Chapter 37

“Leonid! Leonid!” Natasha ran in a hurry behind Leonid, screaming at the man who was walking too fast in the front, “Stop!”


Leonid walked ahead with a sullen face without stopping.


He was very angry now, just when he thought that in this period of time his relationship with Ren Zhouyuan was getting closer, he could perceive this guy’s attitude softening. Although Leonid knew it wasn’t desirable to do something like that, he just wished to hear Ren Zhouyuan say he cared about him, even if it was just a little bit.


But as it turned out, Leonid just made the mistake himself. Ironically, even if he fell in love with Natasha, Ren Zhouyuan would only just smile and bless them, then bring An An away again.


Once he thought that, Leonid wanted to catch the man and scold him, let him know that he couldn’t give up his lover so easily.


Leonid quickly walked around the amusement park, regardless of whether or not Natasha could keep up. When they returned to the original place, he turned to Natasha who was panting in effort, and said to her, “I’ve taken you around Disneyland, now have a rest. I’ll ask someone to send you back tomorrow.”


“You can’t do that!” Natasha shouted.


Leonid raised his brows, then giving a fake smile said, “Who says what I can’t do?” He glanced at Natasha coldly and continued, “Whoever sent you here, you must go back there.”


Natasha felt flustered but still said, “N-no one, what are you talking about, I just happened to be here.” Trying to ingratiate herself with Leonid, she went on, “As you see, no matter how far away we are, we still come together. It proves that we are destined.”


Leonid said sarcastically, “Yes, you don’t know where I am, yet you still call me for help. Fate is a magical thing, isn’t it?”


Natasha choked and did not dare look at him. Leonid had no time for her either. It didn’t matter who told Natasha where he was because he had some conjectures in his mind already.


Ren Zhouyuan and An An returned home. After taking a bath, they laid in bed, but they didn’t see the owner of the other bed come back yet. An An hugged Ren Zhouyuan and asked, “Dad, will the uncle come back tonight?”


Ren Zhouyuan touched his head, thought only God would know whether he would come back or not, kissed An An and said, “Uncle is busy, when you wake up you will see him.”


“Oh,” An An responded unhappily. He could feel that Ren Zhouyuan was depressed. In the afternoon Ren Zhouyuan was obviously happy, but since the beautiful aunt came, neither him nor uncle were happy, making An An feel unhappy as well.


An An went closer to Ren Zhouyuan, talking excitedly about the many interesting things that happened in the amusement park today. When he also talked about the funny moments that Leonid did, Ren Zhouyuan knew his son was trying to make him happy. Watching An An talk with his hands and feet with a vivid expression, Ren Zhouyuan felt extremely warmed. Eventually becoming happier, he didn’t feel so bad anymore.


After putting An An to bed, Ren Zhouyuan got up to pack his bags. Two hours later, when he pressed the remote control for the TV in the small living room outside his suite, Leonid finally returned.


The two men looked at each other. Ren Zhouyuan was just thinking about what he should say when Leonid broke the ice first, “You haven’t gone to sleep yet? Where is An An?”


Ren Zhouyuan said, “He’s sleeping.” Hesitating for a moment, he then asked, “Where is Natasha?”


Leonid answered, “She’s back in her room resting.”


Ren Zhouyuan said, “Oh.”


Silence again.


There were so many things that Ren Zhouyuan wanted to ask him. For instance, how did Natasha know they were here, what have you been doing for so long? Why is she still nagging him after he told her everything? And…Why didn’t you refuse?


He had so many questions, but he couldn’t ask any one of them. Leonid stood there waiting for a moment, then a little disappointment flashed through his eyes. He said “Good night” to Ren Zhouyuan then walked into the bedroom.


This night was destined to be a sleepless night with Ren Zhouyuan lying on the bed, listening to the smooth breathing sounds from the bed next to him. There were so many things in his mind that he felt annoyed. The next morning when he woke up with dark circles, Ren Zhouyuan felt as if he was breaking down.


Natasha didn’t do the things Leonid asked her to do. She followed them all day today. They had an awkward day. An An couldn’t bear such an awkward feeling, it was supposed to be a tour which he was anticipating for a long time, but he took the initiative to offer to end the tour ahead of time.


On the second night in the hotel Natasha played the same trick again. After she asked Ren Zhouyuan, Leonid stared at him for a long time, until Leonid thought he was going to refuse Natasha’s request. Unexpectedly, Ren Zhouyuan eventually pushed him out with a bitter smile.


Ren Zhouyuan returned to the hotel to pack his things. An An sat cross-legged on the bed, his small shoulders drooping and he pulled a long face, asking Ren Zhouyuan, “Dad, why does the aunt keep following us?”


Ren Zhouyuan paused for a while, not looking back, and avoiding An An as he packed, he replied, “The aunt is uncle’s friend, she can’t speak or understand the local language, so uncle needs to accompany her.”


An An pouted, “How stupid she is!” His tone was full of loathing, “But uncle is with us first, why does she jump the queue! I don’t like aunt!”


Ren Zhouyuan thought, “Yes, why does she jump the queue? He knew Leonid five years ago, they had An An since then. He came first, so why does she jump the queue?”


Admittingly, he really did care about many things. For instance, he cared about who Leonid had known over the years, who he had been with, did he like anyone before meeting him. Ren Zhouyuan also cared about who Leonid loved so much that he even broke his engagement to his fiancée. And he wanted to know if Leonid had ever liked him, even just a little bit.


Ren Zhouyuan lacked confidence in this relationship, what he knew of Leonid other than his job, were just some other observations accumulated during this period. If he hadn’t had An An, Leonid might forget who he was. From beginning to end, An An was the bond that kept this family together; he himself was just a selfish person, taking advantage of An An to found his own family.


The fiancée perhaps was the one Leonid once loved, but because of An An and him, broke off their relationship. Ren Zhouyuan couldn’t ask Leonid to stay with him because he felt very guilty. He wished Leonid could feel his desire, wished Leonid could stay instead of leave, after all they were family, right?


An An didn’t like Natasha, neither did Ren Zhouyuan, but An An was still young and had the right to be self-willed. Ren Zhouyuan was not only an adult but also a man, and he thought that he was so dramatic that even he hated himself, how could he rely on the excuse of “family” to control Leonid’s choice.


He was a little annoyed with Leonid and himself.


That evening Leonid returned earlier than expected. He asked someone to send Natasha back after he separated from Ren Zhouyuan, then sat alone for a long time. Seeing it was about time, he went back to the hotel.


In the hotel, An An had already fallen asleep, and Ren Zhouyuan had packed his things and was lying in bed reading a book. Leonid wanted to talk to him for a while, but Ren Zhouyuan’s attitude showed he refused to talk. It made Leonid swallow his words, so he showered early and then fell asleep too.


There were a few days left and after coming back from Japan the atmosphere of the family seemed shrouded in haze, it was too heavy to breathe.


Little An An seemed to be aware of the things in the two adults’ minds. He had no experience in such a situation, the only thing he could do is to play coquettish with his father, but it didn’t seem to work.


The situation lasted until An An started going to school. Seeing that the relationship of the two had not been reconciled, and the only person in the family who could ease the atmosphere had gone to school, Leonid endured for a few days and couldn’t bear any more. So, he asked Ren Zhouyuan to talk.




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