247. Red Crow Falls

Red Crow’s POV.


It’s over.

I was lying on the ground and Yuu, the target of the murder, was standing. His victory was clear.


Many times I stood up and put everything I had into killing Yuu ……, but not once did my blade reach him.

Even though I was objectively better at taijutsu and VR aptitude, which was not my skill, he was still better at it… It’s a little disappointing.

I wonder if his unfamiliar skills, along with his unusually high PS (player skills), memory, and processing power, are the secrets of his win.

I was always put on the back foot, and even if I forced myself to go on the offensive as a comeback, I would be counter-attacked heavily.

To be honest, all the skills he has and the way he handles pisses me off and I can’t do anything.



“How are you? Satisfied?”



“satisfied with ……?”



Is that the word that the winner throws at me, the loser? and ask me if I’m satisfied?

If that’s the case, then his personality is not good, but I can’t blame him for that.


“── Isn’t it fun to compete with all your might?”






He bends down and looks into my eyes through the broken plague mask, and his words take my breath away.



“PK is one of the ways to have fun, but I think the real thrill of a game is the surprise, the discovery, the excitement of winning, and the frustration of losing.”







“So, you know, as a gamer, I’d be happier if you felt frustrated that you couldn’t win even though you gave it your all,……, rather than just killing your target and calling it a day. The boring thing”



Yes, maybe …… I certainly enjoyed PvP with this person in some sections.


I didn’t realize it myself, but I was playing this game as a means to an end, as if I was being driven by something, and for the first time …… I felt like I could ‘play’ from the bottom of my heart.



“I too was disappointed to lose to you, but …… next time I’m going to get back at you with the best equipment and skills!”



That girl was named Maria, as I recall,…… this girl is not holding a grudge for almost being killed by me.

I don’t know why he was so compassionate to me after I attacked him and set up a PK, but I was sure he was comfortable with it…….



“Look, Maria says this too… Gamers will be happy to exaggerate the winner, while the loser will be heartily disappointed and sharpen their skills for another try. The winner is the one who looks forward to the loser’s second challenge… It’s just a matter of opinion.”


The tone in Yuu’s voice is so gentle that it reminds me of my brother who died in the lower levels of the game.


He said, “Whether you’re a serious player or an enjoyer you’ve got to have fun with the game, otherwise it’s a waste.”


While talking about his theory in a slightly cool way, Yuu’s eyes reach out to me … the red and black eyes that I couldn’t see behind his bangs.


These two colors, the only two colors I can identify, looked irrepressibly beautiful to me …… than any other two colors I have ever seen.



“…… red, and black.”





“What? …… Oh, this? I’m born with this, but in a game, it’s not that noticeable as a character creation, so I left it at that.”


“You should cut your bangs because they’re too distracting to look at in the first place.”

“Well, no, it’s just that …… I’ve been with my body for …… sixteen years, and I’m no longer comfortable without my bangs. ……”

Oh, I see… Is he like me? A person who was born with strange eyes? It’s strange because as soon as I recognize it, I feel a sense of familiarity.

Thinking about that, I raised my arm and tried to grab my stretched hand ── just before I stopped moving.


“What’s wrong?….”



“I thought you were done commenting on the stinky things on my bangs.”



“No, that’s not …… true!”



What is this beating in my chest …… Why is my heart, which should have calmed down, raging so wildly?

Why is my face so hot, even though I am wearing a ……cooling mask, even though my surroundings are still covered in ice from Yuu’s skill?.

For some reason, I’m too …… embarrassed to look at Yuu’s face ……, even though I couldn’t identify him anyway.





“Oh, what? A Friend request?”



For now, I’ll put my own disorder aside and send a friend request to Yuu in order to fool the hand that stopped me just before.

I was a little nervous because this was the first time I had ever registered as a friend with anyone other than a boy I had known since childhood.

I asked him, “Do you mind if I challenge you again ……?”

“Of course I don’t mind, but… Oh, don’t get me wrong this time! If you’re a friend, you’ll see a landmark icon above your head, and make sure you check it out!”



“…… got it.”



It’s good, I’ll see you again – but now that I’ve got a chance to get revenge, there’s no reason to stay here anymore.

At the very least, the next time we fight, I must study our fights and tactics. So that Yuu can respond to the skills that Yuu has been performing in the fight just now.

I’ll have to watch the recording of the fight at …… over and over again.

“……So, I’m going to go now…….I’ve caused you trouble.”



“Oh, yeah…… see you again ……!”



“…… hey, what about me?”



As it was, I decided to slice open my own throat and respawn to shake off the embarrassment of being unidentified




“I’m the only one who hasn’t received a friend request?”



“…… Maria, you see, because you lost?”




“…. gsn”




Maria has a powerful rival (physical)?



I’ve been followed on Twitter by an account claiming to be my fan, but I wonder who else besides me is a novelist whose own fan has appeared.

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