Genocide Online

Chapter 249 – Kujou Yahiko’s Pastime


(Kujou Yahiko’s (Absolutely Inviolable Area in-game) PoV)


“Hey, please…!” My female classmate screamed.

This kind of reaction gave me a mysterious sense of accomplishment… Of course, I was already used to dealing with this kind of thing naturally, so I didn’t show it.

“… What?” I replied.

I made sure my tone of voice showed some confusion, that I didn’t understand what was troubling her so much.

What caused this was me playing with a girl who asked for my contact information after the class had a karaoke tournament… Just that.

Every time we met, I gave her a million yen for the taxi fee and didn’t ask anything in particular out of her… But after doing this a few times, I started losing interest on her reactions.

Even as I played and talk to her, I started giving more and more casual replies like ‘ah’ and ‘yeah’, while always giving her a bunch of money once we were done.

After five or so times of this happening, they tend to go crazy like she is now.

“Hey, why!? Why do you always give me such large sums of money!? Is this how you show care!? But then why do you always sound so uninterested!?” She asked me.

In this world, there is an absolute value for anything. Regardless of it being tangible or not.

I noticed it when I was a child. My mother was Finnish, so I inherited some of her traits. Even if my hair is black, my eyes are blue and my skin is whiter than normal.

When seeing my appearance, the people on my surroundings responded in various ways… Some frowned upon the fact that the Kujou family had someone with visibly mixed blood in him; others were attracted by the appearance that looked foreign; others hid their inner disgust… And regardless of what they thought, lots of those people kept on trying to get close to me simply because I am part of the Kujou family.

Those people were always happy to gain my attention and saddened by my actions later on… It was just so fun. Before I realized it, I had started playing with their favorability values.

“No, I don’t really want anything from you.” I replied.

The girl stayed silent.

It was around that time that I started feeling a sense of accomplishment by changing the values of different things in this world with my own hands. To intentionally cause bugs within this system.

Even this girl in front of me… I already forgot her name and she broke down because of my actions that made her favorability go up, then plummet shortly after. I’m really happy with this outcome.

People can break down even without being hit.

This is just a way of me reaffirming this knowledge… Like how my mother broke down because the people around me constantly fiddled with her values in a completely uncoordinated fasion.

Even if discrimination is viewed as a bad thing in the modern society, humans are not the kind of creature that can easily throw away such ugly behaviors.

Especially when dealing with the unknown, people always end up being terribly exclusive, no matter how much they hide those feelings within their hearts.

It’s this kind of thing that separated society between the upper and lower layers for the past 100 years… Though I don’t know the exact details, since I didn’t do much research on this separation.

In any case, I don’t care about my mother who is still broken… Because no matter what I do, her values do not change.

“Well… I’m going then.” I told the girl.

That girl was stunned and in tears, but I found someone who was more interesting, so I decided to walk up to her.

Before I realized it, whatever it is that I was talking about with that girl quickly disappeared from my head.

“Hey, Ichijouji, how are you doing?” I asked her.

“… Kujou… Senior, right?” She tilted her head.

A reply as casual as usual. Just as expected, and it relieves me that she still behaves like that.

We were at the back of the school’s building. A fairly quiet place that not many people go to, even if it’s open to everyone.

I wonder why she was in such a secluded place during lunch break… Maybe she was secretly meeting with someone?

No, love is not really possible for her.

“What are you doing here?” I decided to ask.

“… I was just playing a bit.” She replied.

Ah, same as me then… Perhaps she was taking care of a stray cat or a stray dog and ended up in a place like this one.

“So, what is it?” She asked me.

“Ah, about that…” I started replying.

While starting this reply, I casually touched her cheeks and scooped up her beautiful long black hair and slowly let it slip through my fingers.

Normally, if I do that, the other party will either get angry or be drawn to me. They’ll try making use of the situation to become the wife of someone from the Kujou family.

But Ichijouji? She just tilted her head a bit.

She is incredibly beautiful, yet also completely defenseless. She doesn’t even understand the point of this skinship being exchanged from such an unusually close distance and instead just desperately tried understanding the meaning behind my actions.

She pushes herself as much as possible within this real world to try looking ordinary, yet can’t help straying farther and farther away from it. It’s a very cute and funny side of hers.

“A declaration of war.” I told her.

As soon as I muttered my business, she started giving out a completely different feeling from before.

Sure, there isn’t much change on her at first glance. She still looks to be as emotionless as always even as I stroke her cheeks, but… What are those goosebumps that I’m feeling? Can she use her game skills within reality or something?

… No, that’s not it. This is the reason why I like the girl named Ichijouji Reina.

She held my hand that was stroking her cheek and squeezed it. This ferocity that usually sleeps within her, the moments she is able to put it out freely are when she is at her most wonderful state.

“You may be no good at hiding, but you’re still just like me.” I told her.

“Huh…?” She replied.

It’s wonderful, you know? She released a strong killing intent when I talked about something that interested her, but then she instantly became confused again the moment I changed topics.

She’s intriguing because I can’t properly manipulate her values. They fluctuate in very abnormal ways, just like mine… She is the kind of human resource that can’t be accepted in the current society.

There aren’t many other people who are this interesting… That’s why…

“I really want to destroy you this time around.” I softly whispered in her ear.

What values should I play with in order to break her down, I wonder…?

“How strange, our interests actually align. I also wanted to play with you and break you up.” She replied.

Just as I hoped, I didn’t get a normal reaction… It would be really nice if there were some other abnormal people out there that I have yet to meet.

“Then, next time, I’ll do my best to kill you.” I told her.

“Let’s have fun again next time.” She replied.

Her smile widened, making her involuntarily start looking very bewitching. An innocent maiden with the allure of a high-class whore.

Normally I have many samples to use as reference, which allows me to have an easy time understanding the best course of actions, but it’s much harder to understand and capture people that are as abnormal as me.

“You’ll die on our next meeting.” We said in unison.

Ah, I’m suddenly feeling quite motivated… I guess I can’t enjoy myself fully unless I play with a girl like her on a regular basis.

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