Chapter 33 – Being honest


On the way back, it was pretty silent in the car. Everyone could just hear the sound of the air conditioner, and it was such a different atmosphere from the time they came. Even An An noticed the embarrassment between the two grown-ups. He looked at them curiously, with his eyes widely opened.

Ren Zhouyuan glanced at Leonid sitting in front of him, his cheeks were tightened with his teeth clenched, and even if only one side of his face was exposed, he could see that Leonid wasn’t in a good mood.

He sighed secretly, knowing that it was his fault this time, and he didn’t blame Leonid for being angry.

After Gu Jie said that, he saw that everyone had become silent, and the atmosphere was really far from being peaceful. However, he hadn’t forgotten his purpose of coming here – aside from a sudden surprise to have seen Ren Zhouyuan, the archeological team had really been looking for him for a long time. It can be said that after the pen name “An Yi” became famous, and when the team read his articles published earlier, they soon had the thought to reach Ren Zhouyuan.

This time, Gu Jie had been invited by Vichy, and he was one of the scholars invited by Rowan. Although he wasn’t as famous as the name “An Yi”, he was pretty prestigious as well. He had initially planned to just join the party, and unexpectedly, he saw Ren Zhouyuan.

As he said, after Ren Zhouyuan quit from the archeological team, other people in the team began to think about their behavior. These scholars were just like ordinary people, when they were talking about the others, it seemed like they all knew perfectly what to do, but after the incident, they all knew that they’d done something wrong. However, when they wanted to make up for it, they didn’t know how to reach Ren Zhouyuan anymore.

“There was a man on the Internet called “Si Kong” who slandered you for have stolen our achievements at that time, and we are also paying attention to this matter,” Gu Jie said reluctantly, “that person…might be one of our team members. I’m not sure if you still remember anyone called Li Zhihao.”

When Ren Zhouyuan heard it, he didn’t care about Leonid’s question anymore. He looked at Gu Jie and signaled to him to continue.

“After Si Kong came out, I started calling every team member, and only Li Zhihao didn’t really know what he was talking about. He didn’t admit nor deny, that’s why I started to think that it’s him.”

Ren Zhouyuan certainly remembered this person. When he returned to that room, he was the loudest person at that time. He still remembered that when he suggested about quitting, there was a look of disdain in this man’s eyes. It was also because of this look which had made him remember the matter even after so many years.

Gu Jie said, “later, I noticed that a company representative had issued a statement on behalf of ‘An Yi’, and I wondered if it was you who contacted this media company. I checked the address, and it happened to be in this city. That’s why I started to have the hope to reach you again.” When Gu Jie said this, he sighed a little. He continued, “I contacted Professor Lu, Doctor Yang, Doctor He and Director Wen, and we wrote a letter to this company. They might have found Li Zhihao to talk about this as well, and soon enough, we saw that the article of “Si Kong” was deleted from the Internet.”


This day, Ren Zhouyuan finally understood what the whole incident was all about. He couldn’t describe his feelings clearly. The person whom he had hated so much turned out to be someone who’d helped. He found it to be a kind of relief. However, it’s still hard for him to forget completely what they had done to him and An An. He’s not a saint and he couldn’t do so easily.


Under the request of Gu Jie, Ren Zhouyuan still exchanged contact details with him. When he left, Ren Zhouyuan suddenly felt cold at his back. He turned around slowly and saw that Leonid was looking at him seriously.

Ren Zhouyuan didn’t know how to explain all these, so he didn’t say anything. However, Leonid was waiting for him to explain everything, so that he could understand. The two had kept silent like this all along. When they finally reached home, the two still hadn’t uttered a single word.

After Leonid entered the door, he looked at Ren Zhouyuan, and he could see that Ren Zhouyuan was getting very tensed. Ren Zhouyuan had wanted to say something to ease the atmosphere, but he saw that Leonid was turning and walking back to the study room. He slammed shut the door and blocked the two people outside the room.

Ren Zhouyuan found it funny. How could this person start letting his temper go? He shook his head helplessly and smiled, then brought An An back to his bedroom to change his clothes.


While An An was wiping his face, he asked Ren Zhouyuan what had happened to the big guy. Ren Zhouyuan didn’t answer, he poked An An’s forehead and told him to go to sleep.


But An An was too curious, and he didn’t feel like sleeping at all. He still opened his eyes widely and looked at Ren Zhouyuan, who couldn’t help but think that he’s completely messed by these two. Then, he changed his clothes as well and lied next to An An, then he patted his back and asked what he’s thinking about.


An An was being cunning, he pointed to the outside and pulled a long face, then spread his hands.

Ren Zhouyuan looked at him and smiled. After thinking about it for a while, he whispered, “dad has made uncle angry, and uncle is waiting for dad to apologize.”


An An made a surprised expression, and he also lowered his voice like Ren Zhouyuan, “what did Dad do?”

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