Bringing Along A Ball And Hiding From Foreign Devils

Chapter 23 – Confession

Leonid proposed to eat  at a western restaurant near the company, so that they can eat while chatting, Ren Zhouyuan was having something else in his mind, and he didn’t really have an idea as to where to eat. He was simply following Leonid silently. While looking at his thoughtful face, Leonid found it funny.


Leonid guessed that he wanted to tell him everything and in private. That’s why he booked a private room. After ordering the dishes, he closed the door of the room. In the quiet atmosphere, there was only the background music of Piano. Facing the dishes on the desk, the two still hadn’t started eating.


Leonid gave him sufficient time to think. But obviously, the one who proposed to talk wasn’t ready to talk at all. He sighed and asked, “what do you want to talk about?”


Ren Zhouyuan was like a scared bird. Just when Leonid opened his mouth, he shivered. And Leonid burst into laughter. He poured some wine for the two, and placed one of the glasses in front of Ren Zhouyuan. Then, he said the same thing, “don’t be so nervous. I won’t eat you.”


When he heard it, Ren Zhouyuan looked up and saw the glass of red wine that’s being served. After thinking for a while, he took it and finished it all.


The alcohol went down his stomach immediately. He wasn’t good at holding alcohol, and he instantly felt dizzy. But the alcohol gave him some courage to speak up. Ren Zhouyuan shook his head, tried to organize his thoughts, but when he started to speak, he backed down again. He complained a bit, “where the heck is Rowan?”


Leonid looked at his eyebrows being slightly tilted, his serious way of look was just like An An’s, when she was facing the robots. But his words turned out to be so hilarious. He clenched his fist, cleared his throat and tried not to laugh, “he went to Russia.”


“Oh.” He didn’t feel better after knowing the answer. He still looked pretty upset.


Leonid felt that if they still didn’t start talking, the restaurant would close soon. He couldn’t wait for Ren Zhouyuan to start. Having realized that he’d kept things for himself for so many years, he thought that it’d be a much better idea for him to initiate.


He started from the work. He asked Ren Zhouyuan about his recent work. The two while chatting while eating, and they talked about some other work arrangements. Since Leonid had started to lead the conversation, the atmosphere inside the room started to warm up too.


When Ren Zhouyuan was still thinking about work, Leonid suddenly asked, “you’re out here to have dinner with me tonight. What about your son?”


Ren Zhouyuan was stunned, and his heart immediately started thumping.

He put down his knife and fork and wiped his mouth. Without answering Leonid, he sat upright. And he answered in a way which could only be understood by them, “you know about it?”


Leonid raised an eyebrow, since he hadn’t expected Ren Zhouyuan to be so calm this time. He stopped his movement and asked him in a flirtatious manner, “to what extent am I supposed to know?”


Ren Zhouyuan frowned and only replied after some silence, “I won’t give An An to you.”


This time, Leonid really burst into laughter. Before even knowing that An An existed, his goal had always been Ren Zhouyuan. After knowing about An An, his goal had become this pair of father and son. And let’s look at how this little guy was treating him now. However, seeing serious he looked, Leonid wanted to tease him some more.


He leaned back and held his arms, “An An is my son. Is that right?”


Leonid’s tone was full of teasing, and obviously, he said so jokingly to Ren Zhouyuan, but for Ren Zhouyuan, the only thing he could think of was that Leonid was there to snatch his son away. Looking how determined Leonid was, he frowned tightly and looked hostile, “An An is mine!”


It was Leonid’s first time to see Ren Zhouyuan full of hostility. It was actually quite rare to turn a gentle and elegant person into an aggressive one. However, he hadn’t forgotten the whole purpose of this dinner. He tried to adjust his attitude, “today you’ve asked me out, don’t you want to solve the issues regarding An An? An An is my son, and I’m sure you know about this too. Although I do not know why my son is with you, since you’ve raised him for so many years, of course he’d treat you as his own father. And there’s no reason for me to separate you.”


He paused, then answered in front of Ren Zhouyuan’s amusement, “that’s why I want to invite you both to live with me. And from now on, we three will be a family.”


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