Episode 21

 The Naked Demon Lord



I was in the “Room of Treasures” in the royal palace of the First Kingdom. I had heard from the princess that there was something interesting here during our conversation at the wedding banquet.

“This is our country’s traditional “clothes that idiots can’t see”. It is said that the third King of our country was a very enterprising and vain man in his youth, and as a part of his enterprising activities, he ordered to make “clothes that no one in the world has ever seen”.”

The King of the First Kingdom was pointing towards a very luxurious garment, the Emonkake, and explaining. But no matter how I looked at it, there was nothing there but a robe rack. So I asked him.

“There’s nothing there.”

“Yes. The third King pretended to be able to see the clothes himself and said, “I like it. It’s certainly a dress no one has ever seen before”. Then, at the Prime Minister’s suggestion, he put on the dress and went to inspect the capital. However, when he went out to inspect the capital, he was told by a young child that the King was naked and bareheaded, and for the first time, he realized that he was being carried around. The Prime Minister, who was accompanying him, told him about the folly of wasting government funds for pleasure and vanity. Before ascending to the throne, all future Kings of our country are required to see these clothes and listen to the story in order to learn the attitude of a King.”

After listening to the King’s explanation, I was impressed.

“I see, I have heard that many of the Kings of this country have been wise Kings who serve their people, but I guess this was because of the lesson they learned.”

“But this story is just like a famous fairy tale in my world.”

As I was marveling at this, Suzuna said something interesting to me.

“Hmm. That’s interesting. It’s possible that stories from this world made their way to Suzuna’s world and reached the ears of the fairy tale writers. Or, conversely, it could be that the Prime Minister, having learned of this fairy tale of Suzuna’s world, used it to educate the King.”

“It’s possible. The wizard who made the magic tool that summoned me before, Yasuda, has a name that sounds like he’s from my country. It’s possible that he was transported or reincarnated from my world to yours. I think there are a few people who have transferred to my world as well or vice versa.”

“It’s highly probable.”

As I was talKing about this, the princess of the first Kingdom who was accompanying me started talking to me.

“Isn’t it possible that the Great Demon King can really make ‘clothes that idiots can’t see’?”


That being said, I wondered if I could magically create such an outfit.

First of all, it is possible to create invisible clothes with magic itself. However, when the condition of “invisible to idiots” is added, it becomes very difficult.

“It’s hard, …but it’s interesting. I think I’ll make one to pass the time.”

I’ve been asked to do a lot of construction work in other countries, but I’ve been doing less and less of it lately because I’ve had to take care of some urgent matters. I have to do some training for my marriage activities, but it’s a good way to pass the time in between.

So I thanked the King and Princess of the First Kingdom for showing me the “hidden treasure” and left the Royal Castle, returning to the Demon King’s Castle with Suzuna.

“You said it was difficult, but if you want to make it invisible, why don’t you just refract the light as you said before? I can make myself invisible.”

Suzuna asked me, but I pointed out that she seemed to have misunderstood me a little.

“Then you won’t see the skin either. In this case, the ‘invisible clothing’ must be such that the clothing itself is invisible and the skin is visible, so the correct method is to increase the light transmission.”

“Oh, I see. You mean like glass or water, so that light can pass through?”

“That’s right. If the light transmittance were to be reduced to 10%, nothing would be visible. However, even with magic, it would be difficult to achieve that, so the quickest way would be to start reducing the transmittance rate like 90% then 80% and so on and stop at a suitable range.”

“I see, …but that sounds relatively easy to do. What’s so hard about it?”

“It’s the condition. Since nobody would have the word plastered in their forehead, we must first determine who is an idiot and who is not, but there is no standard for an idiot.”

“Oh, I see!”

“But this one is still manageable as long as the criteria are set. For example, if a person’s intelligence is below a certain level, he can be judged as an idiot. The level of intelligence can be judged by the development of specific parts of the brain’s nerves. With magic, it would be possible to scan the brain and measure the development of the nerves. A magic tool with such a function could be made into a small piece of jewelry and attached to clothing.”

“When you put it that way, I really think magic is amazing in many ways. But if you can do that, what the hell is so hard about it?”

“We have to think about what we will do when an ‘idiot’ and a ‘not idiot’ see us at the same time.”

“Ah! Ah!”

“It is possible to scan the intelligence of the viewer and change the light transmission rate of the clothing accordingly if the clothing itself is made as a magical tool. But that would not be able to cope with being seen at the same time.”

“Well, it’s definitely difficult.”

