Fuyo Mahou 113 teaser

Floating Fortress


Demon General Zagarazina.

That’s the first monster proper noun.

Rather, what’s up with a monster which has a name?


“There are 4 monsters in the top brass of the Demon lord army. It is said they were summoned by an exclusive contract by the demon lord.”


Ah, I see.

So that’s where the exclusive contract comes into play.

That means… in other words, they are strong, huh?


“Are they holy soldier class?”


“It is said that they are even stronger. Although, I couldn’t confirm Zagarazina during the war with our country so…”


“Well, I mean, they are a general of a whole army, after all.”


Only in fairy tales do the generals themselves come to the frontline.

No, considering this world’s circumstances, an individual’s strength can affect the outcome of the whole war so I guess I shouldn’t be thinking of it like that.

More so if that individual’s strength is more than a Mekishu Grand or Legend Arakune…


…… What do you even mean, stronger than a Mekishu Grand?

Does that mean there is a higher rank than 9 for monsters?

Can we even win against something like that……


“It is said that about 2000 ogres are stationed on that floating fortress. They crossed over the chaotic frontline at once and attacked the capital. Our country fell when the day the people of the capital looked up at the floating fortress.”


I see. So mobility is their greatest asset, eh?

They freely roam about in the sky where one can’t easily access, making them a threat which can appear anywhere.

That’s extremely troublesome.


2000 monsters and a boss stronger than holy soldiers.

Such a combo had made its way to this mountain.

How much does the enemy — the demon lord army, know about us?


If all of the middle school and high school students stay hidden, can we make it past this?

I shook my head after thinking for a while, it would probably be impossible.

Even if their objective isn’t this mountain…


A concrete school building, aftermath of an intense battle.

It’s awfully suspicious.

To the inhabitants of this world, there probably isn’t a more strange scenario.


To start with, the high schoolers gathered here in this open space won’t necessarily listen to me.

Ah, really, this is ridiculous.

While the enemy is coming at us with military power strong enough to destroy a whole country, we’re here having internal discord.

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