44 Part 2

None of the adventurers or members of the army corps should be able to hear what we’re talking about, after all, they were pretty far ahead of us… Huh? Don’t let your guard down? Don’t underestimate the hearing of a demihuman? You can’t allow yourself to fail to hear your master’s words? Don’t want to be left out? Is that so?


Anyway, starting from my skill.


Nagi Souma


Race: Human


Class: Skill Structure


Unique Skills: [Reconstruction ability Skill・Structure Lv. 3]


Common Skills


[Sword Gifting LV 1] [Building Strike LV 1] [Quick Analysis LV 1] [Foreign World Language LV 5] [Transcendental Sense LV 1] [Delayed Arts LV 1]


I had obtained three skills after the battle in the hot spring town.


[Fluent Fencing LV 1]


Makes it possible to use a sword to parry an opponent’s attack in stream-like flow.


However, it only works against swords. I’d have to make a note on that.


I wouldn’t be laughing if I tried to play it cool and ended up getting split in half with an axe.


[Quick Structure]


Allows for fast skill rebuilding. However, it’s not stable.


I’d have to establish a connection with the rebuilding target for some time, and then I’d need to take the time to stabilize the skill afterwards.


I decided that I’d only use it in case of an emergency.


[Food Negotiation LV 1]


Grants the ability to negotiate with someone else for food ingredients. During that time, it’s possible to communicate with animals and monsters.


It would be better to think of this as the ability to communicate with monsters rather than a negotiation skill. In that sense, it was very OP.


Next up was Cecyl.


Cecyl had become my “Soul Covenant.”


Cecyl Pharott


Race: Demonkin (Disguised Dark Elf)


Class: Young-sister-like Fortune Slave who serves as a naturally defenseless wizard


Unique Skill: 【Magic Aptitude LV 3】


Common Skills


[Ancient Language Chanting LV 1] [Ancient Language Interpretation LV 3] [Magic Resistance LV 1] [Magic Detection LV 2] [Appraisal LV 2] [Animal Empathy LV 3]


Special Magic [Momentum Arrow LV 1]


Learned Magic


[Fire Magic LV 1]: [Light] [Flame Arrow] [Fireball]


[Fire Magic LV 2]: [Flame Wall]


Cecyl had only gained one new skill.


It was a skill that had been born after I used [Engage] with her.


[Double Cast]


Allows the user to cast two spells at the same time. Please note that the amount of magic power consumed does not change.


Then, Rita. She had been the most troublesome back in the hot spring district.


Rita Melpheus


Race: Beastfolk


Class: Sad puppy-like Divine Martial Artist


Unique Skill: 【Melee Combat Aptitude LV 5】


Locked Skill 【Divine Power Grasp LV1】


Common Skills


[Divine Martial Arts LV 5] [Divine Protection LV 4] [Singing LV 4] [Presence Sense LV 1] [Unarmed Combat LV 1]


Rita had gained two new skills.


The first one was [Building Strike LV 1], which I gave her, and…


[Area Breaker LV 1]


Destroys the space created by magic or skills.


It was a literally OP skill that could destroy barriers and spatial warps.


It came out pretty nicely, actually.


And finally, Aine, everyone’s favorite big sister maid.


Lately, she seemed to be worried about her chest every time our eyes met, but I wasn’t sure what that was all about. She wouldn’t tell me even if I asked… I hope you’re okay, Aine.


Aine Kurnet


Race: Human


Class: Everyone’s big sister maid


Common Skills:

[Rainbow Wall LV 6] [Cooking LV 9] [Cleaning LV 9] [Pole Fighting LV 2] [Monster Cleanup LV 1] [Memory Cleanup LV 1]


Aine gained a single new skill.


[Sewage Increase LV 1]


Using one’s cleaning tools, one can increase the amount of sewage in an area. The rate of increase is 10% + LV x 10%.


The increased amount of water is then forcibly absorbed by the surroundings, whether it’s soil, plants, or humans.


You need to choose a place, but it turned out to be an area-wide skill that can be used against multiple targets at once.


It’s funny. All that, and it was a skill that only increases sewage with a cleaning tool.


By the way, the cursed sword Regii.


She hasn’t had any changes this time around. Perhaps her skills won’t change at all?


Cursed Sword Regii


Race: Cursed Sword of the Underworld


[Slime Bringer LV 1] [Self Regeneration LV 8]


That was all.


The journey ahead, still following the army corps, continued in a peaceful manner.


Time flew as everyone talked with each other, and the scenery gradually opened up, giving way to the sound of the waves.


“We’re here…”


We arrived one day later after making camp for a single night.


I could smell the tide after through the brick walls.


What was spreading in front of me was this world’s first sea.


This was our destination. The port city of Irgafa.


It had been built along a large peninsula, with short embankments along the sea. There were many piers and ships over there. It looked like a flock of ships with white sails.


The town was lined with brick houses side by side, and in the center of the town was the temple of the “God of Covenant”.


There was a huge mansion near the temple, and that’s where the silver corps were headed to. Does that mean it’s the residence of the lord of Irgafa…? it’s huge. It feels like a small royal palace.


I associated with her so casually because we were just staying there during our journey, but Iris definitely was a girl from a different world…


“We’ve finally arrived, Master Nagi.”


As Cecyl’s hand touched my own hand slightly, I grasped it back. Her tiny fingers respond by joining my grasp.


It had been less than 10 days since we left the autonomous city of Metekal.


We had finally arrived at the port city of Irgafa.


This probably was our final destination.


It was a city whose “whereabouts” weren’t available in my original world.

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