Suzuna, who had heard my explanation, was also twitching her head.

In the end, we couldn’t come up with any good ideas that day, so I decided to call it a day and Suzuna went back to her own world.

A few days later, I was called to an island country at the eastern end of the continent. A wooden temple that housed a huge bronze statue of a god that was worshipped in this country caught fire, and the head of the statue melted off. At first, I was asked to restore the statue with magic, but since it was an idol, I was reluctant to restore it because of my own beliefs. Also, since the statue was originally made by them, they should be able to restore it if they had enough time. So I refused to restore the statue, saying that believers should fix things that are related to their faith, but then they asked me to at least fix the appearance of the statue, even if it was just a hallucination until the repair was finished.”

I thought that it was indeed too narrow-minded to refuse after being told so much, but I still resisted creating an idol, even if it was a hallucination.

And that’s when I had an idea.

Instead of using light magic to create a false image, we could make the image appear in the vision of the viewer. So, I incorporated magic into the unbroken parts of the statue that were being repaired and turned it into a magical object that would scan the minds of those who tried to look at the statue, and if they had enough faith, they would be able to hallucinate that the head of the statue was still intact. In this way, those with little faith would see the statue as it was being repaired, while those with great faith would see the head of the statue as if it were still intact. It may be a trivial obsession, but this way, it won’t be as if I had repaired the idol.

The statue would only be in full view from the outside until the temple reconstruction work was finished, and once the statue itself was restored, the magic built into it could be removed.

As I was thinking about this, a good idea came to me like a blessing.

Yes, I can apply this technique to “clothes that idiots can’t see”!

As soon as I returned to the Demon King’s castle, I used magic to create clothes that resembled the formal attire of the male royalty of the First Kingdom, and incorporated magic to determine intelligence into them.

And the “Clothes That Idiots Can’t See ” was completed.

So, I put on my clothes and instantly traveled to the royal palace of the First Kingdom.

“This is the Demon Lord, welcome? What is it?”

The attendant who had greeted me asked me, his eyes wide open. Hmm, you seem to be surprised.

“This is ‘Clother that idiots can’t see’.”

“What? Excuse me, may I touch you?”

“Yes, of course.”

When I gave him permission, the attendant came to touch me cautiously, but when he was sure that he could feel the clothes, he shouted.

“You really are wearing clothes! There really are clothes!”

When the King heard this, he got up from his throne and walked up to me, looked at me carefully, touched my clothes to make sure I was okay, then sighed and said.

“You really do have invisible clothes, sir. But alas, it seems I am an idiot.”

When I heard that, I was a little taken aback. These clothes were certainly not meant to be seen by the less intelligent. However, I thought that the King would be wise enough to see it.

“Demon Lord, you’re here? What are you doing in your underwear?”

Just then, Suzuna came to the scene and was surprised to see me.

“Oh, Suzuna. You’ve come at the right time. Here are the ‘clothes that idiots can’t see’.”

“Oh, really? It’s true that I can feel the magic, and I know there are clothes when I touch them but am I an idiot? Isn’t this just an invisible cloth?”

What? Even Suzuna can’t see it? I may have misjudged the criteria for “idiot” in this case. But I thought it was a definite criterion.

As I was thinking about this, Suzuna cast an analysis spell on my clothes.

“…Hey, as far as this magic is concerned, it’s definitely set up so that people with a certain level of intelligence will be able to see the clothes in their hallucinations.”

As expected of Suzuna, she seemed to have seen through the magic that I had incorporated at a glance. As Suzuna had said at the beginning, the clothes themselves were actually ‘transparent clothes’ with an infinitely high light transmission rate. However, it has been made into a magical tool that incorporates magic that scans the brain of the viewer and shows the appearance of the clothes as an illusion to those who are judged to have intelligence above a certain level. This makes the clothes invisible to those with intelligence below a certain level, while they look like normal clothes to those with intelligence above a certain level.

“Well, this is exactly what ‘clothes that idiots can’t see’ is all about.”

I bragged about it, but Suzuna suddenly asked me something.

“But isn’t this intelligence used as criteria for ‘idiot’ too high. What’s the reason for using this intelligence as a criterion for ‘stupid’ in the first place?”

So I answered what I used as criteria.

“This is based on my intelligence, and those below my intelligence are idiots because…”

So, I said with pride.

“Because I am an idiot!”

When Suzuna heard this, she slumped down and trembled, but eventually, she raised her bright red face and screamed as loudly as she could.

“Oh, you idiot! Ah!”

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