Chapter 6: I went to visit the person who has been spreading rumor me, but I was asked for some evidence instead


“Alright, but can you stop calling me ‘hero’? I have a good name, Ryojo Suzuna!”


I asked the woman to lead the way… but I was protested instead because I am not calling her by name. Ryojo Suzuna, it seems that she doesn’t like to be called as ‘hero’. Alright, let’s settle this.


“Well, I got it. Can I call you Suzuna?”


“Eh? It’s too sudden!”


…well…okay… I didn’t know why she is surprised the moment I call her name, isn’t this what she wanted? Since there is no rejection either I will call her Suzuna from now on.


“So, will you tell me where is the person that summoned you and asked you to defeat me? If you know the approximate coordinates, we can use teleport magic.”


Suzuna heard my question and answered after thinking for a while.


“I don’t really know the coordinates, but I flew from the west all this time. So I think it was located in the east. I flew around thirty meter at the speed of sound. The speed of sound would be around 20 kilometers per minute so it must be around 600 kilometers away.”


“Hmm, minute is a unit of time? And kilo is a unit of distance? How long is a minute compared to a day?”


Based on the speed of sound, if I can catch the approximate sense of time traveled, I can locate it.


“Oh, it’s like this. A day consist of 24 hours and 30 minutes is a half of one hour. I was flying for 1/48 of a day.”


I calculated the time in my mind. If it was used to travel at the speed of sound, I roughly know the estimation of our destination. I should be able to teleport there instantly; but I still need to take Suzuna with me.


“Well, let’s go.”




The next moment, we were already floating in the air. Of course, my teleport magic is a success. Well, I never failed even once.




Because Suzuna was about to fall, I supported her immediately using my magic power so she won’t fall.


“Why can’t you fly immediately by yourself? You’ve been using magic power for hundreds of years anyway.”


Suzuna who start to fly using her own magic protested grandly.


“What a joke! I just started to use magic for the first time in my life yesterday. I haven’t got used to it at all!”



When I heard that, my eyes are wide open.


“Eh, what? Someone with enormous magical power like you, just used it for the first time yesterday?”


“Well, my world has no magic. Because I come to a different world by being summoned, it seems I got a powerful ‘cheat’. By now I just able to practice flying using magic, some attack magic, a bit of healing magic, spatial storage and so on!”


There is some unknown word in it but the fact is still surprising.


(Tl note: the unknown word is cheat lol)


Certainly magic can be used by anyone, but there are various phenomena that exceed my imagination. So it seems, magic can be used when someone has enough magical power.


Anyway, Suzuna is blessed with magic to be able to master various magic in one day. For me, at the first time, I could only look back at ‘phenomenon that can be described as magic’ which I learned back at the monastery. As I was pondering on it, I thought that I could not do that, I could do that, and the magic research was coming from that idea. After 400 years, it was possible for me to use various magic.


“I don’t really understand the meaning of the word ‘cheat’ but does it have a strong effect? For you to use lots of magic in a day, it seems that you have great potential even when you come from a world without magic.”


While I was saying so, I feel my face is a little red. Am I embarrassed? Then, I heard her explaining about the unknown word.


“Ah, what I mean as ‘cheat’ is an ‘irregular power’. It is something that you can get without needed to spend any effort. Ah, how do I explain this troublesome words! It’s like this. This word is used in condition like ‘I am strong but I become strong by cheat’. In my case, I didn’t even train to use magic. It seems that when I was summoned here from different world, I can use magic automatically. I can also speak the language of this world as fluent as I speak in my mother tongue. However, for some words it wasn’t automatically translated like the unit of time and distance earlier.”


“I see, I see.”


Well, I see. There is an ashamed complexion on her face saying that ‘this power is given to me without effort’. I also understand now why occasionally she speak some unknown words.


In the two countries that I have conquered, the word spoken were almost the same. Even in the surrounding countries, the language didn’t change much. But the words will change in the distant country. Even on this continent, I head a story of a far far east country that used their own alphabet.



That’s right!


I have to prepare ‘translation magic’ for world conquest.


I have never used it before but it seems that it wasn’t difficult if I apply some ‘mental magic’.


Oops, I have to apologize to Suzuna before that.


“Well, if that’s the case, I’m sorry that I made you surprised since you haven’t got used to it. Ah, according to your words, I think that I am able to use magic by ‘surviving and able to use magic’. By the way, do you know where we are?”


“What? Oh, it’s okay. This area, I know this place because I am practicing my flying magic yesterday here. Over there, if we fly by following the river upstream, we will reach the kingdom in a few minutes.”


“Oh, is that so? Let’s go now.”


After that, we soon fly following the river upstream as Suzuna said. Not long, we can see a big city and a castle.


When I was using magic to examine the large hall in the center of the castle, there was a lot of audience gathered. I jumped into the castle through the window and I saw the king and the minister; so I decided to ask them.


“We met for the first time, this person here is ‘the demon king’. I heard that the ‘hero’ Suzuna learned that I tortured the people of the world. So can you tell me who tortured you?”


“Eh, the demon king?”


The crowd then gets noisy and panic.


Well, it would be natural since a demon king comes suddenly barging in through the window. Their reaction is similar to the first and second kingdom.


After this, I know all of the procedure. The knights will step forward, the court magicians will shoot some offensive magic, I will ask them to listen after they calmed down, nothing much different.


I thought it would be that way but Suzuna who arrived after me explained the situation to the king.


“…that’s why. For me, this person doesn’t seem to be a bad person. Is there really an evidence that’s proving that he’s evil?”


The king then answered with an embarrassed face.


“No, suddenly our neighborhood country surrendered to the demon king and the messenger came. So I just wanted to use the magic team of the royal family to use the ‘secret hero summoning magic from another world’. In the legend, the demon king is an evil one and the one that can help us is the hero. So I was just thinking that the demon king is evil…”


After listening to it, I can only touch my heart. So this is all only a rumor that ruins my image?


I asked Suzuna to ask the king what he remembered. I commanded the messenger to explain that this demon king ‘has killed no one’. So what exactly happened here?


“I heard the messenger come and he said he was instructed by the demon king so I chased him away?”


So, it was affirmed that it was only a misunderstanding…


But this is a blind spot for sure!


There is a misunderstanding somewhere. Someone must have been lying.


Suzuna then asked me about it.


“What kind of person that is chosen as the messenger?”


So I answered while recalling what happened when I ordered the messenger from the second kingdom.


“it is a foreign minister of the country that is ordered as the messenger. I was sure that I asked him to choose an honest man since an honest man would normally not be chosen as diplomatic messenger. Because normally diplomatic messages are full of lies. So, this time the story should be able to be trusted by people.”


After hearing that, Suzuna touches her head a bit and got a headache.


A murmured a bit and raised his face; and spoke to the king.


“Hey king, is this demon king is really a kind person? It seems that he is trying to conquer the world seriously but with a good intention?”


The person seemed to be a close friend with the king and speak to him.


“No, from the story we heard, the hero only heard the ‘self-explanation’ of the demon king himself. He claims that he is not evil but is there an evidence? If he declares that he is not evil, is it true that he is not evil?”


The people in the hall who heard the king’s speech all shown an ugly change in their expression.


I wonder if Suzuna opinion about me changed.


However, as this person argument is justified, I won’t get angry.


“Well, your opinion is quite normal. How about we take a look at the projects that I have done? There’s also something that I want to check.”

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