Chapter 98 – Lolita was eating without holding back


Kuuruu, the Chinese-style Chef, has now joined Works.

Even though he is a newcomer, his food is definitely top class among player Pioneers, as it already has meal bonuses in it. His skills are definitely at a high level right now.

And of course, he surely spent plenty of time researching the ingredients in Frontiers, as it is hard to even replicate real life dishes without using a recipe.

In any case, even with a change in the number of members in Works, what I do will not change much.

That said, we’re still planning on going out to eat together on the inauguration of Kuuruu’s store. It’s relatively close to my workshop anyways, so I can go eat there with some frequency.

And well, his gyoza with wings was quite delicious, so we can expect plenty of other incredibly tasty dishes from him.

Not to mention the craft-related meal bonuses, as those might allow me to aim even higher!

… Is it possible to take his food home with me?


With the event progressing past its half point, the event mobs started appearing in the higher level areas.

Conversely, the difficulty of the event mobs on the lower level areas has been reduced in order to make it easier for new player Pioneers to hunt near Capital Sabrina.

Well, it doesn’t matter much to me as I don’t fight. What does matter is that the higher level event mobs have better loot.

Basically, the stronger the monster is, the higher the chances of getting a rare drop. Due to that, the number of people selling rare materials to my store has increased considerably.

This allowed me to often sell both the Shadow Barrier Destroyer Magical Formation and the Shadow Destroyer Throwing Stone.

And of course, while you can get event points by making any event item, the items made with rare materials give many more points.

Therefore… “Get the Singing Cat Minicot!” I exclaimed to nobody in particular.

I finally obtained it. It was much earlier than expected.

The Singing Cat looks like a normal cat, but with big paws.

It has a black and white pattern that goes all the way to its tail, and particularly lovable big paws.

I’m sure they’ll feel incredible to be touched… It’s a bit worrisome even.

“Come here, come here.” I said.

“Una.” The cat meowed.

“Oooh… Cute…” I muttered.

Differently from the Wandering Mushroom, who didn’t speak at all, the Singing Cat actually has a voice and speaks in a singy tone.

It also seems to have friendly personality, as it started licking my hand already.

Still, I must be patient… If I try checking the feeling of the big paw, I’m sure I’ll lose control due to the overflowing desire.

Slowly and in due time…


“I can’t stand this…” Mika muttered.

“You’re too sly, Mika! Me too!” I exclaimed and tried pushing her aside.

“Just a bit more…” She refused.

While expanding the range of skinship little by little, Mika was attacked and completely taken by Singy.

She came here to sell Shadow Granites and Large Shadow Crystals, but Singy stopped her from leaving.

Ah, Singy is the name of the Singing Cat Minicot.

And as expected of Mika, she didn’t hold back at all. While I was trying to slowly get used to the idea, Mika immediately started touching those lovely paws.

And Singy didn’t seem to dislike it, so… I should have just attacked the paws from the beginning.

Damn you, Mika, Singy is mine!

“Aren’t your party members waiting for you? Isn’t it better for you to go to them?” I asked her.

“Ah, that’s okay, I’m about to go to bed anyways.” Mika replied.

“Did you stay up all night?” I asked.

“It’s the weekend, after all. Ehehe.” Mika said.

“Ugh… Mika, that’s my child!” I exclaimed.

“It’s okay. I can’t meet it unless I come here, while you can stay with it for as long as you want. Ehehe.” Mika replied.

“Yeah, but I just got it!” I refused to yield.

“Just a bit more…” Mika didn’t want to make room either.

This is no good. Mika has been completely knocked out by Singy’s charm.

This big paw is too strong. I understand it. I understand it very well.

That’s why I can’t give up! At least let me fluff one of them!


“Ah, I enjoyed that… Then, good night.” Mika told me.

“Good night, ehehe.” I replied.

“Bye.” She said.

I was safely able to retrieve one of Singy’s paws from Mika, so the two of us could enjoy its fluffy potential together.

Once Mika was completely satisfied from it, she sleepily logged out, as she ended up staying up for too long because it’s the weekend.

Tomorrow we have the first girls-only gathering of the week though, will she be able to attend properly?

Well, let’s not worry about it too much and just play with Singy. It’s been a long time since I played for a long time without any worries, after all.

It just can’t be helped. Me and Mika were completely fascinated by Singy!

The next goals are the Magic Mirror Minicot and the Count Woof Minicot. They both take first and second place in event points requirements respectively.

As they cost more than Singy, I definitely won’t be able to obtain them without making many event items with rare materials, but I think I have a good chance of getting there.

Just like Mika, everyone seems to be getting used to hunting event mobs in the high-level areas, so they are being cleared faster and faster.

And the more event mobs are killed, the more rare materials will enter the market. And there are quite a few people who come to my store to sell them.

In other words, the amount of Shadow Barrier Destroyer Magical Formations and Shadow Destroyer Throwing Stones I make will only raise from now on. So I’ll surely get a very large amount of event points.

And with people using those items, they’ll be able to kill event mobs even faster, so it’s a fantastic positive spiral!

Of course, there might be some changes to the situation on the final part of the event, just like there were in the middle part though.

Many people on the forums are speculating about it at least, and I think they have a good point there.

In any case, I’ll aim for conquering all Minicots!

Though I’ll also be making steel gear properly.


“No way. We can actually eat authentic Chinese food at Frontiers?” Mika muttered.

“Delicious.” Hime said.

“It’s incredibly tasty.” Lolita said.

“Next… The tofu…” Lulu muttered.

Today we’re holding a girls-only gathering.

The location this time is Kuuruu’s restaurant though, in order to celebrate its opening.

Opening celebration, eating lots of delicious food, talking plenty, this is a girls-only gathering filled with smiles.

The interior of the restaurant is beautifully decorated in a Chinese style. There are sculptures of ascending dragons, rotating tables and Chinese style partitions.

Even the waitresses are wearing Chinese dresses, which were apparently made by Lolita.

Also, even though the restaurant just opened, there are plenty of customers other than us. The store is quite wide, but it’s completely full.

The menu is not limited to Chinese food, for the record. There is plenty of variety in it.

There isn’t much in terms of desserts on the menu though, but everyone seems satisfied anyways.

Also, dishes served often have meal bonuses.

One can’t be sure if their meal will have a bonus, but there is a clear rule in the store that complaints about it will not be accepted.

That just can’t be helped, as the bonuses are randomly applied when the dish is cooked.

Sure, one can make food and store it in the warehouse for about a day and it will still feel the exact same as when it was made, but Kuuruu is making the dishes on the spot, so he can’t guarantee a bonus to the customers.

On that note, the inventory doesn’t have the warehouse’s conservation function, so if I want to eat hot meals while they’re hot, and cold meals while they’re cold, I either need to eat them at the store or buy them at a stall and eat them immediately after.

Well, the meal bonus is kept even if the food goes cold, and it also serves as a way to refill hunger and drought, so it’s not really a problem… Unless you wait too long and let the food rot, that is.

In any case, the dishes we ordered were quickly disappearing from the plates. They are all delicious, so everyone is moving their chopsticks a lot and barely talking.

I am truly enjoying a meal for the first time in a long while… I really can’t eat such a large variety of dishes usually.

And possibly out of habit, my main dishes in Frontiers were sandwiches that were easy to eat.

But well, inside the game one doesn’t need to worry about getting fat or anything, so we were having a very fun time right now. Lolita was eating without holding back.

The restaurant is close to my workshop, so I think I might come here often.

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