Chapter 41 An Yi


Ren Zhouyuan stared at Leonid with surprise, he couldn’t believe it at all.


Leonid’s scalp was numb because of Ren Zhouyuan’s staring, he couldn’t help reflecting on what he did wrong. He felt that his wife-chasing plan had always been quite open and didn’t want to hide from anyone, if it must be said the only thing he hid was that Ren Zhouyuan gave birth to An An.


Ren Zhouyuan’s reaction reminded him, it seemed that he did not explicitly tell his family that he was chasing a man, they only knew that he was chasing his wife who gave birth to a son for him.


According to the way of thinking of normal people……


When thinking here, he was not only scalp numb, but also the eyelids began to jump all the time.


He didn’t worry about his family’s feelings when they found that Ren Zhouyuan was a man, but

changed sides so he could try to understand why Ren Zhouyuan felt nervous.


Leonid coughed a bit “Don’t worry, my family knows you and An An, they are very supportive of me.”


Ren Zhouyuan looked at him and gave him a cold-shoulder, that expression obviously didn’t believe him.


Don’t say how many people can accept two men getting together in this world, even if society was more open now, the majority of families are still against it, right? Let alone, it was him who gave birth to An An, sometimes even he couldn’t have the confidence to say he was a normal person, how come these people had confidence to lie to him that his family all support him.


Leonid was afraid he didn’t believe it and added, “How about I make a meeting for you when you have free time?”


He thought it very clear that Ren Zhouyuan was such a traditional person, it was necessary that he made a meeting for them since Ren Zhouyuan so much cared about family, and he would treat him as family by doing this. What’s more, although Alexander was occasionally unreliable, he did a good job recently, and with the lobbying of Alexis and Dalia, maybe Ren Zhouyuan would open his heart after the meeting and their relationship would become stable.


The more the thought about it, the earlier he wanted to meet them, but unexpectedly the expression of Ren Zhouyuan all changed after hearing that. He had some last second expectations but was unwilling the next. The struggling expression was the same as An An’s expression.


Facing Leonid’s expectant gaze, Ren Zhouyuan finally sighed and said apologetically “I know your kindness, but I am not ready now ,” he bit his lips,”Please give me more time.”


Leonid nodded, he knew what Ren Zhouyuan was worried about, and didn’t push him, and secretly put this matter in his heart.


He changed the subject after that, and asked ”Do you remember the thank you party last time?”


Ren Zhouyuan stunned and nodded. Of course he remembered the party, and it was on that day his “An Yi” identity was revealed, and he and Leonid had been more closer, but he didn’t understand why Leonid mentioned it.


Leonid said “We invited a lot of government officials and celebrities of the industry the day after the article you wrote, added the contributions from the batch of scholars submitted that Ron founded, many factors added up, and now the follow up progress is very gratifying.” He took out a document from the drawer, “The day before yesterday, we officially got the government’s official  document, and although we made some concessions in the content, the general direction finally followed our original plan. This is the document issued by the government. You can have a look.”


Ren Zhouyuan reached over, he was a little curious about the concessions that Leonid mentioned and turned the page to read the content carefully.


“So that’s to say if we want to sign up for enrollment, we have to go to their designated schools to give free lectures regularly?” Ren Zhouyuan asked.


Leonid nodded and said “Because of the high cost of equipment acquisition, they don’t have teachers specializing in this area, what they want is to borrow a part of our resources, but such a condition we can take as another form of propaganda, for us it doesn’t add too much cost.”


Ren Zhouyuan thought such conditions were not concessions, instead it was a win-win of killing two birds with one stone! As Leonid said, they had free access to many universities to do lectures, as long as they made the content more attractive. The content of the lecture didn’t involve too many core courses so they weren’t afraid of not being able to recruit more students.


They didn’t expect such a result before, the result of the conversation was all benefits without harm to them, thinking that the government joint education department put pressure on them, now such a reversal made Ren Zhouyuan wonder whether they would take other action.


He spoke out his doubt, Leonid shook his head, thought for a while and said “Actually they had another requirement at the beginning, but Ron fought for a long time and made them give up. ”


“What requirements? ” Ren  Zhouyuan asked curiously.


Leonid hesitated for a moment and said, “It was to let ‘An Yi’ go to colleges to become a guest lecturer.”


Ren Zhouyuan, stunned, asked “Me?” He pointed to himself, “Why me?”


Leonid shook his head and smiled “Don’t look down on yourself.” Leonid had been struggling with this thing for a long time, he knew that it might make Ren Zhouyuan more confident, and not be trapped within a wall that he built himself, but he didn’t want him to go out and show his face in public, so he asked Ron to refute it eventually.


The education department found him, also because he had Ren Zhouyuan, maybe these years they tried many times but all ended in failure. Obviously Ren Zhouyuan didn’t know any of these things, and in the position of Leonid, he hoped to hide the identity of ‘An Yi’ of Ren Zhouyuan carefully.


On the one hand, he hoped that Ren Zhouyuan would stay at home like his sister-in-law Dalia and take good care of An An, on the other hand, he hoped to see the shining light of his eyes when he talked about what he was interested in.



His possessiveness towards Ren Zhouyuan was deeper than he thought, but he knew Ren Zhouyuan would not want to be raised as a canary, so he could only compromise and try to restrain his desire to control him.


Leonid said, “Although the requirement of guest lecturer had been withdrawn, you may need to attend various meetings in the future in order to promote, then you may need to use the ‘An Yi’ identity.”


Ren Zhouyuan nodded and understood, he didn’t have many thoughts about his identity. At that time, one reason why he didn’t use his real name was because he didn’t want acquaintances to know. Another reason was that he didn’t get enough education and was afraid people wouldn’t trust him. Now the archaeological team knew ‘An Yi’ was him, and he didn’t need to make a living by contribution, so naturally there was no need to hide it.


The two chatted about and solved their leftover work, and seeing that it was almost done, Leonid suddenly asked as if nothing had happened “How about your body?”


Ren Zhouyuan stunned for a moment, looking back at him confused, “My body? It’s healthy. Why?”


Leonid looked ambiguous, his sight moved to his waist, and then looked back to Ren Zhouyuan. Ren Zhouyuan looked at him tremblingly, after a while he finally understood the meaning of his words.


He was a little shy and didn’t want to talk to him, so he made an excuse about not wanting to talk about something unrelated while working.


But he forgot that Leonid was a person who made an unclear distinction between public and private interests; he forced Ren Zhouyuan to answer the questions which he asked. He was whispering to Ren Zhouyuan, pretending to massage his waist in order to subtly flirt.


Ren Zhouyuan gave him a cross look, patted his hand, but Leonid continued to close in on him shamelessly. He collected the documents which need to be dealt with and left, it seemed like he was escaping.


He understood what Leonid’s words meant until he backed to his seat—-


Isn’t that man implying something?

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