Chapter 31 – Something is wrong

Ren Zhouyuan felt that something is wrong, but he couldn’t really tell what this is. However, without struggling and thinking too much, he soon forgot about it.


An An was on summer vacation. After Ren Zhouyuan thought for a while, he took An An to the mall to buy some new clothes for the thank-you party.


Then, Leonid asked Ren Zhouyuan whether he wanted a driver to take them there, but Ren Zhouyuan refused. Seeing Leonid’s eyes, Ren Zhouyuna thought that he’s being a little evil – not only had he rejected Leonid’s good intention, but he had also pretended not to see Leonid’s wish to come along.


An An was bouncing and jumping along the way. During this time, his dad was always with him, and the little child was thinking that after moving in, his father would be there for him every day. Also, after moving in, there were many new models and toys to play with. Aside from the guy who’s bad in learning, his life could be described as perfect.


The father and son used to stay at home all the time. They’d occasionally go out to buy some daily necessities. As a result, every time Ren Zhouyuan would take An An out, and An An was very happy to be with his father all the time. Ren Zhouyuan found his attachment quite funny, and he found himself increasingly attached to his son too.

Ren Zhouyuan walked around in the children’s clothing area, and finally walked to a store specially selling children’s suits. He took An An to change to another suit. Although An An usually looked very cute in casual wear, Ren Zhouyuan couldn’t move his gaze away from An An after he changed into a little suit. After checking the price, and after looking at the handsome and cute An An,  Ren Zhouyuan decided to buy it.


Although Ren Zhouyuan used to buy clothes for his son all the time, it’s still the first time for him to spend that much. Even An An was a little surprised, he kept asking whether Ren Zhouyuan whether they were celebrating the New Year in summer too.


Ren Zhouyuan found it funny. On their way back home, he briefly told An An about the thank-you meeting that they were going to attend. While he was talking about it, he had this weird feeling again. And when An An said, somewhat unwillingly, “is that uncle coming with us?” Ren Zhouyuan finally realized where that weird feeling came from.


They would have to show up as a family of three! How embarrassing could that be?


An An and Leonid look looked alike, and Ren Zhouyuan thought that most of the staff in the company would know their relationship by now. However, only Leonid knew that Ren Zhouyuan had given birth to him; well, perhaps Rowan knew as well.


He used to take the ‘boss’ son’ to class all the time, and he wasn’t sure how the other people thought about it. Before, he could still lie to himself and thought that people would at most wonder why he’d bring his boss’ son everywhere. Now that they were all going to appear in front of everyone and at the same time, even the stupidest person would know immediately what their relationship was.


Ren Zhouyuan had been avoiding the reality for nearly thirty years because of his background and sexuality. Even though he had already agreed to live with Leonid, and he had half-admitted that the two were together, there’s no way for him to come out of the closet in front of so many people.


He had done a lot of psychological preparation for himself, but in the end, he had to look for Leonid for advice.


In order to conceal his uncomfortable feelings, Ren Zhouyuan said indifferently, “on the day of the thank-you meeting, I may need to help at the venue. Could you take care of An An and not let him run around?”


Leonid raised an eyebrow. He didn’t know what Ren Zhouyuan would need to do that day. In his eyes, Ren Zhouyuan was even weaker than Russian women, but he didn’t say it too directly. In turn, he suggested, “since everyone will be helping around, it doesn’t make me look good if I bring An An to play around. About An An…don’t worry about him. Won’t you be with him? I won’t be following you, and since you’ll be with him, I can be at ease too.”


This time, Leonid finally understood what Ren Zhouyuan was trying to say, but seeing how stubborn he still was, Leonid wanted to tease him some more.

Leonid said, “An An might still be afraid to attend such a big party. And he won’t be too nervous with you around. For your work, don’t worry too much, I’ll make the right arrangements.”


“No!” Ren Zhouyuan was too anxious and he yelled. Then, he coughed to cover up the embarrassment. And he waved his hand, “this sounds so unfair, how could the others work while I won’t?”


Leonid tried not to laugh and he looked confused, “but you usually work in the office and that’s a fact.”


Ren Zhouyuan frowned, “this meeting is so important, and don’t you think that I’m also an assistant? Don’t worry, I’ll ask Rowan what I need to do, oh yes, this is also a good opportunity for you to get closer to An An, make the best out of it. “After finishing, he seemed like being chased by someone, and he walked quickly to the door. He faked a smile to Leonid, then after a banging sound, he closed the door, which had blocked what Leonid was going to say.


Leonid was dumbfounded, and after Ren Zhouyuan had completely disappeared from his sight, he started to react and he smiled bitterly.


On the day of departure, Ren Zhouyuan got up early to dress An An neatly. He was wearing a small black suit, making his already fair skin look even fairer. Ren Zhouyuan also deliberately helped him with a new hairstyle, revealing his forehead, Now, An An looked like a little gentleman.

He was so fascinated by the way An An looked, he held his face and kept kissing him. If he wasn’t worried about crumpling his clothes, he really wanted to kiss him hard.


While eating breakfast in the living room, he saw Leonid coming out of his bedroom. He was wearing a slim dark gray suit and had his strong muscles covered in the suit. He looked straight and strong.


Leonid obviously took the effort to get well dressed, his hair was brushed back, he had the same hairstyle as An An’s, just with a different feeling. After taking a look at it, Ren Zhouyuan felt that Leonid’s blue eyes really stood out – they looked stable, but they seemed to hide the feeling of a predator. He usually closed his mouth, but now he revealed a smile that didn’t match him well. Leonid said “good morning” to Ren Zhouyuan and An An.


Ren Zhouyuan seemed to have realized something, then he replied. An An was a bit shocked as well, after looking at Leonid, he lowered his head to look at himself. While pouting his mouth, he was thinking about something, swaying his legs, revealing how excited he felt.


After they had breakfast, Leonid took up the role of a driver. Looking at the guy sitting on the driver’s seat, Ren Zhouyuan silently opened the door at the back and pushed An An in.

Since that morning, An An was feeling extremely excited, and he even couldn’t stop moving after getting in the car. Usually, he’d just sit on Ren Zhouyuan’s lap quietly, yet he seemed to have taken some drugs that day, he was jumping up and down, making Ren Zhouyuan’s head start to hurt.


Although Leonid drove fast and steadily, Ren Zhouyuan was still worried about An An hurting himself. However, An An didn’t listen to him at all. He was suddenly imagining about An An’s reaction if he deliberately hide himself after arriving the venue, and his heart suddenly softened.

He looked at An An who’s overly excited and still playing on the side, then pinched his face and thought, silly boy, as long as you’re happy, everything would be fine.

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