, my brother’s complexion gradually improved.

Miss Manika’s power was amazing.

I came to realize again that the only suitable wife for my brother was no other than Miss Manika.

A week went by in a blink of an eye.


“Miss Manika, you won’t be here tomorrow. What a pity.”

“I’m happy you said that.”


Since it had been a daily routine for us to spend the afternoon having tea while waiting for my brother to come home, I felt lonely thinking that she was leaving today.


“My brother had also recovered thanks to you, Miss Manika.”

“I didn’t do anything, though.”


I sipped my red tea.


“Miss Manika, you and brother seem to be on good terms.”

“Isn’t that true for you and his Highness as well?”


Manika smiled at me.


“Miss Manika, may I ask for your advice?”

“Of course.”


I gulped my red tea then said,

“The other day, I was sitting on his Highness’ lap, and he was about to force a kiss on me. And then my brother walked in on us. Since then, he wouldn’t let me see his Highness! What should I do?”


Miss Manika choked on her red tea.

I hurriedly rubbed her back while she was having a coughing fit.


“I’m sorry for asking such strange advice.”


With teary eyes, Miss Manika cleared her throat and said,

“Did his Highness sit you on his lap, Yulius? That would be something unimaginable for Roland!”

“Something unimaginable … that’s complicated.”


Seeing me getting upset, Miss Manika told me to calm down.


“Well, Roland himself would do something like that. So I think it’s not fair for him to prevent his Highness from doing the same thing to you!”


Miss Manika looked very reliable.


“Do you want to see his Highness, Yulius?”



I nodded. Miss Manika smiled excitedly.


“Even though his Highness and I are childhood friends, I never knew he had the desire to sit the woman he loves on his lap.”

“Same with my brother. I never knew he would behave like that around the woman he loves.”


Miss Manika shyly smiled.


“It would send chills down the spine if someone you have no interest in did that to you, but you would feel special if someone you love did that, wouldn’t you think?


I smiled bitterly.


“It’s still embarrassing, though.”

“Of course, I’m embarrassed, too! But thinking that Roland is treating me as someone special, makes me happy, even though it’s embarrassing.”


Speaking of which, there was not much impression of how his Highness would treat a woman.

I would be very happy if that was his special way of treating me.


“I think you should be happy.”

“I’m so glad you understand, Yulius!”


Miss Manika laughed happily.


“Then, how shall I persuade Roland?”


It made me happy that she wanted to properly help resolve my problem.




Both of us welcomed my brother home as usual when he came back from work.


“I’m back.”


Miss Manika gently evaded with a smile when Roland tried to hug her.


“Roland, you shouldn’t touch me.”



Despair was written all over his face.


“I heard from Yulius that you’re trying to keep his Highness from meeting Yulius. Is that true?”


My brother was flustered.


“No, that was for her sake.”


Miss Manika pointed her finger at my brother and said,


“Did Yulius ask for your help, Roland?”


With a strict expression, she continued lecturing my brother.


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