Chapter 3: it was conquered by force, but I was respected after solving domestic affairs


The ‘demon king’ conquered the second country very easily. Since it wasn’t that much different from the first country, the king surrendered to me.


This time, it was different from my goal when I first start the world conquest. Since this kingdom is the neighboring country from my first conquered kingdom, now I have to make sure my ‘world peace’ and ‘improvement of the mankind welfare’ comes to realization.


Originally the king of the second country that surrendered is able to use ‘flood’ magic. Of course it was possible to twist and bend the majestic nature that normal human beings can’t control if you have extraordinary magic.


Because of that, I am now required to handle flood control on the river. The magic of the king is bringing blessings to the civilians’ breadbasket but also causing major flood damage every year in the same time.


Because of my goal to ‘improve the mankind’s welfare’, I can’t refuse this task.


SO I got a map of the river and a document summarizing the situation of the yearly recurring flood and I flew to that site. I literally flying there using magic.



In magical training, I have repeated and continuously doing various experiments. Among them is the use of natural power. For example, the magic of lightning elements, it is much stronger when I converted it into ‘natural thunder’ rather than normal lightning released by wizard. Rather than throwing a lightning strike, it is more powerful to target the opponents and summoned a ‘thunder’ to attack them. For that purpose, I did lot of research that can cause natural phenomenon such as calling thunderclouds on clear skies.


Likewise, I was planning to use the natural flow of the river when using water magic. I studied the flow of the rivers and rapids in the mountains and tried various ways to change the flow of water or even stop it. As a result, I learned enough knowledge how to control the flow of the river as I want.


Taking advantage of that knowledge, I looked at the actual topography from above. The embankments are inefficient. The shape of the water stream itself is not good. There is a part of the waterway that suddenly bents and if the volume of water is increased, it will overflow and created a flood.


So, I decided to change the topography to make the flow of the river gentler. As there is a farmland spread on the riparian side, I took some land from there and bring it up to the air. While maintaining it, I change it shapes to fit the part where the land should be added to the bent and make the curved parts better. It then spread evenly until the bottom of the river.


At the other part, I was making my own empty river path and connects it to the old river. Then the flow of the river connected together made a new gentle bends.

(Tl note: he make a river branch in other word)


After waiting for a while, some part of the original river is completely dried up. I took the aquatic plants that lived at the bottom of the dried up old river path and move it to the new river that I made. I spread them out evenly as to maintain their natural condition.


On the other hand, the soil that I gathered from the riparian riverside, becomes an embankment and I made a revetment using large stones.


By doing so, changing the flow of the river, making a space for agricultural land, it was instantly created from the previously empty original basin. I was making sure that the old river was taken care of completely by compressing the land to the ground firmly. I was closing the cavity of the water. If it was connected to groundwater, the cavities that is not taken care of will be filled with groundwater and could cause an earthquake.


After connecting my man made river to the waterway, the position and height of some parts of the river is changed too so I need to adjust so the water flows properly and check the water distribution. It seems that everything is ok.


After completing my requested work of flood control, I returned to the King’s Castle. I explained to the king and the minister about the new river path and the new land changes. The king and the minister is looking at me marveled and with a worshipping eyes. It’s only natural. In addition, he brought me more documents about troubled areas in the domestic topography.


It was a place that is difficult to reach surrounded by mountains and large swamp that is not suitable to be cultivated. Both of them should be able to be solved in one scoop so I accepted it.


Hollowing out the mountain, hardening it with stones, I was making a sturdy tunnel. In simpler word, I am making a hole that pierces through the mountain. Just to improve the convenience of transportation.


I drained the swamp and make it dry. I brought fertile soil from another place and mixed it into one. After the structure of the ground become firm, I make sure the balance of the watering and drainage of the new land so water won’t accumulate for a long time; air will pass through, plants and agricultural crops will grow well.


When I was raising potatoes and vegetables that grow in the backyard during my mountain seclusion, I learned about these things and found out that they grow better and more efficient by using magic.


Since there is no need for me to rest, I finished them all in a matter of few days and returned to the kingdom. I explained to the king and ministers that my work was done. Once again the king and the minister praised my accomplishments.


Well, the rest of the problem is office work and internal affairs. I won’t interfere in it for the sake of giving work to the people here. (Tl note: nice logic)


After that I remember about the first kingdom. Although it wasn’t that far from the second kingdom, I haven’t done anything for the first kingdom. Isn’t this unfair?


As a ruler, I should not differentiate. I also must solve some problem for the first kingdom.


After thinking carefully, I’ve been solving internal affairs for the past few days and I’ve been neglecting my ‘world conquest’ plan.


Ah, this is it!


I finally noticed it!


As a ruler of the two countries, I didn’t need to do it all by myself.


I ordered the king and minister of the second kingdom to send messengers to all the countries that has diplomatic relations with it.


The ‘demon king’ is planning to conquer the world. By telling the fact that the second kingdom has surrendered and entered under the ‘demon king’ wing, I didn’t ask them to recommend them to come under my wing.


Here, I decided to not ‘recommend yielding’ strongly. If it was such a threat, in some case the life of the messenger may be in danger. Normally, people won’t hurt messenger of diplomacy but in cases like delivering letter that recommend a country to surrender, the messenger may be killed ignoring the customs.


So, I only ask them to relay the message about the real fact. That, my goal is to achieve ‘world peace’ and ‘improving the welfare of mankind’. Tell them that I have great power and the ability to instantaneously disable ‘whatever’ powerful army they have. I also make sure to tell them that no one died and the kingdom surrendered to me. I also make them tells the other country that I helped solves domestic issues with a stroke of hand using my enormous magic and so on.


With this, if there is a country that voluntarily offering itself to come under my wing, that will be great. Otherwise, I will have to go out and conquer every single one of them again.


(Tl note: sending message boasting about yourself, the demon king that want to achieve world piece lol)


While waiting for their replies, I come back to the first kingdom and in the same order as the second kingdom, I made irrigation system, improving transportation path, and enrichen the soil.


Of course in the first kingdom it was done easily. But I stayed there because I still have a goal. I want to make the first kingdom my base.


For that, I need to build a luxurious palace befitting of me.


With this, the first kingdom will always be able to flourish and I can solve various problems but I need to make sure it won’t disturb the king and governance of the first kingdom.


It is true that the first kingdom is having lots of residence but it has only been founded for 400 years by now. So, I still ordered the king and the minister of the first kingdom to send messengers to countries that have diplomatic relations with them just like the second kingdom.


While waiting for the reply, I decided to construct my castle.


It was the ‘demon castle’ made by my own hand.

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