Chapter 92 – I rushed home


After finally installing my first advanced facility, I tried making steel equipment.

And just like how it went on the Kederick store, I can now make them with 4*! There is still some luck involved in getting Options though, so it can’t be helped that not all of the items of the new batch had them.

Out of the things I crafted, the best one was…


Steel Magical Gloves

Magical Gloves/4*/ATK +73; DEX +13/Small Dexterity Enhancement/Durability 90


It is an item that is good for Hime, though even if she doesn’t want it, I know that I’ll easily sell it due to how popular the Magical Gloves became after people saw Hime’s success in the woodcutting event.

Or rather, even Magical Gloves without Options end up selling very easily, so this one will, without a doubt, sell in no time.

A Dexterity enhancement may not be necessary for someone as good at managing the Magical Gloves as Hime, but it’s still useful for her anyways.

Besides, she doesn’t really need attack power enhancements on her Magical Gloves anyways, as she gets the majority of her damage through the dolls now.

So well, it would be nice if I could get a doll with a good attack enhancement for her, but I have yet to make one with a good Option, so that will have to wait.

In any case, Hime is the one who decides what she wants, so I guess I’ll just post on about the new items with Options on the private section of the blog and see who is interested in it.

Considering how much luck is necessary to get a good Option, I think I’ll end up using the private section of the blog for a while longer than usual in order to give good gear to all my acquaintances.

On another note, people seem to have figured out that I was the doll maker.

Apparently they noticed that the weapons on the dolls were made of steel, so my identity as the crafter became obvious after that point.

Well, I’m still not accepting production requests, and being persistent about it will just get the requester banned from my store, so there is no problem.

Though I wonder if it would be worthwhile to put dolls with steel weapons on them up for sale on the store now? I mean, they might sell for a good price due to the steel weaponry.

But at the same time, the amount of intermediate-tier materials needed to be processed in order to make the weaponized dolls is even bigger than the usual amount required for normal steel gear, so… It takes a lot of time and effort.

It’s fine to make it for Hime, but if I am to make it for strangers, then I’d rather just make normal steel equipment instead. Those are just less time-consuming and more profitable than the dolls, after all.

Though well, I guess I can at least sell the surplus dolls from my attempts of making a doll with good Options for Hime… But once I do make a doll with a good Option, then I don’t think I’ll keep on making dolls for anything other than grinding Skill Levels.

Well, that is that, I guess.

In the end, the weapons I make for Mika and Hime are almost exclusively made just for them.

When trying to make items for the rest of the people who have access to the private section of my blog, or the general customers, I usually give priority to the things that have the highest demand, which are armor pieces.

Still, Hime has a higher priority over the other people, so I went for the Magical Gloves first and foremost.

And Mika… Well, she still has the weapons I rented her, so I don’t need to focus on her weapons.

Their performance is pretty high already, so there is no point in substituting them for steel weapons, unless I get something with really good Options in them.

Well then, let’s put the information about the new items crafted on the private section of the blog, and send a message to Hime about the best Magical Gloves I made!



It was currently around 11am in ‘real time’ right now, and we were in a weekday, so Hime should be in school right now.

However, it seems like I got an e-mail from her within Frontiers… Apparently she sent it from her phone though, so I just got it within Frontiers because my e-mail is linked to my account.

As expected of Hime, she didn’t skip school.

In any case, she wants to purchase the Magical Gloves I told her about, but she isn’t interested other items with Options that I posted on the private section of the blog.

I suppose that can’t be helped since their Options weren’t that great… In the end, Options are still luck-dependent!

As for the other people who have access to the private section of the blog… Some might be working, others studying, other sleeping, so it would normally be better to keep those items only available to my acquaintances for a while longer, but… Aside from the Magical Gloves, none of the items have a good Option, so I’ll just put them on the store right away!

There will still be people who want to buy the items even with subpar Options, so they won’t be wasted like this.

