Aiming To Be The Best Soccer Player In The World With The Skill I Got From Gacha ~ [Skill] That Grows With More Effort ~

Childhood Chapter

Episode 05 10,000 Hours Achieved


“Talent is something that can be created,” said some brain science expert.


It is believed that one can earn the title of a genius depending on the environment, experience, and the nurturing objective.


[Cutting Edge Soccer Studies] has an academic field with the theme of “How a genius was born”.


A partial excerpt from every study found that a child who spent the most time in the field displayed the best performance.


Twenty children were gathered for this study. All the children were participating in a violin class. First, they all learned how to play the violin for half a year.


The 20 children were then divided into two groups. The first group was the genius group, the other was the normal group.


All of them were required to wear a wristband from the time they joined. The wristband recorded their practice time.


After that, they all had a weekly violin class for a year.


Then, a professional violin instructor thoroughly investigated which children were better in playing the violin, whether the ones from the first six months or the ones that practiced once a week for a year.


Which children performed the best in playing the violin?


Two children who had the most practice time were selected.


After a year and a half of research, it seemed that talent is not very influential in the process of improving their skills.


Since the subjects being gathered were children, they showed remarkable growth.


Cutting to the chase, in about an hour or so, I, Kei Ninomiya, will achieve 10,000 hours of cumulative physical activity! I can finally enjoy the fruits of my labor!


[Effort ★]

– Physical activity cumulative time 99.99 hours (in multiples of 1/100)


Some people may ask me what the hell I’m doing putting that much effort into completing the long hours of training.


I’m wondering about the same thing …. Ah, it has taken me a long time to get here.



It’s indeed taking too long! I’ve spent too much time on special training. I think it’s time for me to learn a new [Skill].


I’ve put in a total of 10,000 hours. I think taking a little break is a good idea.


All right!



<< [Effort ★], cumulative time for physical activity has exceeded 10,000 hours, skills will evolve from this >>


Eh …? My vision has become … blurry.


Oh, no. This is bad. I wonder if there’s a soft place … I don’t want to … hit the concrete.



Saitama Prefecture. Hospital. November.


Huh … where …? It’s an unfamiliar ceiling.


Where am I?


I open my eyes and look around. Is this a hospital room? Mom is sleeping on the sofa.


“Ma- mama ….”


I can’t speak well because my voice is coarse. I clear my throat and try again.


“Ma … ma! Why are we in the hospital?”


This time, I can speak clearly. Mom wakes up after hearing my question.


I’m sorry to wake you.


“Kei! I was so worried. How do you feel? Are you all right?”


“Mama, you’re too worried. I slept well. I feel fine now. Hehehe.”


With her angry look, mommy was worrying about me.


Did I lose consciousness after the [Skill] evolution?


By the way, I don’t feel fine at all. Honestly, I feel insanely sluggish, and talking is also a struggle.


… And the number one problem is that my head hurts as if it’s about to split open.


I’m not sure how to explain it, but the pain feels like something is drilling in my head.


Shit … what the hell is this?


“Kei, a police officer found you lying unconscious in the park and later called an ambulance …. Uh, he was very angry at me.”


“I was really worried …. Kei … please don’t overexert yourself … sob.”


Mommy is crying. I don’t know what to do. But I seem to have made her really worried.


This is bad … I feel intense emotional ups and downs, probably because my reincarnated body is still young. I think even my mental age has become really young.


Seeing my mom crying makes me want to cry as well ….


It seems that my mommy was being scolded harshly by the police officer. At first, she was accused of child neglect, but it seems that the suspicion cleared immediately after seeing mommy become so frustrated with my condition.


Well, I’m certainly a 3-year-old child from the public point of view.


As a parent, it doesn’t make sense to let a 3-year-old child play in the park alone. It seems that mommy was caught completely off-guard because she usually talks and acts like an adult.


Well, this is a problem for me.


After contacting the phone number written on the back of the name tag attached to my training equipment (a storage box for a ladder, cones, soccer ball, etc.), the police officer called an ambulance. Mommy seemed to have arrived at the same time the ambulance did.


The police officer seemed to have accompanied us to the hospital because he was worried about Mommy who was really upset.


Whoa — what a blunder!


“Mama, I’m sorry. It seems that I’ve worked too hard.”


“No, it’s my bad. No matter how I think of it, it’s not normal to leave you practicing alone, Kei! So from now on, we will practice together!”


Eh —, it’s going to be that way?


Well, an incident like this may happen again in the future. Besides, it’s a nuisance to call an ambulance every time my [Skill] evolves.


I guess this is fine. My training equipment is quite heavy, and I want to practice using larger cones to better simulate actual human beings.


It seems that I have been hospitalized for a day, and she has been taking care of me for a whole day today. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, I suffered from a neurally mediated syncope due to fatigue. The doctor also said that it was rare for a child to accumulate so much fatigue.


Well … I was almost accumulated 10,000 hours at that time, so I over-exerted myself.


I was highly motivated and convinced that if I somehow achieved this, I would be able to acquire a new [Skill] and control my body at a higher level.


In fact, my agility was getting better, and I was excited to see how much I could improve. I wonder if it was an adrenaline rush.


My movement stopped when I wanted it to stop. My agility was sharp as well when I was practicing with the ladder. I didn’t make any mistakes when doing footwork either.


I realized that I’m currently progressing well and have reached a higher level. I had a feeling that my body had been entirely reconstructed and become a higher-level life form.


I could control the ball better with no look and looking up passes. As far as drills, I was in a good shape. I guess I didn’t understand the capacity of my body.


I don’t know my condition at all when I say I’m aiming to be a professional soccer player …. What a shame.


As a result, I was taken by ambulance to the hospital and made mom cry.


… I have to reflect on it.


It seems that dad took care of me with mom until shortly before I woke up.


He’s out to the convenience store to get a midnight snack.


According to mom, daddy escaped from an important business meeting earlier today. All his employees told him to leave the meeting in their hands. He was deeply moved to tears and rushed to the hospital.


What’s with that comedy ….


I also wanted to work in a place like daddy’s company in my previous life. To hell with businesses that exploit their employees!


Even so, the workplace atmosphere in daddy’s company is too good to be true, isn’t it?


Daddy seems to have been quite upset when he heard that I collapsed.


Ha … what should I tell him? I really am sorry.

Mom goes outside for a bit to call daddy.


Phone calls are prohibited inside the hospital. What a perfect mother. She follows these kinds of rules firmly.


Anyway, … sigh.


What am I really doing …? Let’s check the status for the time being.


My head hurts from a while ago. I think the status said it was an evolution, right? What is the cause of this loss of consciousness?


Evolution means [Physical Technique], doesn’t it?


Is there room for evolution …?


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