44 Part 1

Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus 44


A list of trifles, and a short journey to Irgafa



We left the town of Richerda the day after we got into the hot springs.



The army corps that had arrived from the port city of Irgafa consisted of around a dozen knights and nearly 100 foot soldiers. They were so intimidating that I didn’t want to be anywhere nearer than a 100 meters away from them, which made me realize that there probably wasn’t anyone as powerful, both financially and politically, as the lord of the port city of Irgafa.


However, it seemed that stories of us sneaking past army corps had gone a long way, since an orderly soldier came to greet us before departure.


The messenger soldier was about the same age as me, and after telling me what he was going to do, he told us to “Please follow me a little behind the lines. Everyone is still a bit shaken after the attack on Lady Iris.”


It seemed that Irgafa had some kind soldiers as well.


The orderly soldier saluted us, and then he seemed to have just remembered about something.


“I almost forgot. I have a letter from Lady Iris for Nagi Souma.”


“A letter?”


“I don’t know much about it, but it seems to be about a ‘list of trifles’.”


… A “list of trifles”?


Ah, the one I had requested during the battle with the “fake demonkin”.


You’re really upright, Iris.


The word “trifles” must mean that this was supposed to be an official list of regular soldiers that were at fault, but now that they had died together with the fake demonkin, it really wasn’t that necessary.


Still, I felt it would be rude to not accept it.


“Please tell Lady Iris that I’ve thankfully accepted it.”


I received the “list” from the soldier.


The “list” was a tube of parchment sealed with wax. A snake-like dragon-shaped coat of arms had been stamped on the seal.


After the soldier had left, I opened the “list”.


The first thing I saw was Iris’ signature on the top of the paper.


Then, this was written under it:



“To Master Nagi Souma,


I’m giving you the most boring thing I possess.


List of trifles



Iris Hafeumea”



… Huh?


It doesn’t say what she’s giving me. All there was after that was another signature by Iris.


At the bottom, there was a space to write a sign of receipt. Maybe I was supposed to sign there receiving the trifle. But she didn’t write what she was giving me… Maybe she forgot to write it?


I didn’t think Iris would make such a mistake.


Maybe it has a different meaning? I’m not used to official papers in this world after all.


It was impossible to confirm that at the moment. Iris was surrounded by those army corps. She would be too hard to approach, and I simply didn’t have the time to spare before our departure.


Oh well. If you go to Irgafa, we may even meet there anyway.


“So, is everyone ready?”


I closed the list.


When I looked around, everyone was packing their luggage in front of the villa.


“Yes, Master Nagi. I’ve already locked up all the doors and windows!”


“I’ve made sure we’re not leaving anything behind that has our smell.”


“I’ve checked that there’s no chance for a fire to break out anytime soon, so rest assured.”


“If you’re worried, I can take a look around to make sure everything’s been taken care of.”


Cecyl, Rita, Aine, and Leticia all nodded.


Our luggage had been checked. All doors had been locked. We returned the building keys to the orderly soldier.


“All right then, let’s go.”


Goodbye, hot spring town of Richerda.


We left the villa.


A silver line marched through the main streets of the town. We followed that line at a distance.


There seemed to be other adventurers leaving with us as well. Some have been injured in the last battle, and there was a certain pink-haired elf girl I’ve seen somewhere before. Everyone was following that line. We were just another one of those nameless parties, following behind those other adventurers.


The sky was deep blue, and the breeze felt nice.


It takes less than a day to walk to the town port of Irgafa. I thought there couldn’t possibly be any troubles on the way there.


Rather, if any problem would arise that these army corps couldn’t deal with, we wouldn’t be able to do much more than escape, so we would have to take it easy.


We passed through the gate of the hot spring district. When we got on the highway, we picked up the pace.


Then we set out on a short journey to the port city of Irgafa.


As we walked, we decided to check our skills as usual.


The only thing I got from the skill I gained before leaving Metekal was its name, and I had decided that I’d try to learn more about that together with the skills we gained in the hot spring town of Richarda, including their effects.


I decided to go with my skill first. That sounds fine and all, but…


… Umm, guys?


You don’t all have to stick to me so much just to check on your skills, you know?


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