On another note, now that I can finally make items with Options in them, I feel like I really want to evolve Language already in order to have access to the second floor of the library, but… Artisan’s Blacksmith should be reaching level 100 soon.

No matter how much I want new recipes, Artisan’s Blacksmithing definitely gets priority over Language. After all, I will probably need to evolve my blacksmithing even further if I want to get two Options in my steel gear.

Evolved skills are just too great, after all. I have great expectations for the fourth tier of Blacksmithing.

Also, it seems like no player Pioneer has reached the fourth tier of any skill yet! Not even the combat-focused ones!

Even Hime and Mika still have their skills on the third tier, and the same goes for everyone in Works.

Of course, everyone should be getting close to the fourth tier, but… Well, it just can’t be helped that I need to use my Skill Points on the evolution of Artisan’s Blacksmithing instead of on Language’s evolution.

Though I don’t even know how many Skill Points it will take, as there is no information on that yet… But well, it took me 25 Skill Points to get Artisan’s Blacksmithing, so I should assume it will take 30 or so points for the next tier.

And as I just so happen to have 25 Skill Points right now, I guess I’ll need to save a few more… Though I’ll probably have enough by the time Artisan’s Blacksmithing reaches level 100.

But this will just push me further and further away from Improved Language… When will I be able to read the books on the second floor of the library!?

I really need Skill Points rewards from NPC quests! Don’t you have anything for me, Mr. Kederick!? Maybe a request for steel gear with Options in them!?

… Well, I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask, but NPC stores don’t usually sell stuff with Options, so it’s unlikely to be something he is interested on.


“I’m here.” Hime told me.

“Oh, that was fast, Hime.” I replied.

“I rushed home.” She said.

It was evening in ‘real time’ right now, and apparently Hime ran home after classes ended… I happy that she was looking forward to the new item this much.

Then, let’s give her the good news! I kept on making items after I sent her the message, and I ended up completing a wonderful thing!


Wooden Doll – Beast Type – Fox

Doll/6*/ATK +102; MP +126/Medium Magical Power Enhancement/Durability 30


What do you think of it, Hime!?

“Incredible.” She said.

“I know, right!?” I replied.

“Magical Power. Thank you.” She told me.

“I know, I know. You need a lot of Magical Power to properly use the Magical Gloves.” I said.

While the attack power of the dolls with steel weapons is quite high, they still rely on the Magical Gloves, which require tremendous amounts of Magical Power to be properly manipulated.

Having enough MP is already important to all combat-focused Pioneers, but that’s especially true for Magical Gloves users. Stories about people who died after running out of MP in the blink of an eye are often shared on the forums.

Even Hime, who is the best Magical Gloves user, still needs to be very careful about her MP management.

Therefore, most of the Options she wants are related to Magical Power. And this Option is particularly good on that regard.

On the other hand, Mika fights in really close range without needing many Arts, so she never requested for any item with Magical Power Enhancements.

I guess each person’s Option needs naturally changes depending on their fighting style.

“Do your best to keep on earning money.” Hime told me.

“You got it! I’ll keep on making better and better items with Options on them!” I exclaimed.

“Good luck.” Hime replied.

Steel items are already plenty expensive, but when paired up with good Options, it ends up reaching a point where even Hime has a hard time paying for them.

Nonetheless, with the event materials going up in rank, Hime ended up getting even richer, so she could pay for them just fine.

I’m sure even the top combat-focused Pioneers will be jealous of her who can already get items with good Options on them.

But well, if they try their hardest, they too will be able to save money to buy the items they need.

Well, for as long as they can actually get the items, of course. I’m the only player Pioneer who can make steel items with Options on them, after all, so it will take some time until a good amount of player Pioneers can obtain the gear they need.

Well, I’m sure that talk about steel items with Options will be a hot topic for the time being… And until others can catch up, my monopoly will continue.

Let’s keep on earning as much money as I can!

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