Episode 25

I Researched Her Preferences, but It’s Too Difficult to Show Her ‘Kindness’



Now that I’ve declared the start of my love life to Suzuna, but where should I start first?

Fortunately, Suzuna does not have a man in her life right now. There was no doubt about it, as she had just told me the other day. Therefore, if I can get Suzuna to like me, I can achieve my goal.

In times like these, I must borrow the wisdom of the wise. I can’t ask Suzuna, but I can borrow the wisdom of others. Recently, I have been reading the classics from all over the world in order to become more educated. Classical literature and mythological traditions are a treasure trove of ancient wisdom, from which I can find guidance.

And I have found a guiding principle. An old military book from the East says, “If you know your enemy and know yourself, you will not lose a single battle.” In other words, gather information.

Therefore, first of all, I had to know Suzuna’s preferences, and as she said, I already had some information.

The most important requirement for Suzuna is to not look at her through tinted glasses and to recognize and accept everything about her, not only her appearance but also her inner self. I can understand and sympathize with this because I feel the same way. Therefore, I have no problem with this.

In the first place, Suzuna seems to be concerned about her height, but I wouldn’t mind even if she were much taller than me. If a man is concerned about a woman being taller than him, he is probably not confident in himself. I have the strongest magic power in the world, and I actually control the world with that power. If I had been the man I was three hundred and eighty years ago when I had nothing then it might have been something but it is insignificant to me now.

However, this was a minimum requirement. No matter how much Suzuna said, “I don’t need someone extravagant,” in order for her to actually like me, I would have to behave in a way that would be more to Suzuna’s liking.

What is helpful here is that I know the reason why Suzuna fell in love with her senior before. She fell in love with her senior member of the men’s volleyball team because he sympathized with her and comforted her when Suzuna was isolated in the club activities.

Mmm, I got it! The important thing is ’empathy’ and ‘kindness’!

But here’s where I started to get confused. I have no problem with empathy. As I realized earlier, I can sympathize with Suzuna about the requirements she is seeking.

The problem is ‘kindness’.

I tend to be thought of by others as “not kind”. How many times have I been told that from my childhood to my monastic days?

“You talk too much.”

“You sound angry.”

“You’re right, but there’s no humanity in you.”

“You’re always theorizing and have not been kind enough.”

I think I speak normally, but others don’t seem to think that way. I think I’m being careful, but it doesn’t seem to have improved at all.

I’m in trouble. I have a lot of trouble ahead.

However, if I keep silent because “silence is golden,” I will not make any progress.

If that is the case, then I must express my kindness with something other than words.

Mmm, difficult. Is there anything I can do? I thought about looking for something from the classics or poetry, but the expressions were too euphemistic or abstract, and I couldn’t find anything that fit.

And then, Suzuna came to this world. She had just returned to her own world, saying she had some business to attend to, but I wondered if her business was finished. She was carrying a pile of books, what is it?

“Yoo-hoo~, Demon King, are you working hard for love? I’ve brought you some reference materials for your love research~”

“Oh, thank goodness for that! Thank you!”

What a coincidence! No, I guess it was inevitable since she said she was going to help me with my love life. Was her business to go get this material? If it is a book on love from Suzuna’s world, it would be more suitable for me to use these methods than the classics of this world.

“These are some romantic comedy shoujo mangas. I’ve brought some of my favorite series.”

Oh, I’ve seen some manga before. They are illustrated stories in booklet form. Only the cover was colored, but the pictures inside were quite beautiful, with simplified lines for the figures, but realistic and precise backgrounds.

I’m not sure what the term “romantic comedy” means, but I’m pretty sure “love” means “love,” so it’s probably something related to romance.

“I’ll be grateful to see it. I wanted to investigate something.”

“Yeah, about what?”

“It’s about kindness. I’m not often thought of as kind.”

“I think the Demon King is kind, but I…”

I’m glad and grateful that Suzuna thinks so. If that’s the case, is there any need to study kindness? No, I should not be careless. If she already thinks I am kind, I can study it further and become even kinder, which will make me even more attractive.

“Thank you, but I’m going to work hard on my research to be kinder.”

