Chapter 5: it seemed the ‘hero’ want to defeat me, because my image is damaged by a rumor


It was a woman with such enormous magical power. That was a surprise on top of another surprise.


Because, as I mentioned earlier, the way women can use magic is still unclear. Nevertheless, this woman possessed magical power that enabled her to flew at the speed of sound. Could it be the legendary ‘witch’?


With that thought in mind, I observed her and her weird outfit.


Her lower body is covered by a black skirt that is brimming with feminine aura but the length of the hem was really short not even reaching the knee. Her upper body is covered in a white sailor clothes with a short sleeve for some reason.


(Tl note: erm, did u guys watch sailor moon? Imagine her outfit like that)


Previously when I went to a port town for solving domestic affairs, I have seen the navy army of the first kingdom. There are some people that is tasked to maintain the ship and their clothes are similar to her.


However, there should be no woman in the navy. It seems there is a legend of that the ‘warship’ is actually a woman and she will be jealous if a woman gets onboard, but it was all a rumor.


(Tl note: is there such a rumor? Was this warship girl anime? XD)



Actually, it seems that that is not the real problem. The real problem is why this woman is dressed like a sailor?


(Tl note: lol)


Looking at her face, it seems that she is still young. Judging from my experience, she should be in the middle of her teens. However, since it was possible to use magic to restore your appearances, I can’t really judge people ages from their appearance.


Her face is rather small, her black eyes are large, accompanied with a beautifully shaped nose and mouth. Jet black long hair is tied up in high ponytail.


However, the best feature would be her height. She is higher by a head than average woman. It is still a slight short compared to a man but she is taller than most woman. I am shorter in height compared to the average of men and she is taller than me. As a woman, she can be considered tall.


However, her body doesn’t seem to be the ‘robust physique knight-like’ even with her height. The arms that is not covered by the short-sleeved sailor clothes; the legs that is extending from her slim waist are all slender. It seems that her figure is extremely well-balanced as a woman.



The woman pulls out the sword that is hanging on her left waist and held it on her arms. The sword has unique design that the shape of the handle can’t be seen. It was such a slender sword but with a very sharp edge.


After that, I can hear a declaration coming from her accompanied with a beautiful voice. It was like the bell, clear for me to hear.


“I have found you! You are the person with the most magical power in this area! It seems that you are the ‘demon king’ that torture the people of this world! For the sake of the world, this ‘hero’, Ryojo Suzuna, will defeat you!”


(Tl note: thinking about it, our MC don’t have a name yet lol)


When I heard that, I have a question.


“When did I make the people of the world suffer?”




The woman heard my question and looked to be stunned. However, seeing no reply, I asked once more.


“Tell me, when did I torture the people of this world?”


My goal is to achieve ‘world peace’ and ‘improving the welfare of mankind’. If in return I make the people of the world suffer, isn’t this a problem?


Well, it shouldn’t be my doing!


Or… there is something wrong with the irrigation control?


Was it the tunnel collapsed because of ‘bad construction’ and victims fell?


Wait a minute, perhaps because I was making a tunnel that goes through the mountain, the tea shop that used to be a resting place in the mountain road goes out of business!


If that’s the problem, I need to compensate for the loss immediately. For that, I must ask for explanation form this woman.


However, the woman did not reply to my question. So I need to ask another question.


“Is what you mean, the ‘world conquest’ that this ‘demon king’ want to achieve?”

Although it was really my goal, but the true goal might be mistaken by others; so I decided to give her some explanation.


“Well, this demon king is going to make a demon kingdom. The world conquest aim is to ‘achieve world peace’ and ‘improving the welfare of mankind’.”


“Your purpose is ‘world peace’ and ‘welfare improvement’? No matter how much I think about it, it was unusual. Maybe, that is your goal but how many people have you killed so far?”


“There are no one that I have killed. There are about 30,000 troops but in the battle I only incapacitated them using paralytic magic. There is not a single life that I have killed.”


“…Well, then what did you mean to execute all the royalty of the country that you’ve conquered?”


“Although I have the goal to unify them once, I tried to pick up the throne. But it was really boring so I returned them to how it was before.”


“So, what about the gold, silvers, and treasures you take from the country?”


“I didn’t take them. Did you see gold, silver, or treasure here? I don’t even need them because I can make it.”


While saying so, I take out some coal from ‘space storage’ and in front of the woman’s eyes, I turned the useless coal into gold and diamond.


“Well… forget about the gold, silver and treasures if you don’t take it. But it’s completely different from what I’ve heard. I also heard that you enslaved beautiful woman and indulges yourself with them. You also enjoyed lavish food and lost yourself in greed.”


I am really outraged when I hear that.



“My body doesn’t need food, drink, and such thing. Since 340 years ago, I don’t need to eat or drink anymore. More importantly, I’m still a virgin! A 400 years old virgin!”


After that the woman was amazed while looking at me and asked.


“Well then, what are you doing? What is your joy in living?”


Listening to her question, I am pondering a while. If I think about it, something fun, and make joy to my life. Is there something fun? Wasn’t it fun to do magical research and unravel the structure and laws of nature?


However, now it was a bit different. Since I started my world conquest, I could do something fun.


“Well, I had a little fun doing magic research before, but now it is more fun to conquer the world.”


The face of the woman changed a little when hearing my answer.


“…Are you doing the world conquest for pleasure?”


Oh no, it seems that the woman misunderstood my answer. This is bad, I need to clarify this.


“No, that’s not it! I was trying to do good for the world and that is resulting in the world conquest. The process itself is the greatest pleasure for me now!”


I also remembered the important thing and asked the woman.


“Well, where is the thing that you need to give to me? You wrongly accused me to cause suffering in the world, you need to apologize. Apologize to me and compensate me for my mental damage… Please give me my apology!”


However, the woman only murmured and muttered.


“…I…was summoned to a different world as a ‘hero’ to defeat this ‘good’ demon king?”


Listening to her murmur I realized for the first time. The woman before this demon king is the natural enemy of mine. She is the legendary, broken ‘hero’. Apparently she was summoned from another world here.


(Tl note: broken as in ‘cheat’)


It seems that the real reason she has enormous magical power despite being a woman is because she comes from another world? Besides, she is taller than most woman in this world. There is a possibility that the woman from another world is in fact taller than the woman in this world.


Well, this won’t end if I am just thinking by myself. So let’s ask her.


“So, you are a ‘hero’ that is summoned from another world to defeat the ‘demon king’?”


“Yes, I was ordered to defeat the ‘demon king’ that is torturing people of this world, but you don’t seem to be that kind of demon king. You didn’t kill people and you didn’t take away others’ thing forcefully… when I listen to your explanation, you’re not causing the people to suffer at all.”


So it seems there is no need for the hero to defeat me. So, the real harm today comes from the rumor that I am making people suffer?


I was thinking for a second but I still noticed that there is still a possibility that this demon king is causing harm to others without me realizing. As a matter of fact, I need to know who is the one telling this woman that I made the people of this world suffer. This will be the first request I made to the ‘hero’.



“Please, can you lead me to the person that told you, the ‘hero’ that the people of this world is suffering. If there is a possibility that people are harmed by me without me realizing, I also want to solve this.”

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