Of Course, I Will Charge You The Consolation Fees!

Chapter 3

69 Monopoly


A series of cases were able to be resolved. So we decided to return to Palacio.

A farewell party was held for us before our return.

I wore a sky blue princess line dress with accessories made of black ribbons.

His Highness wore a silver suit with a dark gray tie.


“Your Highness, your tie is crooked.”


The two of us decided to wait in the waiting room for a bit.

I was quite nervous because it had been so long since we were alone together.

I was fixing His Highness’ necktie when suddenly felt a surge of desire to tease him. So I thought to try the upward glance technique Princess Pao taught me.

I pressed my body a little closer to His Highness and slowly glanced up at his face … but he was covering his eyes with one hand.


“Um, Your Highness? What’s wrong?”

“Being alone together is making me nervous enough. If you press even closer, I might fail to hold myself back and end up laying my hands on you. I’m pretending not to see as much as I can.”


Lay his hands on me?

Well, that’s my ultimate goal.


“Your Highness.”

“What is it?”

“Do you usually have an affair?”


I regretted asking that stupid question.

I had asked something that did not make sense.


“Do you want me to?”


I thought it was unfair to respond to a question with another question.


“I don’t want you to.”



I grabbed and pulled His Highness’ hand that was covering his eyes.

He was surprised at my sudden move.


“I! I want to monopolize you, Prince Rud!”


I was so embarrassed that I could not see his face directly.

He froze for a moment upon hearing my embarrassing words, and suddenly hugged me.


“Oh, damn. What is it with you lately?”


I wanted to escape upon hearing His Highness’ troubled words.


“I-I’m sorry.”


He hugged me even tighter when I sadly apologized.


“Why are you apologizing?”

“… Because I selfishly said that I wanted to monopolize Prince Rud.”

“Don’t apologize.”


He rested his head at the base of my neck.


“If that’s your wish, you may monopolize me. I won’t have an affair either. Rather, you’re too cute, Yulius. So that’s tough on me.”


He lightly kissed my nape.


“In exchange, let me monopolize you, too.”


I wrapped my arms around him and said,


“Then your Highness is mine.”

“Yeah. And you’re mine.”


He pressed his face closer to mine while saying that.

I was going to be kissed.

We were disturbed at this moment last time.

This time …!

While those thoughts were rushing through my mind, I felt his lips touched mine.


“Was that a kiss just now?”


His highness rested his forehead on my shoulder.


“Even I want to kiss you properly. But I’m sure we would be interrupted again, and I might scare you as well.”


I became sullen upon hearing his words.


“Do you think I’d be scared?”


When I responded with all my might, he lifted my chin and kissed me.

It was a polite and gentle kiss. He did it so carefully so that it would not scare me. I felt nothing but happiness.


“Sorry. Your lipstick came off.”


After the kiss, he let go of me and peeked into my face.

He held my face with both hands and caressed my lips with his right thumb. How embarrassing.


“Your Highness, you can’t do something like this with anyone but me!”


My spontaneous words made him smile tenderly.


“There’s no way I would. By the way, is that jealousy I’m hearing?”


I gulped upon hearing his remark.


“… Is that bad?”

“It’s the best!”


He hugged me again so tightly.


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