Chapter 91 – God and Goddess, please keep on taking care of me!


After taking care of my usual things, like dinner, I logged in and started making more steel gear.

And there are some good news too! When taking into account the sales from the last restocking of the store, I now have enough funds to purchase an advanced facility!

However, with the event advancing to its second stage, I’ll probably be needing to purchase more materials, so I need to secure a few more funds in order to have enough reserves after purchasing the advanced facility.

Therefore, I’ll be making steel equipment for a while longer before buying it.

I mean, I did want to buy the advanced facility right away regardless of all that in order to start making items with Options, but unfortunately, the NPC stores have just closed, so that can’t be helped. I’ll only be able to buy my first advanced facility after it becomes daytime in-game.

With this in mind, I figured that the best thing I could do was starting securing even more funds to have some leeway when I finally buy it!

In any case, the information obtained by Hime was quickly spread to Mika and to everyone else, so there is now a lot of talk on the forums about the appearance of event mobs in higher-level areas. People are also talking about the strength of the mobs and about their loot too… And well, as expected, these stronger mobs also drop better loot!

The recipes available have also been updated to reflect that, so we now have over a hundred event recipes to work with. It’s pretty clear that the development team put quite a bit of effort into this.

Well, I’m glad that the number of recipes has increased, but I need to purchase the new materials first before I can make use of it.

I’m looking forward to it… The amount of event points that can be obtained by crafting the new recipes is very high, so it should definitely be possible to get the Singing Cat Minicot with this! Especially because a lot of event materials are sold to my shop regularly.

Steel Items with Options may be great, but I also want to make plenty of event items, so… I guess I’ll be quite busy.


After restocking the store again, I collected the materials purchased by it.

As expected, there were indeed quite a few extra event materials on stock now, so increasing my purchase funds was probably the right choice.

Also, in addition to higher-tier event materials, I also ended up getting a new material… Namely, the Shard of the Large Shadow Crystal.

It seems like one can make a Large Shadow Crystal by merging a certain amount of Shards and Magic Stones… I guess this will make the Large Shadow Crystals more easily available.

Though one also needs to spend Magic Stones to merge them into Large Shadow Crystals, so it’s not like it is a free process.

Nonetheless, with a higher supply of the Large Shadow Crystals, it is quite possible that their price will end up going down to some extent… It probably won’t drop much, but it’s likely that there will be some fluctuation on the market price at least.

In any case, there are new recipes that involve using both the Shards and the Large Shadow Crystals. They seem to be harder to craft than the previous recipes, but that most likely won’t be a problem to me.

Also, the new items seem to have a very visible performance increase when compared to the items that were available on the first half of the event.

While the ATK value of the items hasn’t changed, the special added effects seem to be doing 40-50% extra damage according to the testing done by people on the forums so far.

Comparatively, Magic Crystals only give a 10% upgrade by putting an item to +1 tier, so this is equivalent to putting an item to +4 or +5… Even if the bonuses are only useful against event mobs, this is still very significant.

If this kind of event item becomes readily available, then even the event mobs of the higher-level areas should end up becoming manageable with some ease.

And well, there are also the boss-tier event mobs. There were already some of those appearing on the low level areas, which were the ones that dropped Large Shadow Crystals, so… Boss event mobs on the high-level areas might drop something even better.

Though it might take some time to find them, as the areas unlocked on the woodcutting event have yet to be fully explored.

Among the dungeons unlocked back then, only Eku Labyrinth has been fully explored, with Mika and her party being the first ones to clear it.

The other areas have less information available on them, so it will definitely be harder to explore them while also dealing with the strengthened event mobs, but… It seems like this kind of thing isn’t enough to stop the top combat-focused player Pioneers.

Or rather, they were quite frustrated at having to fight low level mobs to grind the event, so they are very happy to get back to exploring the new areas.

I guess it’s more fun to hunt strong enemies than killing small fries over and over again.

So, due to all that, there is a lot of momentum on the hunts in new areas, and it is progressing quite well… And of course, this also means that I’m able to buy quite a few materials.

And with these materials, I’ll be able to get even more event points, but… Well, that will have to be left for tomorrow, as it is now time to logout.

I wanted to make more items if possible, but that’s no good, so… That’s all for today. I’ll do my best tomorrow!


Good morning.

Today was raining, and seemed like it was a bit chilly outside… I guess that’s because we’re near the end of summer?

Well, it doesn’t matter to me either way because the air conditioner always controls the temperature in my room.

And Frontiers itself is always comfortable too, so I’m all good!

Today I’ll continue making event items and steel equipment. I want event points, but I also want to increase my funds.

Of course, I do have enough for one advanced facility, but that’s still only a single facility, and I want to upgrade them all!

Therefore, let’s work hard!


As a result of continuing to make items until noon, a good number of event items were made, and a decent amount of steel gear was made too.

As usual though, it takes too long to process all the intermediate materials, so I can’t make many steel items.

Can’t something be done about it?

… I mean, there is the Crafting Simplifier Device, but the rank of the materials will drop if I use it, so it’s meaningless. Let’s leave that device gathering dust and not worry about it.

Though there is no dust in Frontiers!

In any case, the difficulty in processing materials has always been one of the things that made not many player Pioneers wish to become crafters in Frontiers.

I don’t really get it myself since I never thought of it as a problem, but it’s apparently quite taxing on ordinary people… Well, I process materials for hours and hours each day, so I really don’t get it!

In any case, we’re close to lunch time now, so the NPC stores should be opening.

Finally! Let’s buy the advanced facility! Bucket’s workshop will now be using advanced facilities!

It’s the long-awaited moment… Let’s go. To the promised land!


And so I bought it! And the installation was completed safely!

It’s very easy to do it as I only need to quickly change the layout to accommodate the advanced facility.

The intermediate ones were already large, but the advanced facilities are even larger.

I still have quite a bit of space, but will it be enough to fully upgrade my facilities to advanced level?

Well, I still have a small garden on the terrain, so, if need be, I just need to get more space by expanding the workshop, so it will be alright!

That said, I also want some portable facilities.

It’s not like I go out often though. Last time I left the city was to expand the inventory, which was just a small trip to the nearby town.

However, it might be troublesome if I end up needing to go to a farther away location that can’t be easily accessed by using the teleportation gates… In that case, a portable facility would be essential.

Of course, I’ll only worry about that after I finish upgrading all my facilities to advanced-tier, so it’s not something for the near future. Especially because portable facilities are even more expensive than the stationary ones.

In any case, as of today, I’m now able to make steel equipment with Options in them! I’ll do my best!

Yeah… I’ll do my best to empty the wallets of rich combat-focused Pioneers who are earning a lot of money by selling event materials!

… Though well, I’ll first empty Mika’s wallet by giving her priority sales!

Still, Options depend on luck. Especially with steel gear, as it can’t be produced quickly.

But well, that’s just part of my daily routine by now.

And my routine is a good one! Every day I play games and play games and play games!

I-it’s okay, isn’t it!?

God and Goddess, please keep on taking care of me!

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