“You’re a hard worker, Demon King. Sorry, I have quite a bit of homework to do today, so I’m afraid I’ll have to leave now.”

I don’t want her to leave, but Suzuna has a life of her own. Forcing her to leave is not something a ‘kind’ man would do.

“I am grateful for the loan of the materials. Farewell.”

“I’ll see you later.”

When Suzuna went home, I immediately started reading romantic comedy shoujo mangas.

Mmmm, this is hard!

It’s not the content. It seems that it would be really difficult for me to reproduce the “kindness” the man depicts in this manga.

He can see the problems in a woman’s small words and actions, and respond to her feelings in an appropriate manner. This is done in a casual, non-pushy manner.

Certainly, if I could do this, I would be popular with women. If I were a woman, I would fall in love with him, too.

However, for someone like me who is not good at understanding people’s feelings, this is a very difficult task.

How on earth can I learn to observe people like this? How to deal with them? No matter how much I learn about individual cases, I will not be able to deal with the problems of women as they are, because they are so different.

It’s no good. This is certainly a helpful resource, but it is too advanced for me right now.

Is there something else that would be more helpful?

So I opened another manga, which had a really helpful case study.

The man depicted here seems to be rather uncomfortable with interpersonal relationships. Moreover, he is easily misunderstood due to his appearance and is thought to be a “delinquent” or a violent roughneck. The main character, a woman, is also afraid of him at first and shuns him.

However, one day, the protagonist sees a man feeding an abandoned cat, and realizes that the man has a surprising kindness about him, and changes her mind.

Oh, this is it! This is exactly the “kindness” that I was looking for!

A seemingly “scary” person shows kindness that doesn’t match his or her appearance or usual behavior, which makes the impression even stronger. Hmm, isn’t this the best way for me!

I thought, but then I realized that it would have no effect on Suzuna, the target of my attack this time. She had said just a moment ago, “I think the Demon King is kind.”

No, no, wait. It may not work strategically, but it may work tactically. It’s worth a try.

So, I traveled around the world, focusing on the capitals of various countries and other large cities. There, I was able to collect a good number of the things I was aiming for.

Okay, now I’m all set. The next time Suzuna comes, she will be surprised, and at the same time, she will re-evaluate my ‘kindness’.

And then, the next day in the evening, Suzuna appeared again after transferring.

“Hey, Demon King, did you find the shoujo manga helpful?  What the hell is this? What is this?”

Oh, she looks surprised. The mission was a success!

“As you can see, it’s a kitten. It looked like an abandoned cat, so I decided to pick it up and raise it.”

Yes, the strategy of “impressing people by showing unexpected kindness” seems to be ineffective, but I thought that the tactic of “showing kindness by taking care of abandoned cats” could be used. Well, even when it comes to abandoned cats, the distinction between domesticated and stray cats is not as clear in this world as it is in Suzuna’s world, so there are many cats that are independent and self-reliant, but I have been looking for kittens that are still young but have left the care of their parents, or are sick or injured and would die if left alone. Of course, the illnesses and injuries have already been treated.

It was time to feed them, so I gave them fresh milk from a farm in the highlands where we had worked on the mountain road, and dried small fish from the fishing port where we had built a tsunami dam.

At first, I picked them up to show my “kindness,” but their cuteness is a deadly weapon. I never get tired of looking at them.

For a moment, Suzuna looked stunned, but she soon understood, and then she asked with a slight frown.

“Oh, I see, you read that manga and used it as a reference. Well, maybe you didn’t make a mistake, but what if the person the Demon King likes doesn’t like cats?”


What a surprise! Just when I thought it was important to gather information, I forgot to investigate whether or not Suzuna was a cat lover! My stupidity is quite disconcerting even to myself.

“Did Suzuna hate cats?”

I asked fearfully, to which Suzuna replied while shaking her head.

“No, I love cats.”

“Oh, then there’s no problem.”

I replied with relief, but it was too soon to tell.

“But I’m allergic to cat hair, so I can’t touch cats.”

“Allergies, as I recall, are diseases in which the body’s defense mechanisms overreact.”

While replying to the question with a half-hearted attempt at escaping reality, I almost fell unconscious at the shocking revelation.

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